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For sale... ... You can access this website at and, and now at, which domain name is for sale to the highest bidder. Contact me if you're interested. I'm what they call a motivated seller.

I ordered two 2300's, AT&T sent me three 2320's ... and, of course, charged me for them. I've spent the last 30 days trying to find a human at AT&T that could help me make the exchange. No luck. So I'll sell these three for $45 each (2.4 GHz Digital Cordless Expansion System with Caller ID/Call Waiting; more info here). This is a great base set, and the 2300's (up to three additional units at about $25 each) make up a great four-phone system. Or they get regifted.
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Well, foo ... The client for whom I bought these AA-powered GMRS (FCC license required) two-ways went in another direction and now I'm holding twelve ten eight six of them I don't need. Buy a pair for $60.
Motorola G6250's cover about five miles (great for communication over golf courses and promotional events or inside buildings, up and down floors). 22 channels with 38 interference eliminator codes for clear communication and 7 NOAA weather channels and weather alert to warn you of approaching bad weather. VOX features allows for hands-free use and 10 audible call alerts allow you to distinguish who is calling. They currently retail for $50 each; buy all ten for $300, including manuals and a cool mini-golf-club carrying case.
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