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Why you should financially support STLMedia.net...

...after holding the print, television and radio mediums' feet to the fire since 2000, on my tab alone, it's becoming a bit of a personal financial burden.

The costs for any website include a few basic charges:

  • Domain name registration and renewal (nominal)
  • Storage costs on a web server (can get hefty depending on the number and size of files)
  • File transfer costs (can get even heftier if the files are large and accessed often)
  • Design software and local storage hardware (cost depends on market rate)
  • Website design and maintenance (cost depends on the designer's rate card...mine is $125/hour) Even on a "low cost" web server, such as we use, there are strict storage and transfer limits; going past these can trigger premium fees that vastly exceed the original limits. Of course, all the design and maintenance work I do on this website and all of its subdomains is done "for free" so there is no additional charge for STLMedia employees...

    Honestly, though, it's become increasingly difficult to dig into my own pockets to pay for the hard costs even though 2006' fund raiser brought in a few bucks.

    What we provide...

    STLMedia.net is not just about STLMedia. It includes a number of subdomains, and at any given time more than a dozen.

    One of them is 630KXOK's tribute website. The KXOK subdomain includes text, graphics and many audio and video files (MP3 files that load and present at about a megabyte a minte of content) that are avaialable at no charge to listeners and viewers and which track the history of one of the industry's most honored and historic 1960's radio stations. The site is constantly upgraded with new material as it becomes available. There is no charge to access the KXOK air- and video-checks, as there is at other sites with similar material.

    Another historical area includes an accounting, with graphics, of the legendary EBS error in 1971. It's linked to by websites at colleges and universities because of its historical significance. I'm the only guy who saved the paper trail and I've scanned it and saved it for this presentation. It gets a LOT of hits.

    Then there's the RSS-based show prep site. I spend as much time as I can expanding the scope here, making as much information as possible in a number of categories available to DJ's at no charge.

    Looking for work: I'd like to be able to provide to the local media community free bandwidth and secure and password-protected server space for unemployed or seeking-better-employment types, including audio and video presentations and converted-to-PDF files; programming resources and more.

    Station reunions take place every few years in STL and their photos and text deserve a home. I'd like STLMedia to be that place.

    It occurs occasionally that it becomes necessary for me to purchase software for specific purposes at STLMedia. If such software is able to be used for the creation of other client projects, the cost is spread on a percentage basis between the projects by my accountant. The same practice is used for hardware costs. The cost of high-speed internet access is spread among home-grown projects like STLMedia and paid client projects as well. 100% of this cost comes out of my pocket.

    The STLMediaMessageBoard costs a few bucks a month to keep it ad-free, with the exception of Google ads that kick in some loot every few months. Otherwise, I pay the balance.

    There are other costs, of course: postage, media (CD, DVD, discs, ZIPdiscs -- yes, I still use them for storage), travel, labels, printing, etc. 100% of this cost comes out of my pocket.

    And occasionally I'll purchase a product for testing and review. 100% of this cost comes out of my pocket.

    I have avoided PayPal as a partner because not everyone can take part. Plus I just do not like the way they do business.

    It pains me to ask you this, but I want this website and the services it provides to the STLMedia community and radio community in general to continue.

    A few bucks from you is the only way it can.

    Get an address here to mail your check. Thanks for your contribution.

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    No electrons were harmed in the creation of this website. Thanks for respecting intellectual property.