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Previously on The Front Page...Oct/Nov/Dec 2005

12-31-05 What are you doin' ... New Years' Eve? Mrs. A. and I have a stack of DVD's, a pile of shrimp in hot sauce, assorted cheeses and crackers and pulled-pork bbq sandwiches planned, and a big ol' couch upon which to curl up. Y'all be well, be careful, and we'll be back here on January 2, 2006. (Note: photo is of me as the Ring Announcer at an NWA wrestling match in Richmond/VA Christmas Night 1983. The jacket no longer fits, no. Hardly fit me then.)
12-31-05 KMOX v. KTRS ... Okay, KTRS has the baseball rights that belonged to KMOX since forever. What can KMOX do to hold on to their numbers? Read it all and comment here
12-31-05 Your predictions for 2006 ... So what's gonna happen this year? In 2005... Read it all and comment here
12-30-05 The St. Louis Radio Hall of Fame ... adds the names of nine more people to their roster, recognized for their contributions to St. Louis radio and their achievements in the field of broadcasting. They join 61 others who were elected previously. And the winners are...OOPS! You'll have to wait until January 2 to learn who made the cut for the 2005-2006 Hall of Fame. Until then, you can prowl through Frank Absher's market-history website, STLRadio.com.

12-29-05 Jack Snow in critical condition ... at Barnes-Jewish, according to the Post-Dispatch. The Rams radio analyst has been ill since the weekend following Thanksgiving with what was determined to be a staph infection. Comment here
12-29-05 KTRS' Kramer has a producer ... It'll be Laurie Beakley, from overnights at Infinity's Y98. Her final show there was last night.
12-29-05 Dazed and confused, scattered and smothered ... that's the best way to describe how shareholders of KTRS are assuming responsibility for the recent dismissal of almost a dozen long-time employees and the hiring of replacements who may or may not reflect the philosophy of the Cardinals MLB organization. Read it all and comment here

12-28-05 Here's the new KTRS Morning Show ... Scott Hasick (left, top) & Casey Bartholomew (left, middle) have been together for more than a decade and have an impressive series of call letters in their history together: KFI/Los Angeles ('94-'97); cross-country to WDBO/Orlando ('97-'98); back to KFI/Los Angeles ('98-'99); then cross-country again to WXKW/Trenton('99-'02) where the show "disappeared for much of the spring in a dispute over their show's content, returned for a few weeks in the summer and then decamped to" WKRK/Detroit where they replaced Kramer & Twitch (Kramer's also one of the New Guys at KTRS) from June '02 to December '03, when they were released from employment.
   Casey's recently been at WSC/CharlestonSC, doing 3-7PM; I have no idea where Scott's been hanging his headphones since their Detroit days.
   UPDATE: Annie Wilson has been appointed the show's producer, coming from her p/t gig at The Arch. Annie's from STL and has had experience with Clear Channel, Cumulus and Entercom in a variety of positions and markets throughout the Midwest.
Comment here

12-28-05 Here's the new KTRS 9AM-12N show ... Jay Anderson, coming from Sky 97.3 in Gainesville/Ocala FL, an Entercom station, where he's been for almost three years. Before the Florida gig, he worked in Philadelphia and in Ithaca, NY. Jay's in his early 30's, doesn't seem to have a personal website and curiously, his station's page indicates that he's currently working just one day a week, 3-6PM on Saturday. Good for him for getting a real job!
   Jay will be teamed up with market veteran Dana Daniels. Dana's a great choice: enormously talented, worked with both Clear Channel (on-air and PD at KLOU) and Emmis (co-host with Charles Jaco on KFTK and mornings on the lamented Red@104). She has a strong local following. Dana also operates a successful voiceover business. They begin their show on 1/9/2006 and everything I've read and heard makes their show the best bet of the new bunch. Comment here

