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Previously on The Front Page...Apr/May/Jun 2005

06-29-05 Joe Parisi ... has moved on to nights at 106.5 The Arch; he was previously with Clear Channel here.
IMPORTANT The Message Board may be toast ... the restore from the webserver did not help and I will not know the final verdict until I talk with The MB Wizard and see how much of it we can recover. I've dropped the links to it to reduce the frustration level. We will resume a Message Board here as soon as we can. Hell of a thing, huh? Have a Big 4th. I'll be working on the problem and hope to restore full functionality soonest.
06-28-05 As much as we distrust them ... here are some results from the 12+ Spring Book, Phase 2: K-Hits down, 4.4-4.0 (7 to 8); The Arch up 2.8-3.8 (16 to 9); The River down, 3.4-3.0 (12 to 14). Everybody else is virtually flat, with a bump for baseball on perennial #1 KMOX...but 12+ means nothing. Just presented here to amuse you. If you'll have access to 25-34 or 25-54 numbers for the Spring Book, send 'em along when you get 'em, and we'll report 'em as we legally can.
06-28-05 McGraw Millhaven of KTRS ... gets a nice hit this week as the featured News/Talk player at AllAccess.
06-28-05 Secret Squirrel spins on ... KFNS: "Brian McKenna will be doing a 10-midnight show on KFNS soon and is supposedly doing the KFNS Motorsports Show once Tony Hubert leaves." Question: can anyone actually hear KFNS after sunset?
LogiTech Pro 400006-28-05 Gonna get me one of these today ... and start experimenting with videoconferencing, first with my Brother in Israel and then locally, presuming your interest in this. Research seems to show that LogiTech is the way to go...this offers digital zoom, face tracking and a built-in mic. I'm only, what, three years or so behind the curve on this?
06-28-05 Cousin Brucie ... has been, for decades, the premier Top 40, and then Oldies, DJ in New York. When WCBS-FM flipped to one of them danged "Jack" things, they let him and a whole herd of his pals go. Inside Radio has a great interview with him; good reading for pups and old dogs alike.
06-27-05 CCU/STL news ... Market programming exec Mike Wheeler, in STL since 1998, takes on CCU/Atlanta as the new Regional VP Programming there, starting July 11. No word on his replacement here. But Big Al Brock's replacement is in place...via voicetracking from Jackson MI. Big Steve Kelly (something about the Big's?) is PD and OM there for CCU and also vt's PM drive in Omaha. This is not a good sign for the format's future.
06-27-05 Paul Harris' website ... has a remarkable account of KMOX' excellent coverage of last week's PraxAir fire. Harris writes how a station that really wants to serve the community to which it's licensed should "git 'er done" when the hammer falls. Megan Lynch's CNN and Fox News audio reports were top-notch. I can't remember how long it's been since I've heard an on-scene reporter know exactly how to end a segment so that the anchor knew exactly when to pick up with no extraneous cross-talk. All involved in the KMOX coverage get serious attaboys for their excellent work. And BTW, now that Paul Harris has completed converting his website to blog pages and RSS feeds, it resumes its position as one of the best air talent pages online.
06-26-05 Here they come to save the day ... Interesting article about a possible use of XM SatRad in Homeland Security issues. But the most interesting line comes at the very end: "...the company, which has nearly 4 million subscribers ... has struggled to become profitable. XM lost $642 million last year." I get kinda fidgety around all those zeroes, but isn't that almost two-thirds of a billion bucks? But if XM becomes an aspect of FEMA or Homeland Security, wouldn't that guarantee that the guvmint would never let them fail?
06-26-05 Matt Gordon ... who was once a morning show producer at KTRS has become a worldwideweb recognized expert on digital photography. His first e-book on the subject will be available soon and you'll be able to buy it through a link here. Matt's the guy who directed me to the purchase of my Canon A95...he really knows whereof he speaks!
06-26-05 Secret Squirrel spins on ... Cards/KMOX/KTRS: Can't share what I've learned since Friday, but I believe that the deal may be coming to an unexpected close and sooner rather than later. The numbers I've seen are way different than predicted.
06-25-05 Thanks to all of the hardy souls ... who found their way to Nick's Irish Pub this afternoon for the website's 5th Anniversary Party. It was great to see old friends again and put faces to some of those strange screen names. And very special thanks to "the big guy" who provided resources to make it all a little more special. This might become an annual event...
06-25-05 Most conventions are less learning experiences ... than they are social gatherings. The Conclave is both, but with the emphasis on learning. And the 2005 version is comin' right up. With your registration, you'll get the thirty-year history of the event, written by STL's Jay Philpott, who's been to 27 of 'em!
06-25-05 Secret Squirrel spins on ... KSDK/NBC5: "Channel 5 has sent out a press release saying there's a press conference Monday at 2:00, regarding a major addition to Newschannel 5." Will this be about the much-anticipated return of Julius Hunter to a TV near you? Is Karen Foss retiring? Is Mike Bush going back to sports? And since no other tv station will be there, and there are only two radio stations in the market that field any sort of news presence and only one of them is associated with KSDK, who will show up besides KTRS, the P-D, maybe the RFT and West Newsmagazine? Hilarity ensues...
UPDATE 06-28-05: "KSDK is now offering WeatherPlus, a 24 hour weather channel on Digitial Channel 5.2 in St. Louis and is also streaming it live on their website. There are local weather updates along with national weather. Kinda like a different version of The Weather Channel. Began this morning, Monday."
06-24-05 Secret Squirrel spins on ... Cards/KMOX/KTRS: "KMOX has removed their offer for Cardinals' baseball broadcast rights from the table." Read it here. Does this clear the way for KTRS to take the games starting with the 2006 season? Or is KMOX just trying to show the Cards that it's time to stop using KTRS as a bargaining wedge and get down to the real business at hand?
06-24-05 Allman and Smash, sittin' in a tree ... t-a-l-k-i-n-g. The P-D reports that Jamie Allman will return to work with Smash on KFTK on August 1, replacing Crane Durham. No word on Durham staying with 97.1.
06-23-05 Still some problems with the Message Board ... it's temporarily closed until we get it right. Sorry for the inconvenience.
UPDATE 06-24-05: I'll be working with the site's webhost Friday to see if their highly-acclaimed RAID backup can restore a previously saved version of the package. If not, well, rest assured that the archives remain and are saved locally (I just dl'd almost 20mb of your messages over the last couple years) and it's likely that they can be transferred to another, better MB system. We can just pick up the conversation where we left off either way. I cross myself and hope ensues.
UPDATE #2 06-24-05: The die is cast. An order has been submitted to restore the database from their backup from a couple days before the problem surfaced. I won't be able to check in until tomorrow evening to see what Backup hath wrought. Wish us luck.
