These are the songs that were the heritage of the Hot Country formats. They were the bridge between the "Countrypolitan" music of the 70's and the production and presentation of the 90's and on.

This "Urban Cowboy" era music brought millions of boomer listeners to the format and represents their earliest emotional tie to country music. Not all would be played in the same tier/power as the others; and many would be purely image songs, played in lunar or pluto rotations. Additionally, there are a fair number of AC songs that were mainstays of the format and are included on this list. They may or may not fit in any application of this list today.

Whatever. Use this 1100 song (plus or minus) list as you'd like. I may eventually get around to setting up rotation categories; if you'd like a copy of that, check back here now and again. Or take the initiative and set the damned categories up on your own. There are no wrong answers!

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