12-27-05 KTRS sports update ... Previously on Here Come Da New Guys, we learned that Tim Montemayor (photo left, top) will be joining KTRS. Montemayor is the guy who was tossed out of KMOX when they learned he was in town to interview with The Big 550. He's from KHTK/SacramentoCA, an Infinity station. Here's an "interview" with Monty...it's pretty funny. His website's here; he's represented by Candice Porten
   The newest sports addition is Bob Bruce (photo left, bottom), coming from WMT/Cedar RapidsIA, a Clear Channel station, where he did 4-7PM, with an emphasis on sports between 6 and 7PM. Bruce is represented by Broadcaster Marketing Services.
   Presumably these are the guys replacing Karraker and Holder. Comment here

12-26-05 A Steve & DC fan ... suggests other message boards where comments on the Teflon Twosome's show might be more appropriate, since we'll no longer accept them here: Booger says to try here, here and here.

12-26-05 Kramer's in town and ready to rock ... From his website:
   Sunday, December 25, 2005: Hey honkies! We're in St.Louis. We got here Saturday about 3:30.(PM) We left early. As we drove away, we were both depressed. You know how it is when you move. You have emotional ties to where you live. But ALAS, we've arrived. (edit) Be listening if you get a chance!!
   I wish Kramer and his family all the best. Really. Success and everything. Even if he tries to look like a terrorist or pretends to smoke a fatty around his kids and posts the pix online. Read it all and comment here

12-25-05 Be careful of the tracks you leave behind ... they could be resurrected and reused: The Philadelphia Inquirer reports: When Viacom Inc. changed the name of its radio group from Infinity to CBS a few weeks back, KYW-AM/Philadelphia had to tweak its familiar ID, in which announcer Dick Covington begins: "This... is... Newsradio." You might think such a change would be a challenge because the golden-piped Covington died in March 2004. Program director Steve Butler had an out. Before Infinity took over in the late 1990s, the station owner briefly went by "CBS." A Covington "CBS Radio" clip was found in the archives, and an engineer laid the music over it.
12-25-05 Because of trolls ... I've had to lock down the S&DC Forum on the Message Board (noted below). Too bad...we could have had a reasonably intelligent discussion about S&DC and their return to STL Radio if "their people" hadn't insisted on using personal attacks and bad information to make their point. Oy. Now there's no allowed discussion of them at all, in any Forum. S&DC are dead to STLMedia. They probably appreciate it.
12-25-05 Up early at 4AM... and it's snowing out here in the 'burbs! Snow on Christmas Day is a good thing...dinner with the kids and grandkids at Anna & Carey's is an even better thing. Ho freakin' ho!
12-24-05 Gonna have a Hannukah/Christmas feast tonight ... Carroll and me and Mike and Judy, grilling some KC strip steaks (dang, I love this premium meat-by-mail-gift thing) and assorted other stuff. I'll get back to ya on the 26th, maybe with a live blog of Kramer's first show (9AM-12N) on KTRS, unless something blows up inbetween. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and Have A Nice Day (if you're a pagan)!
12-24-05 Steve & DC return to STL Radio ... in January, and that means that their Message Board trolls are back in force. So I've moved all S&DC topics to their very own Forum. Read the rest and comment here
12-24-05 Somebody's lying ... In this week's edition of the St. Louis Business Journal, in a front page article, KTRS GM Tim Dorsey is quoted as saying that it was he who was ultimately responsible for the firings at the station. Read the rest and comment here
12-23-05 Bulletin for new KTRS talent ... When I arrived here in 1985 as a rookie for WIL, to do the morning show, the all-night guy was Scott Arkin....
Read the rest and comment here