UPDATE 06-25-05: Waiting...waiting...waiting.
06-22-05 Tony Renner checks in ... with reports of a possible pirate, on 88.5. Tony says the station's playing Blues and is especially strong around Tower Grove Park. I'm west of 270 and get only hash here on that freq. Anyone else closer in hearing this station?
06-21-05 Hey, KMOX ... that Monster.com monstrosity that pops up over the top of my browser when I access your website is a REALLY bad idea. Yeah, I know there's a button to drop it, but the point is that it takes over screen real estate in the first place. Very user unfriendly.
UPDATE 06-22-05: Thank you.

06-22-05 Can KLOU be rebuilt to survive? Or will it become another victim of the Jack push (it'd be a tragedy to lose the KLOU calls...KLOU in the Lou is too good to throw out and why did they stop saying their calls as "Clue" anyway)?
-- Somebody's gonna subscribe to the Jack syndication deal here, eventually (The Arch isn't gonna cut it...my bet is that it'll be playing Christmas music by Thanksgiving).
-- Oldies stations are falling out of favor all over as the demos to which they appeal grow out of the ad agency target. New York, Chicago and other markets have lost legendary Oldies stations recently and it seems to make no sense here to keep KLOU as it is.
-- The Oldies format has had a good, long run. Is it all over? Should the format move to AM as Talk Radio numbers tumble? Or is there an FM fix for all this?
-- I bet there is: Oldies can be the Loss Leader Format.
-- I'll explain it here over the next few days; it won't work everywhere but it will make Oldies stations successful in many corporate "clusters" and keep the Oldies format alive, with appropriate modifications.

06-21-05 Big Al Brock ... is out as PD/PM Drive at KLOU. Dodie Rahlmann is handling the helm of the troubled oldies station, at least temporarily.
06-21-05 Secret Squirrel spins on ... Cards/KMOX/KTRS: "The biggest sticking point in the negotiations are Tim and Mark Dorsey's ongoing positions with the team if the Cards buy the station. The brothers insist on permanent employment. It may all come down to how much the Cards want to own KTRS and how willing they are to have the Dorseys tied forever to the deal."
06-21-05 Talk Radio ratings continue to erode ... nationwide. Brian Maloney's Radio Equalizer site offers analysis as the Spring '05 Phase 2 ratings release. STL numbers will be available at 10:30AM, June 27th.
06-20-05 Speaking of Old Dogs ... In 2004, a national group of military retirees honored Vietnam War (and STLRadio) veteran Paul Arca as its "Veteran of the Year." Locally produced, internationally-syndicated radio show Contact did a special about Paul's honor and it's scheduled for replay next week. I'll post a link to both the 30" and 15" versions of the show here by Friday evening. It's an inspiring half-hour about a real-life good guy.
06-19-05 Yahoo's Launchcast is a great music-listening resource ... and, although I may only want to to actually believe this, it sure sounds like they drew their Classic Country playlist from a familiar resource. My list has been downloaded by literally thousands of users since I published it back in August 2000 as a free public resource, so I guess it wouldn't be unlikely, huh? Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine is still a great tune, and Launchcast plays it and all the rest of those Urban Cowboy-era good ol' good ones. I'm having a great evening!
06-18-05 Still in the mill ... KMOX or KTRS? The Cards may or may not have made up their mind. Read the story linked from the P-D.
06-18-05 Absolutely true Old Dog radio story ... The song "Tears Of A Clown" was originally released on a Miracles LP that had another cut as the first 45rpm release. Somewhere along the way to mastering "Tears" to the next single release, it was sped up from 45rpm to what was essentially 47rpm. The released single was thus just a tad faster than the originally recorded song and this began a trend at savvy Top 40 stations of speeding up hit singles slightly to sound "brighter and more uptempo" than their competition. KIX104FM CE Mike Gideon (now a Big Dog with CCU) discovered that Denon CD players had an adjustment to "brighten" our music...and we used it! But (sigh) we still got our butts kicked by WIL.
06-18-05 I've enabled instant messaging ... thru Yahoo at pickeringonline (at) sbcglobal.net. Did IM a few years ago, but this is a cleaner system (I hope). I'll be adding a webcam in the next few days. Video conferencing is so cool...but now I'll have to brush my hair every morning!
06-18-05 So why are there traffic copters still in the air ... when there's this service (and others) available? Check online just before you leave for wherever and you've got pretty much all you need to know. These appear to update quickly and regularly, at least as often as the syndicators who only listen to scanners (and also have access to these same screens). Plus you already know that 270 North between Ladue and I-70 at 4PM is gonna be in gridlock...this gives you surface roads info that the scanner-mongers cannot.
06-17-05 Just in case ... you've been getting spurious email with strange attachments from STLMedia.net that implies personal information, rest assured that (a) it did not come from us (our email service is clean as a whistle), (b) we NEVER send email with attachments (unless we alert you to its coming beforehand) and (c) it should be deleted immediately from your mailbox. Do not open it. It's probably something unhappy that you don't want to have to deal with.
06-17-05 Is St. Louis a smaller market? We've discussed this before here: Infinity, the No. 2 radio station operator in the U.S., is looking to shed a number of its smaller-market stations while expanding in larger markets.
06-17-05 Not exactly media news ... but this is huge: Citing heavy financial losses and concern about the future, St. Louis Blues owners Bill and Nancy Laurie have decided to sell the National Hockey League team and its long-term lease on the Savvis Center. This follows immediately on the heels of Savvis dropping out of the naming rights deal for the building...their stock closed at .94 a share Thursday.
06-16-05 Dep't. of Ohferchrissake ... STL/CCU meteorologist John Wetherbee is a syndicated CCU product, also heard in Clarksville TN, San Antonio TX, Atlanta GA, Huntsville TX, Columbus OH, and other markets, on radio and TV. I guess there's no one in STL who can deliver weather info, huh, on a local CCU radio station? KLOU's weather comes from somewhere else. This sucks.
06-16-05 WHOA! Stop the presses! This weekend KLOU is offering a Beatles A-to-Z weekend! All of the Beatles songs, played alphabetically, from the actual letter A to the actual letter Z, presumably by the first significant letter of the song's title, disregarding articles like "a", "an" and "the". All 250+/- of them, repeated over and over all weekend ad nauseum. This is HOT! (sarcasm mode off) Unfortunately, this indicates that there is nothing new in the world of oldies radio, that everything old is NOT new again. Could be, though, if the format trashes old thinking, old consultants and reconsiders the target demo and new ways of reaching it. Lotsa money out there, kids. Go get it with new ideas.