12-21-05 Okay, let's talk about it ... Steve & DC are back in STL Radio 1/5/2006 on The River. Yup, he loves Jebus and they serve Peckerwood Lake AK and STL equally, that'll work here, you bet... PD Marty Linck says he hopes the move stems the station’s morning ratings slide, but it's not really his call; local and corporate management approved the deal to bring Steve & DC on board. S&DC don't answer to Marty, they just fill 5AM-10AM. Marty might know computer music rotation, but he has no control over on-air talent. Comment here
12-21-05 The tipping point has been reached ... with the use of Earth, Wind & Fires's song September, re-lyriced as an ad tune for Target. "Do you remember, the 25th day of December"...NUH-UH, I DO NOT... Read the rest and comment here
12-21-05 While it's generally conceded that ... KTRS Chairman and GM Tim Dorsey was just the hit man in the recent round of firings at The Big 550... Read the rest and comment here
12-21-05 There's a great account of ... the final get together of retiring STL P-D writers and reporters in the current issue of the St. Louis Journalism Review. The article is available online here. Or you can do the right thing and buy a subscription to get all the gooey, SJR deliciousness delivered to your mailbox ten times a year!
12-20-05 One month severance pay ... that's what I'm hearing the dismissed KTRS'ers will get, if they behave themselves through January 6. ONE STINKIN' MONTH! Many of these people agreed to leave KMOX at the behest of the CH Holdings Pied Piper almost nine years ago and deserve much more, regardless of their ratings. Loyalty and service used to count for something, but no more, it seems. Mrs. Anderson, my MBA-wife who actually reads Forbes and knows stuff, reminded me last evening that it's the 21st Century and business reality is significantly different today than when I was running radio stations in the 1970's and 1980's. Maybe so, but the KTRS severance deal still sucks. Please tell me my information is wrong.
12-21-05 There's a great account of ... the final get together of retiring STL P-D writers and reporters in the current issue of the St. Louis Journalism Review. The article is available online here. Or you can do the right thing and buy a subscription to get all the gooey, SJR deliciousness delivered to your mailbox ten times a year!
12-20-05 Dana Daniels to KTRS ... From not-so-subtle clues at her website, it would appear that Dana will be one of the new crew that will begin at The Big 550 on January 9. She'll be partnered 9AM-12N with Jay Anderson, coming from Sky 97.3 in Gainesville/Ocala FL, an Entercom station. Dana's a great choice: talented, been in the market since 1999 with both Clear Channel and Emmis and has a strong local following. Dana also operates a successful voiceover business. And she's much better looking than Kramer...and Jay Anderson, for that matter!
Comment here