06-16-05 Let me just say this ... (and you know who you are and to whom this is directed). If you're gonna send a fax to someone, make sure you take ALL of the originals and copies away with you once you're done. You never, ever really know who's gonna be at the fax after you and to whom they might send a copy of your leftover page...heh.
06-16-05 I can't believe that this is ... still an issue. The FCC has published guidelines about payola. What exactly don't you already get about the fact that play-for-undisclosed-pay is illegal? How stupid is the new crop of radio management, anyway? The potential ignorance here scares me.
06-16-05 Brian Maloney's Radio Equalizer blog speculates on the impact of a CCU-syndicated Bill Clinton radio show: "Instantly, everything Air America is doing will be obliterated and Al Franken will cease to exist in the eyes of the liberal mainstream media."
06-15-05 Will Oldies Radio Survive? The ridiculous incursion of Jack-and-such ET40 formats onto the radio landscape has oldies stations looking for ways to avoid a flip, at all costs. Kool 99.3 FM San Diego PD Dave Mason has decided to "go gonzo" by (be still my beating heart) actually expanding his playlist. Of course, this is a Clear Channel station and the move is likely to be a stunt. Can you say "instant gratification"?
06-14-05 Late in 2004, XM Satellite Radio's Terry Young ... did a tribute to KXOK, using original jingles, commercials and era-specific music. Terry's a great jock, in the "old dog" way, and did the station's memory proud. Listen to it in Windows Media at 630KXOK.com. A broadband connection would help; each audio file is more than an hour long. They're presented through the courtesy of XM and Art Vuolo, "Radio's Best Friend", who also offers these and other classic audio and video tracks for sale on CD, VHS and DVD.
That wacky Al Franken 06-13-05 That wacky Al Franken ... manages to annoy a whole TalkRadio convention, chock full of managers who might have once considered taking his Air America show. "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and, doggonit, people like me!"...
06-13-05 Primo sales gig ... the GSM slot at KSHE/Emmis/ opens soon.
06-11-05 Why do employers ... continue to dismiss employees on Friday? It's always been a bad move. Fired on Friday means you have to spend two days stewing on the injustice of it all and losing whatever momentum you might have before you get to the important parts of unemployment: renewing contacts and getting the resume and aircheck in the pipeline (it's free if you've been fired and it's worth $120 a year to keep your aircheck available otherwise). Keep your resumé updated, have a current aircheck on CD and contact me asap if you've been suddenly released from a STLRadio gig. I work weekends, by the way.
06-11-05 Bad year so far at Metro ... Maria Keena, who has served well and honorably as Director of Operations, has just been demoted for no apparent reason to Assistant Director, with a new Director coming in soon. Back in February, Metro dumped Tori Lyons, after 13 years. Is Metro anti-female? And then there's that pesky lawsuit going on now in STL Federal Court...did he or didn't he? Sucks to be Metro right now. CORRECTION: Metro Networks is NOT owned by Infinity. Metro is an operating unit of Westwood One, an independent company (ticker WONE). Infinity has a management contract with Westwood One, but no direct ties to Metro Networks.
06-10-05 Hadley gets the gig ... with the Rams that every P-D writer secretly wanted...and Dan Caesar tears him a new one: "This role seems way over the conflict of interest line." John's a lightning rod, you bet, and he's inclined to "open mouth and insert foot" on a semi-regular basis. But I'm thinkin' the P-D is afraid that Hadley might roadblock their access to Coach Martz even though that's not what his new gig is all about. Good luck to Hadley...looks like it's gonna be a long season for all concerned.
06-10-05 Who didn't see this coming ... SparkNet Communications is sueing Bonneville International Corporation for infringing use of the trademark “playing what we want” on its radio stations in St. Louis, Phoenix and Chicago. Fisher dropped similar slogans from KPLZ/Seattle following a similar lawsuit filed by SparkNet, which has so far licensed the JACK-FM format to 15 stations domestically, including 8 Infinity outlets. SparkNet's attorney told AllAccess, "Bonneville has products out there that are inferior to Sparknet's product." Them's fightin' words! (from reports in Billboard, Radio & Records and AllAccess)
UPDATE: 06-09-05 If I advertised on the radio ... Brad Young, of Crawford's KJSL says: We have a program where we automatically transfer any call to the station directly to the requested advertiser. Listeners are encouraged to call the station, and the station takes care of transferring the caller. The station can count how many calls they referred to a specific advertiser. This helps quantify the benefits of advertising, instead of the other squishy methods that radio sales people are famous for quoting. And Clear Channel, Bonneville, Infinity and the indys have nothing like this? Why?
06-08-05 If I advertised on the radio ... I'd expect the station to keep a list of current sponsors and phone numbers at the front desk, even build it into the contract. Why? Because listeners can't always write down a phone number. And then I'd check to see that the station was doing it. Today, a St. Louis company lost money because the station receptionist I called had no clue who I was asking about. There's a few hundred bucks down the pooper, huh? Why don't ad agencies demand this for their clients?
06-07-05 Secret Squirrel spins on ... Y98: "Steph Duran is MIA from Phillips & Company since last week. Now she's gone from the website. What gives?"
06-07-05 WGNU radio host ... is accused of murder. Drisdel was known for his conservative bent, sometimes becoming a foil to the better known WGNU liberal commentator Lizz Brown.
06-06-05 Corrected article follows from 06-04-05... Media Wars: (Lee acquired The Ladue News in their Pulitzer purchase and I apologize for the error. I still believe that Lee's intent is to own all remaining indy print media in the market, with the exception of the RFT. I believe that Lee's marketing plan is to syndicate ads throughout this print network and compete directly with radio and craigslist, ignoring television.)
"Now that Lee Publishing has a base in St. Louis, look for them to purchase the Belleville News Democrat and perhaps West News Magazine by the end of the year. Their real plan is to control all broadsheet print advertising and sell it all in a network."

06-06-05 Free idea ... In the late '80's-early 90's we had a long run of no rain and there was great concern for crops, lawns and everything else that needed to get wet. I was part of the Frank O. Pinion Morning Show on the old KIX104. I created an endless loop of thunderstorm sfx and rainfall to play behind every talk break. Not loudly, but just as if we were hearing the storm thru the studio windows. We never referred to it, never admitted its existence and the phone calls we took were amazing. This is what The Old Dog Radio NetworkTM called Theater of the Mind. It is what makes local radio The Greatest MediumTM.
06-05-05 Apple stock down 5% ... because of iPod stock surplus. Apparently everyone who wants one now has one. Related story: Jack, Bob and other ET40TM formats are likely to be among the first stations in any given market to go all Christmas music this year...what they wanted to play was not what the listeners wanted to hear. After the novelty wears off, it's Jingle All The Way.
06-05-05 Secret Squirrel spins on ... WIL: "Cornbread is moldy - Bo is a GO." We've heard some real horror stories of Cornbread being "critiqued" away from his comfort zone and being told by management that what won the show awards and what got the team to WIL in the first place just is not working here. Do managers still listen to airchecks before they hire? We're also hearing that C&P are looking at new opportunities via their agent. Is this really happening because the Bonneville Market Manager is hearing complaints about C&P's "unsophistication" from his neighbors and golf and lunch buds? Way to "manage a market", champ! We heartily welcome Bo back home but hate that it's at this expense.
06-05-05 Rick Sanborn may be in the process ... of setting a record. Three stations in two days: Friday morning, he was in with Crane Durham on KFTK; Saturday, 2-6PM on K-HITS and then 7PM-12M on Red. And Monday morning Rick's back on KFTK, this time with Smash! Emmis: Where The Old Dogs Play!TM And that's a GOOD thing!
06-04-05 Secret Squirrel spins the rumor wheel on ... KFNS: "KFNS runs an ad for replacetheboss.com...one of those "work from home" outfits. That website is owned by Guerra Communications, LLC. A little research uncovers this story. Does KFNS know what they are advertising or do they care?" Sheesh. Looks like the link is just a ploy to add spyware that sucks personal information from your home or work computer to Guerra's...since the spot runs no disclaimer to that effect, the station might potentially be held liable for any costs incurred in getting your hard drive cleaned of the mess they sent you to. Another good reason to keep your virus and spyware software up to date.
UPDATE: 06-04-05 KTRS responds to the story posted below ... The Belleville News Democrat interviewed KTRS topper Tim Dorsey and STLMedia Friday..."That's nonsense," Dorsey said. "They have no idea what they're talking about on that thing. They've got a lot of details that I don't have. I wish I knew what they knew."
06-03-05 Secret Squirrel steps up to the plate and swings ...
-- "KTRS and the Cardinals have inked a deal. It will be announced publicly on June 15.
-- Terms are: Cardinals will get 33% share for investing $8.0 million. In turn, KTRS will pay the team $6.0 in rights fee for 2006.
-- Tim and Mark Dorsey will remain on in their respective positions. Thane van Breusegen (current team ad sales manager) will become sports sales manager at KTRS (though he will remain an employee of the team) and will work out of KTRS.
-- The team/KTRS will expand the pregame programming by 30 minutes (6:00pm for 7:10pm starts). Gone are those annoying ads for Ted Drewes and UPS Delivery to the Plate. Owners want a clean(er) broadcast.
-- Question mark: Wayne Hagin. KMOX negotiations ran afoul once Tom Langmeyer left (he softly translated the message out of New Yaaaawwwk, and with good reason!).
-- KMOX staffers who already got the heebie jeebies from the silent negotiations are cranking out resumes faster than Ted can sell frozen concretes on a hot, muggy July night.
-- Finally, Tim Dorsey demanded some sort of guarantee of affiliation with the team forever (might be a Jim Goessling-esque title)."

06-02-05 AM Radio ... still counts. Especially in the weather-war zones.
06-02-05 Langmyer interview in InsideRadio ... read it here. Having spent almost 13 years at KMOX, it’s clear Langmyer still has a tremendous fondness for the Infinity Talk outlet. “I was very lucky to work for and with the people there,” he comments. “We were part of the evolution and, with the exception of a few people who were [already in-place], I’d hired the main on-air hosts and feel a very strong connection to the team there. I know they’ll continue to do well.”
06-01-05 The People Under The Stairs ... was on HBO just now, a very scary movie and it got most of my attention. But I had The Arch on my Tivoli radio in the background. Is it my imagination that The Arch is getting rockier? 70's and 80's pop tunes on the station seem almost gratuitous, seemingly thrown in every third or fourth tune, no "Oh wowsers". They imported the HD complete from Phoenix...they (Bonneville) should know better. This is bad radio. Predicted shelf life: six months.
Randy RaleyEd Bradley 06-01-05 Former STLRadio star Randy Raley ... is profiled in AllAccess this week. Check the News/Talk section. And is it my imagination or is he lookin' a lot like Ed Bradley? Well, maybe not, my bad...but that haircut, that beard, those ears... give us a frown stage right...WHOA!
06-01-05 Heard a fascinating story over the weekend ... One of the last projects that Tom Langmyer was working on as KMOX GM before he moved on to captain WGN in Chicago was to get the building at One Memorial Drive renamed and signed as the KMOX Building. The deal was done and done and then Tom L. asked Infinity for the money to pay for the signage. The company declined. This causes a pause...maybe Infinity isn't as committed to St. Louis as they say they are, huh?
06-01-05 I'd completely forgotten about the famous Arbitron disclaimer ... "The estimates provided by Arbitrends v1.4 are derived from the diaries that provide the data in the Radio Market Report and are subject to the limitations stated in that report. Due to these limitations, inherent in Arbitron's methodology, the accuracy of Arbitron audience estimates cannot be determined to any precise mathematical value or definition. Arbitrends is not part of Arbitron's regular syndicated service and is not accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC)." Hmmm...the report's accuracy is fully disclaimed and has no industry accredidation. Your station is paying how much each year for numbers that, by the company's own admission, are meaningless? Oops, I forgot...they're the only game in town!
05-31-05 I've got a box full of digital cameras ... Sony and Fuji, still and video, that I'll be taking to sell this week. As I did with film cameras (one of which I save and use occasionally, a Pentax, when there's a need for the warmth of film and the power of a big flash), I've upgraded and then downgraded to something handy and easy to use (CF card and AA batteries). Son Jason's Canon digital and Matt Gordon's excellent digicam review blog showed me the way and so tonight I ordered a Canon A95 and it'll be here Wednesday from newegg.com. Under $300 for a 5megapixel shirt-pocket shooter and it does quick video, too. Carroll will kick my butt unless I pay it off by the camera sale! I'll post sample photos once it's in the house.
05-31-05 I bet somebody made a lot of money with this ... According to a new study analyzing Billboard magazine's number one hits for the years 1955 to 2003, the connection between the country's collective mood and its taste in music may not be random. "It seems that when times are bad we're looking for slower, more meaningful-type music, music that's more comforting. And when times are good it's OK again to enjoy the types of pop songs that really aren't dealing with these deeper issues," explained co-researcher Terry Pettijohn of Mercyhurst College, in Erie, Pa. Jump here for more on connections between music preferences and psychology.
05-31-05 Secret Squirrel spins on ... Julius Hunter: "Julius Hunter is in negotiations with several local television stations, including Channel 4, to return to the airwaves. With the non-compete out of the way, all options are open. He expects a major announcement within the next week or so."