12-19-05 On the End of Tim Dorsey ... This is a guy who, when I pitched him on doing the KTRS website in the late '90's, promptly fired his own son and hired me. Good for me, but I had to wonder about the instant dismssal of his son... Read the rest and comment here
12-19-05 I've been hearing these rumors ever since ... they were booted out of Emmis: Steve & DC return to STL radio on (date) at (calls). This time their new station here is supposed to be The River. I call shenanigans; I just cannot believe that the station would stoop that low. Current local Bonneville management has demonstrated their abject stupidity on numerous occasions but I'd like to believe that they're not stupid enough to bring such a disruptive influence into The Palace Near Ballas. I mean, radio people do talk amongst themselves, ya know? UPDATE: Since this was posted early this morning, I have learned never to bet against the abject stupidity of certain local radio managers.
12-19-05 I survived the orgy of food ... described below, and with no medical assistance, thank you very much. The four of us were definitely PETA-types: People Eating Tasty Animals!
12-18-05 It's been an interesting few days ... in STLMedia, to say the least: ten "old dogs" canned at one stroke at KTRS with maybe more "kills" coming, the Message Board is on fire (registered users approaching 2000), my email is burning up (hello to new-KTRS-ers Scott & Casey and Kramer), and I'm exhausted. What better way to kick back than with a huge dose of Filet Mignon and Lobster Tail from KC Steaks? Next-door-neighbor Mike Bearman has volunteered to grill (and eat part of it, of course, greedy wealth-sharing liberal that he is) the magnificent gift I received on Friday. Toss in Judy's mixed salad and a butter-loaded baked potato and life gets great as we celebrate Hannukah, Christmas and Bearman's birthday all at once. Chances are good that I'll be in a cholesterol-induced coma after the Sunday meal, scheduled for 5PM; I'll get back to you as soon as the docs restart my heart. But keep an eye on P-D obits just in case.
12-18-05 The unknown fire-ee ... Among all the well-known air talent let go at KTRS on Friday, there was someone also dismissed whose name may not be so familiar: Jeanette Grider. In my experience at WestPort, JG had a chair in a little office in front of a computer that was slow and pokey but eventually brought her to her target. Ms. Grider had worked for KMOX for years as a producer for the talk shows there, and faithfully followed Tim Dorsey to, first, WIBV, and then KTRS. Jeanette did her job well, day after day, year after year, and then, last Friday, she was tossed aside on a corporate whim. I know this lady, and she's good people, and Jeanette Grider deserves better treatment. If this is the way the New Cards/KTRS do business, well, it sucks. Comment here
12-18-05 KTRS has scrubbed most of their Sports Team ... and we now have to wonder about what will happen to their News Department. The station has traditionally used News as a budget-balancing device, tossing writers, reporters and anchors out when management needed to free up salaries for whatever other department needed the cash. Since the station is now neither fish nor fowl (Hot Talk or Sports Talk...make a decision, please) you have to wonder what's next.Comment here
12-18-05 Matt Gordon's DigiCam News ... celebrates an anniversary and adds discussion forums: It was one year ago today, on December 13, 2004, that DigiCamNews first began publishing regular digital photography news updates. That was over one thousand and fifty stories ago, and tens of thousands of visitors ago... Matt's website has become a "must-visit" resource for anyone involved in digital photography, from new users to pro's, and he's getting the links to prove his expertise. See it here
12-17-05 Frank O. Pinion responds ... to your comments at the STLMedia MB and he has graciously allowed me to publish it here: "Rev, what's done is done, and should have been done about five years ago..." You should read this before you criticize. Read the rest and comment here
12-16-05 Merry Christmas from KTRS ... The entry directly below this one was published at just after 2AM Friday morning and within eight hours it had all come true. I've spent much of today on the phone and in email and wanted to wait to post a media wrapup and my thoughts until some of the smoke cleared. So here we go...Read the rest and comment here
12-16-05 KTRS UPDATE ... Possibly a clean sweep of current 5AM-3PM air talent coming in the second week of January 2006 . Hope what I'm hearing is wrong, but it could be shock-shock-shock rather than talk-talk-talk into FOP... Read the rest and comment here
12-15-05 I've had lots of email ... wondering why I haven't mentioned The Bull's PD's move to another CC cluster, somewhere in the Carolinas. Here's why: it doesn't matter. With one exception, PM Drive, The Bull has nothing that can accomplish anything in this market. All any CCU station needs at the helm is someone to schedule studio time for voice-tracking and someone to wrestle with music rotation. Everything else is handled by Human Resources and Production. Remember...it's all about economy of scale. Comment here
12-14-05 Trades are reporting that ... Infinity Radio is now CBS Radio, "bringing the identity of its Infinity radio group in line with the division's new corporate parent, CBS Corp."
Al Brady Law
12-13-05 Kramer to KTRS in January ... One of the "tryouts", he signs with The Big 550 for 12N-3PM after nine months on the beach. I give him less than a year here. "Tryouts" continue, for other slots.
   Tim "Monty" Montemayor from KHTK/Sacramento starts the evening sports show at the same time. Endangered species include Wiese, Wilkerson, Millhaven, St. James, Karraker, Hadley and maybe even Holder...in other words, anyone with the "stink of KMOX" on them. Tom Calhoun concurs.
   Westport Plaza will echo with the cries of the unemployed after the first of the year as Al Brady Law (that's him at left, bottom) stretches his legs and "Bobby" Lawrence extends his Jacor-style influence; notably missing in the decision department is anyone named Dorsey. Comment here
12-13-05 Damn, Joel Hollander is a wizard ... The Infinity (owns KMOX) President figured out all by himself that content rules radio programming... Read the rest and comment here
12-13-05 If you miss the old software-only SAW ... check this out. Or go for (the free, slightly "stepped on" version of) Cool Edit 96. Retro software rocks...works Win95 thru XP!
12-13-05 This study is just plain horsehockey ... and Bob Neil and Bob Harper have both sold their souls to the devil and they should be ashamed. The study is specious and presents results based on fantasy. There are not sufficient HD receivers available in the marketplace, consumers have no experience with this "new media", and the "new media" itself trashes the very frequency spectrum it uses. Read the rest and comment here
12-13-05 I went online in 1989 ... with, first, Prodigy, and then CompuServe and remember online forum conversations about this wondrous "thing" that was coming soon, very soon. And now the World Wide Web is fifteen years old and "http", once explained on CNN as "hop to this page", may be the most typed group of letters ever. Nothing in history has changed our world so much and nothing else, short of a cure for all disease, probably ever will.
12-13-05 Suddenly, a new drinking game ... You know, where you slam back a shot when some TV actor says their catchphrase? Product placement has grown huge on TV shows in the past year and the writers are revolting. However, the FCC rule regarding Sponsorship ID may become an issue. Talk, game and reality shows regularly air a "Promotional consideration" credit but I don't remember ever seeing one on comedies or drama. Comment here
12-12-05 A little help, huh? I need to convert lots of VHS and Beta tapes (commercial movies) to DVD media "backups". This guy looks like it'll adequately do the VHS-to-DVD thing; now, how do I convert the Beta tapes to DVD? Got some ideas or special knowledge? Email me with info, please.
12-12-05 For your year-end programming ... The 40 most obnoxious quotes of 2005. Links and everything!
12-12-05 Kahn on IBOC ... Leonard Kahn, arguably one of the best engineers in the business, created years ago the only universally useable AM stereo system, only to see his work swept under the rug by Motorola's marketing muscle and FCC stupidity, resulting in the entire concept being trashed. Kahn has developed a digital transmission system that, unlike Ibiquity's, is completely within FCC compliance and he presents an interesting challenge (in Radio World) to his "competition". My money is on Kahn being right, but I bet that this will never get beyond the talking. That's a damned shame. Comment here
UPDATE: 12-11-05 What's the haps with KTRS ... No news regarding the team's purchase of an interest in the station or purchase of a partner's share has been posted at the FCC website.
  UPDATE: The FCC seems to be behind in posting, but recnet.com is not: here's the latest, but no license info.
  UPDATE: The FCC info was there, just hiding...what a rat's nest that place is! Thanks to all who provided guidance and URL's. Here are links to PDF's: the Application for Transfer; the Description of Transaction; the Ownership (who owns how much); internal Partnerships; Pulitzer, Taft and Tribune participation; the Operating Agreement; and what appears to be the final draft of the Purchase Agreement. All financial data has been redacted as non-pertinent. Fascinating reading.
Comment here