05-30-05 All currently available audio snippets ... 52 of 'em, from Dick Ulett, are now online for your listening pleasure.
05-29-05 Great article in the P-D ... on Radio Rich Dalton...the tallest working man in radio!
05-29-05 Secret Squirrel spins on ... KSDK: "Show Me St. Louis is close to the end of its run, doing badly against Dr. Phil."
05-29-05 I've been watching this site develop ... Radio Equalizer is "Regional politics and talk radio from Brian Maloney, a talk host since 1993, who was fired in Seattle for his views on Dan Rather and he saw his story explode nationwide. He's appeared on 'Fox News Live', CNN's 'Inside Politics' and was a 2005 Payne Award For Ethics in Journalism nominee." Maloney is a good writer with a perceptive eye on the industry. Make it a regular stop on your daily news run. Definitely ready for prime time!
05-29-05 Secret Squirrel spins on ... Bonneville: "Al Hofer hired as WARH (106.5 The Arch) MD and PM drive host." If this is true, I'm sure Al will do a fine job.
-- But it flies in the face of the Jack/Bob ET40 formats as "iPod on shuffle" anonymous music providers: no DJ's, just music and stuff. No disrespect to Al, but adding DJ's to this thing is a serious dilution of the original concept.
-- Lots of stations ripped off the original Storz and McClendon formats of the 50's and 60's, the Drake formats in the 60's and 70's, the Lee Abrams Superstars formats of the 70's and 80's and the Jacobs Classic Rock formats of the 80's and 90's (which were themselves ripoffs of Superstars), plugged in their own "better" ideas or completely misunderstood the subtleties and then wondered why their stations never achieved the market dominance of the originals.
-- And, by the way...what's the difference between ET40 and the "Arrow" (ARRO=all rock and roll oldies) format from a few years ago? With the exception of the addition of some mid-80's and 90's music...exactly nothing!
UPDATE: 05-28-05 I've used J&B Tech in Maryland Heights ... a lot over the years...and my most recent experience there was a real disappointment. This mistake only cost me a hundred bucks, but I've heard from others about REAL horror stories. Use them at your own risk. As I said, they used to be a great resource. Maybe they will be again, in the future.
05-25-05 Paul Harris used to have ... one of the best, if not the best, air personality radio sites in the country. But the KMOX PM-drive personality seems to have gone blog and RSS crazy. His website is currently a mishmash of HTML and Blog pages, along with the occasional 404, that makes no graphic or navigational sense. Fix things when they're broken, Paul. Otherwise...
05-24-05 The news hit the stands today ... Kipper McGee has been named the new PD at WLS/Chicago. Here's the official WLS press release. Kipper was, for a brief time, the PD at KTRS; he is one of, oh, maybe two consultants in the industry who really has a handle on "it", beyond the banalities and boilerplate bs offered by others. Now he's going to be programming what is arguably one of the great radio stations, with an amazing cast and crew. Kipper's a gentleman and a scholar and a great radio guy.
05-21-05 Metro Traffic ... has some legal problems, looks like. Apparently, they're engaged in a Federal Court lawsuit here that seems to center around a homosexual harassment (hesaid/hesaid) issue.
05-20-05 I've used J&B Tech in Maryland Heights ... a lot over the years, spent a fair amount of money with them on new computers and computer repairs and updates. Last Wednesday I dropped off my Toshiba laptop and had a truly horrible service experience: I was sold used memory as new and I believe the transformer sent home with me was not the one I sent it in with. And now at home, it won't boot. These guys used to be pretty good. I'll keep you posted.
05-20-05 Secret Squirrel spins on ... Emmis: "Emmis is freaked out over The Arch. They are afraid it will hurt K-Hits. Look for them to licence the real Jack format and put it on the air soon, perhaps in June. The idea is to hurt The Arch, possibly making it fail before it even has a chance to get off the ground."
05-19-05 What constitutes a sport? This sure does. And I bet Mr. McMahon is still PO'd he didn't think of it first. (And, yes, I know it's phony...but it's funny!)
05-19-05 Jeffrey Dvorkin ... is the Omdbudsman for NPR and in this article he says some very important things regarding speech regionalisms and perception. I've always believed that a radio personality (music or news) should sound like they're from wherever they're heard, damn the intelligentsia and full speed ahead. Your thoughts?
05-19-05 There are just a very few ... second-generation broadcasters in STLRadio: John Carney and Al Stevens come immediately to mind. One more is Terry Dailey, of the LMSITA on KTRS, whose father, Tom Dailey, is the subject of a terrific feature in the latest issue of the St. Louis Journalism Review, available on newstands now. The article is also online at STLRadio.com, Frank Absher's excellent reference work on the history of radio in the market.
05-19-05 Secret Squirrel spins on ... WIL: "Monica Adams was let go on Wednesday. My guess would be to free up money for Bo."
05-18-05 Somebody decided that Jim Compton ... wasn't needed to provide motor sports reports anymore at KTRS. That somebody was probably Steve House, the station's CFO. House is a numbers guy who has no idea of what it takes to build a winning radio station...it's all addition and subtraction in his small mind. Compton has the tightest connections to motor sports I've ever known and was a valuable link to an exploding market. Another bad move of many. Plus we're hearing that any potential sale of the station is off the table. They're in big trouble and have no place to go. How stupid do you have to be to screw up a radio station this badly?
05-17-05 Tommy Austin, as we told you ... is Z's new PD, coming from KHFI/Austin. Turns out his wife Erin will also join the STL/CCU cluster as 9AM-1PM talent at The Bull. She was most recently at KASE/Austin, in nights. She replaces no one; shifts have been changed to accomodate herself. Cozy, huh?
05-16-05 Newsweek Magazine... has provided aid and comfort to the enemy by publishing the false story of the Koran-flushing episode that resulted in riots across the Islamic world, with many deaths and injuries. That, in a time of war, is considered a capital crime (sedition) and is punishable by death. So who gets the noose?
05-16-05 Dick Ulett... gifted me last evening with a CD of STLRadio audio tracks; listen here to the the first thirty I've uploaded.
05-15-05 A fun and fast hour... on John Carney's show this evening, talking STL radio past and future with Frank Absher and Dick Ulett.
05-12-05 Anderson back on the air... just for an hour or so. John Carney is airing another Radio Roundtable on his KMOX show this coming Sunday evening (the 15th) just after 9PM and he's invited me to join him and other guests, including Frank Absher and Dick Ulett.
05-12-05 I have a bunch of 10" reels... of radio stuff...airchecks, drops (all of Dees' stuff from WHBQ, for example), classic production music and so on that I no longer have any use for. The person that convinces me that he or she will be the best conservator for this gets it free...and I'll even deliver! Otherwise it goes to Waste Management on 31 May 2005 and then into the Maryland Heights landfill.
05-11-05 About half of my professional life... has been spent teaching. I've spoken at high-school career days, taught semester-long classes on various subjects at colleges and lectured at advanced-degree programs at universities. Not as an instructor, not as a trainer...but as a teacher. And there's a BIG difference. A teacher instructs and trains...and also imbues a fundamental understanding of the topic. I've created a 4-hour presentation on Blogging and NewMedia Syndication for corporate and educational clients. To book my Seminar for your company or school, call 314-878-0673. NewMedia Seminar
05-11-05 Dave Ervin Named VP/GM For KMOX/St. Louis... (from R&ROnline):
     The 32-year industry veteran jumps to the Infinity News/Talker after a stint as Market Manager for Radio One/St. Louis. He replaces Tom Langmyer, who left KMOX a few months ago to fill the VP/GM seat at WGN/Chicago. Ervin's resume includes time as Market President for Bonneville's St. Louis and Los Angeles clusters and a term as that company's VP/Corporate Programming.
     Infinity SVP Les Hollander says, "In searching the country for the right candidate to lead KMOX, Dave was in the station's backyard. His extensive experience in St. Louis radio, his track record of success and ties to the local community are impressive. We are looking forward to him leading the KMOX staff into the future.

     Good move for Infinity, placing a guy with mucho local experience in the catbird seat.
05-11-05 Secret Squirrel... spins on WIL: Looks like The Mighty 92 will be getting a blast from the past as Bo Matthews returns from Orlando to take over PM drive. No word yet as to how this affects current WIL staff.
05-09-05 Whodathunk? Jonnie King, most recently of the late, lamented Smooth Jazz WSSM, is a collector of custom cars. Jonnie's Manuel Arteche-customized 1961 Buick Invicta is on display at Darryl Starbird's Rod & Custom Hall of Fame/Museum in Tulsa. Turns out that King is the only radio personality in the country with a vehicle in a museum.
05-09-05 Remember Casey Van Allen? The legendary STL DJ and Production Wizard started buying his bad self a batch of radio stations in MO and Florida years ago. Here's his most recent deal: My company "Viper Communications" has purchased KFBD in The Lake of the Ozarks and KOZQ AM in Waynesville. We are simulcasting our Classic Rock 93.5 on 97.9 KFBD for right now until we move the equipment up to Osage Beach. Can't say what we will do with the format yet until the research comes back. I miss everybody in St Louis.
05-07-05 Commentary: Shooting yourself in the foot... was a trademark of mine during my radio career. But how I managed to screw things up for myself pales in comparison to the way that radio people in general have been doing it for years.
-- Years ago, in the mid-1970's, my GM, an otherwise very bright man, decided we needed to buy a thousand little fixed-tune radios that would only receive our station (this is in the pre-Walkman days) to give away. Actually, they were pretty cool and if they had had the electronics available today it would have been a great idea. The radios were built to hang over the ear with a semi-form fitting earplug. The only problem for us was that our station was at 1490 kHz and the little radio's effective reception pretty much stopped around 1000 kHz. We were only a faint noise in the abundant buzz.
-- A few years before, AM stations that were affiliated with FM's in the same market felt some overwhelming need to give away FM tuners that plugged into the antenna connection and brought up the entire FM band on a single unused frequency on the AM side. How stupid was that? Was there a better way to kill off AM listenership than by using the medium to listen to the enemy?
-- For many years, radio stations have been giving away magnificent mobile stereo systems, first with cassette players, then with CD's and now with DVD players. Is it any wonder that the shift to new media was an easy one after we literally gave away the gear they needed to hear it?
-- And now, after all of that, radio stations are giving away MP3 players, already loaded with music. Look, I don't care how hot the iPod phenomenon is, or how cool MP3 players are. Portable music players are now and have been since the first Walkman hit the shelves a thousand digital years ago the true enemy and, folks, you're just handing it all over to the dark side. SatRad is NOT the enemy...you can co-exist with them until the day that Karmazin pulls the trigger on commercialization of all channels so he can pay his beloved Stern $100million a year. The satellites will be silenced and left to fall into the sea once the huge wave of non-renewing-subscribers hits. SatRad, and AirAmerica, for that matter, are both houses of cards.
-- More than three years ago I predicted that the big conglomerates would eventually have to start selling off some of their properties to make ends meet, and it's begun. Both of the biggies have taken huge losses on property devaluation and now Infinity is selling, and Clear Channel is moving its concert biz to a seperate entity that will make it easier to divest. Trust me on the SatRad issue too.
-- And stop giving away MP3 players!
Meet Sue Benson 05-07-05 I spent a year and a half as PD... at the old KIX104. One of our jocks was Sue Benson, who I thought was the foxiest (and youngest) Grandma I had ever known, until my wife and I our own selves became Grandparents and my vision shifted a bit. Sue was a great talent and well-loved by our listeners; she's still working in radio and still as foxy as ever! She's on KWRE and KFAV in Warrenton MO.
05-06-05 KEZK PD Mark Edwards... has been nominated for the R&R AC PD of the Year, so congrats are in order for the nomination. However, Mark has taken it a step further, buying ads on R&R that link to this page. This is akin to what movie companies and talent agents do for their clients prior to the Oscars...but, good grief, Mark, it's a radio award and all it might bring you is absorption into the Mike McVay borg. Hint: never trust a consultant who takes music ads on his website. Nonetheless, I wish you luck, ol' boy.
05-05-05 Arbitron's spot study... What do we really know about how listeners perceive commercial breaks? Find out in Spot Load Study 2005: Managing Radio Commercial Inventories for Advertisers and Listeners, a study from Arbitron and Edison Media Research.
05-02-05 Secret Squirrel... spins on KTRS: “I expect the sale to be finalized by early June. The Cardinals will have a 60% stake in it. Dorsey has swung a deal so that he will stay on as manager. Mrs. Dorsey wants her Keith Hernandez money back.”
05-02-05 Tom Calhoun blogs ... Now I'm Worried! Jim Woodcock resigned Friday from his post as VP-Director of Marketing and Communications of the St. Louis Blues. Read it here
05-01-05 Missed this the first time around ... The RFT has an interesting piece on the life and legacy of the late Chuck Norman.
UPDATE 04-28-05 Secret Squirrel... spins on Dave Greene: Dave Greene will depart 1380 to return to Memphis at Simmon's forthcoming ESPN station there. Is 1380 giving it up? Wasn't Green supposed to be their Great Sports Hope? God knows that KMOX and KTRS' impressive sports numbers (15th and 16th, respectively, 25-54, nights) would intimidate just about anyone... UPDATE: "I am not going anywhere. Running St. Louis and Memphis from here..." Dave Greene
04-28-05 This is such BS ... Infinity moves from no streaming at all to this? Infinity Broadcasting Corp., a TerRad company whose business model is being challenged by the iPod phenomenon, is borrowing a page from its rival's playbook. Next month, Infinity will convert an underperforming station in San Francisco to a format that will play only "podcasts," or amateur recordings distributed via the Internet to listeners' iPods and other digital music players.
04-27-05 Here's a useful freebie from (*GASP*) ... Clear Channel! It's their MusicGenLite music scheduling software that can, presumably, be used for almost any purpose...wireless home MP3 playback, online "radio stations", even on-air stations, presuming you already have a digital automation system in place. Looks pretty interesting, has lots of documentation, but expect NO support. You'll have to answer a few questions first, then wait for an email with the double-secret download instructions. At the very least, playing with this is a great way to get familiar with the concept. DJ's who want someday to be Programmers might consider the download an investment in their future.
04-25-05 Jack, Bob, Hugh, Mike, Frank, whomever... the stations under the plain names try to be Top 40's but fail miserably. The last, best days of Real Top40 were in the early 1970's and these are the best examples, streamed from ReelRadio. Here's WABC/NYC from 1972, unscoped (57:11) and scoped (8:27). The next year, WABC included more and more disco music, trying to take on WKTU-FM; it didn't work, and the radio world changed forever. In his out-of-print book, Rockin' America, then-WABC PD-Rick Sklar admitted that adding disco to the mix was a bad move and diluted the format irretrievably.
04-25-05 As we predicted he would a few weeks back... Paul Harris has begun offering segments of his KMOX show as automatically-downloaded podcasts. I've already subscribed via iPodder so I can listen at my convenience to Harris' best bits and not miss a minute of the Frank O. Pinion show on KTRS live. Now, just one question: will those who are hip and/or technically savvy enough to iPod the primo moments of Harris' radio show, minus the extraneous BS and KMOX commercials, have an impact on his ratings? Not for the immediate future...but down the road, who knows? Time-shifting via VHS, DVD-R/W and DVR has certainly changed the way we watch television. And hopefully Paul was smart enough in his contract with Infinity to make sure he, and he only, owns the content of his radio shows in perpetuity. Bet that's so. Will Paul sell a spot or two in his downloadable segments, making these a second source of revenue for him? Harris continues to be at the forefront of web usage for a radio personality. Who's next? HINT: Paul could reduce his PodCast tracks from 64 to 39kbs without losing any quality and significantly reducing the file size.
04-24-05 Secret Squirrel... spins on Karen Carroll: Your previous photo was way wrong. According to local police reports, her manse was recently broken into and some serious damage was done throughout. Police subsequently discovered in a room on an upper floor a painting of Ms. Carroll that had been slashed beyond recognition. The photo included with this message is of Ms. Carroll as she appeared a few days ago while reporting her losses from the crime to local Police. She said at that time that her nails were courtesy of Nguyen's Nails on Manchester Road.
04-21-05 Secret Squirrel... spins on the new KSLZ PD: Looks like it'll be Tommy Austin from KHFI/Austin TX.
04-20-05 The latest issue of Radio World... includes a story with pictures of a radio station I worked...WPEN-AM Philadelphia...in the early 1970's. Very cool, but RW doesn't put many of their articles online. The REALLY BIG NEWS is in the previous issue, when our own Kevin McCarthy wrote an article endorsing Bob Heil's new microphones. If you don't know about Heil's mics, you're WAY behind the curve.
04-19-05 Secret Squirrel... spins on Jamie Allman: Allman gave notice to the Archdiocese today, saying he was taking a job in Talk Radio. He didn't say whether or not that station was in St. Louis. He'll be leaving the Archdiocese in August.
04-19-05 Jason Mack at WABX in Evansville ... has a job opening for someone to do nights/imaging: "If anyone is out of work, or part-time looking for full time, and wants to head east 3 hours send me your stuff. It’s a great company and a very successful Classic Rock station." Or call for info: (812) 424-8284.
04-18-05 Just wonderin' about this one ... From Inside Radio: Salem’s Ed Atsinger says they’d like to get into St. Louis – and to grow in Detroit. As always, Atsinger wants room to do Salem’s three core formats – Christian teaching, contemporary Christian and conservative news/talk. The CEO presented at today’s A.G. Edwards media conference in Las Vegas - with plenty more radio executives to appear this week.
04-18-05 Secret Squirrel... spins on BIC: Received today's copy of Radio World. Two line article say Broadcast Electronics has orders from WIL & WVRV for HD. Do four salaries equal two digital conversions?
04-16-05 When someone had such a great an impact on ... the radio marketplace and so many employees for so many years and then just disappears, you have to wonder what she's been doing in her free time. The Secret Squirrel Rumor Wheel© has spun on former stewardess and radio executive Karen Carroll and I'm told that this is a photo of her made recently. I cannot verify the authenticity; I only met her once when she cheated me out of money for a research project I performed for Y-98. But if it's really her, then Ms. Carroll is tanned, rested and ready to get back into the radio fight...and packing a huge sales punch, looks like! Gotta love dem muscled-up broads, huh?
04-14-05 So when Mary Junck and Lee Publishing ... finally close on the purchase of the Post-Disgrace, do you think they'll examine the screaming conflicts of interest posted every column by the paper's gossip writer, Deb Peterson? Ms. Peterson has, over her P-D tenure, selectively persecuted every single Male involved in a marital separation or divorce action...with one glaring exception. And that one exception affords her extra-media exposure. Deb, forget trying to see "sight'ems", drop the "Loo" references, get off the air and get back to the keyboard...tell the whole story for a change, huh? Who, what, why, when, where...remember the basics?
04-14-05 I was just thinkin' ... after reading a story on the importance of the name to be chosen by the new Pope, maybe he oughta call himself "Pope Jack...we pray for anything!"
04-13-05 Brought the Front System and The Laptop up to XPServicePack2 specs ... so far, no problems. Plus, I plugged in a new Lithium-Ion battery for The Laptop that promises to triple unplugged useage. For $130+ it had damned well better!
04-13-05 Station in a box ... Probably the most technically amazing part of the Smooth Jazz-to-ET40© switch was that it all began with a simple hard drive transfer. The drive with the new music was copied from Bonneville's Phoenix station, transported here and plugged in to the local STL network. Back in the Jurassic era, we would have had to (a) buy -- or trade -- a whole new library on vinyl and then (b) copy each cut to a tape cartridge, an imposing project (wind, find the splice, record). I remember asking applicants if they knew how to "wind carts" and dismissing them out of hand if that was not a part of their "skill set".
04-12-05 Well, hot damn ... the dj's let go at Bonneville's Smooth Jazz can reapply for their positions once a new PD is in place. And isn't that the greatest insult? What did Rick, Debbie, Terry or Johnnie do to warrant their release except to work diligently, exemplify their craft and help BIC make a bigger pile of money? Read more here
04-12-05 Secret Squirrel... spins on KTRS: Interesting buzz from some KTRS staffers. Many think the sale of the station is imminent. Apparently Craig Unger spoke openly about it in a department heads meeting last week. In fact, one guy told me he was expecting an announcement last Friday. Some think Clear Channel is back into it. The thinking is the Cardinals rumor is a negotiating ploy with KMOX. Anderson sez: I'm waiting on one final piece of information to tie the bow on this. $13million is the number today and three years ago it was $25million. Missing the bubble is sad, so sad...especially if you're an investor.
04-12-05 The decision to launch The Arch... was apparently made just days before the switch on Sunday the 10th. Sources tell me that BIC execs visiting the station last week asked John Kijowski when he expected the station to make its sales goal, he made his best guess, and they told him six months was too long to wait. Impressively, BIC staffers from Phoenix and other markets were able to put the new station together on local computers, including a new website, in less than five days and without the knowledge of local staff. Meanwhile, Rick Sanborn, Terry Fox, Johnnie King and Debbie Alexander are looking for their next opportunity.
04-11-05 So who really owns KTRS? Here's a PDF of the license, with names and home addresses and everything you need to know to win. If some of Keith Hernandez' money is really tied up in the station, I can't find it, unless it's there under another name. Hmmm... what name might that be?
04-10-05 While we were out... Bonneville's Smooth Jazz 106.5 went and "blowed itself up real good." The change came sometime just after 3PM Sunday the 10th, and the station became "one-o-six-five The Arch", an eclectic Top Forty format (like "JackFM"). BONUS: Smooth Jazz still exists, but only online. Here's the new website. No word so far on the air staff, but these things seem to be jockless for a week or more after inception.
04-09-05 Second Big Week! Y-98 is now RobFM, presumably for the weekend, but at least they've dropped the "playin' what we want" and "like an iPod on shuffle" mantras. Let's see what happens come Sunday-into-Monday morning, huh? Hey, InfiKids...if you're gonna shift the music, just do it, OK? Stunting like this is so 20th Century...
04-09-05 Secret Squirrel... spins on the Keith Hernandez connection to KTRS. The star of baseball, Seinfeld and commercial endorsements may have some first- or second-level money tied up in The Big 550.
04-08-05 Secret Squirrel... spins on a "local TV station" where an (unnamed) News Anchor spewed some serious venom (many F-bombs, etc.) in the face of an (unnamed) Sports Anchor who promptly had a sit down with The Bosses who are said to be "up to here" with the ongoing antics of the (unnamed) News Anchor. This could get gritty.
04-06-05 Oh, no, don't tell me... an STLSports dude got busted trying to sell his press pass for the Final Four over the weekend. What a weasel! Do the sports stations really pay that badly?
04-05-05 Personal broadcasting begins here...it's called podcasting and it involves delivering audio to a media player or desktop. STLMedia can help you make your webdreams come true.
04-03-05 The stupidity has already begun... and it's not yet 10AM on Monday. On my way home from breakfast, I heard Scott St. James on KTRS make a fool of himself on the issues of Papal succession and "what Catholics believe" by quoting results from an unnamed survey source. As a minor-league dj and C-list actor for his entire career, Scott is probably not smart enough to understand how a survey can be "loaded" to produce desired results; Meme Wolff was at least somewhat hesitant to accept his word as fact. This is exactly what I was talking about below.
04-04-05 As we predicted, Y98... is pretty much back to what brought 'em to the dance as of midnight, Sunday into Monday, at least presentation- and website-wise. No more "playin' what we want" but the music sounds a wee bit more River-like (that may just be my old ears, unfamiliar as I am with the crap that passes for AC hits these days).
04-03-05 Nearly a quarter of the US population... is Roman Catholic and most of them will be glued to TV and radio reports of the upcoming election of the next Pope. Even lapsed Catholics will want news because this event resonates so intensely with their upbringing. Sadly, the newsnets have not shined brightly over the past few days, primarily because they've used correspondents who, frankly, don't know what the hell they're talking about and aren't familiar with the faith. This will be my fourth Papal election. I know the process in and out and expect proper and correct commentary and reporting but I know I won't hear it. If your station plans any kind of reportage on this event, I humbly suggest that you find a pundit that has at least a handshake relationship with the Catholic Church. READING SUGGESTION: Shoes Of The Fisherman, by Morris West (not available on DVD, but it was a great movie from the late 1960's).
04-03-05 Harris slides into syndication... online, not on-air, though. KMOX' Paul Harris, whose website has been blog-like since the last revision, has begun using RSS ("really simple syndication") to distribute his semi-regular newsletters. Wise move. Paul's website, while not as graphically enhanced as other air talents', is one of the best in the biz. Now he needs to move his commentary to a podcast...
04-02-05 Gremlins struck the Message Board... but Mr. Technical Genius Man was able to wrestle them into submission. Many thanks, Mr. TGM!
04-02-05 No major format changes... for K-Hits or The River (who subtly changed their playlist Friday morning), as I predicted against the steady flow of rumors (most of which came from a contributor in St. Joe/MO)...just what may be an on-air stunt for Y-98 and the change to KY's website (the rest of the site is just laying there, waiting to be called up again), with just the first few pages changed. But the "we've already got them under contract" promos are kinda cheesy and so, in fact, may actually be a real thing except for the fact that most of their dj's are NOT under contract. What's most impressive on that site are the privacy policy and terms of use pages. Sheesh - these must have cost THOUSANDS of legal dollars. Just how necessary are these pages, anyway? And, as of 4AM 4/02, Y98 still seems to be playing the irreverent game. Of course the dj's are not choosing their own music, no radio station on Earth would allow a $10/hour employee to manage a major programming element. Plus they don't sound so convinced about all this. C'mon... Ahhh! My Sharona! The last Top 40 Hit I ever played on the 400,000 screamin' watts of WMC-FM/Memphis, before I went to the Dark Side! Yup, now I'm convinced! Best bet is that things get back to normal at Y at 12M Sunday night. Just sayin'...
04-01-05 Mitch Hedberg is dead... at the age of just 37. Here's his website. Hedberg was, IMHO, the funniest comedian in the last ten years, and his material made fun of his alleged drug and alcohol issues...but his Mother says he was born with a congenital heart ailment and she always worried about him.

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