12-08-05 Podcasts are crap ... From Billboard: "The hottest podcast out there is something called Dawn and Drew," said Emmis radio division president Rick Cummings, but his assessment is that the Dawn and Drew show will continue to have limited appeal: "It's ‘Wayne’s World’ for God’s sake," he said, referring to the Saturday Night Live parody of a cable access show and the movie of the same name. Capping off his assessment of the latest podcast offerings, Cummings said that the Dawn and Drew show may be a popular offering but, in total, "it has 9,000 consumers." The big news is that this is narrowcasting at its best. Suggestion: don't waste your time or bandwidth Podcasting. Stick to the stream, broadcast either on traditional frequencies or online and offer MP3 downloads (or, if you want, offer Podcasts of special programming segments -- interviews and so on). But don't count on Podcasting to build your audience. Podcasting is a cute trick but will be over usefully as soon as you can wink an eye...it's already devolving. Comment here
12-08-05 "Save Ourselves From Obsolescence" ... From R&R: That's the warning Greater Media SVP and Detroit Market Manager Tom Bender gave today at the annual Arbitron Consultant Fly-In in Columbia, MD. He insisted that radio must embrace digital technology if it hopes to compete against newer technologies. Bender, clearly in Ibiquity's pocket, is dead wrong. Digital broadcasting is dead-upon-delivery. Radio must look to wireless for the future. And ain't that a hoot? Comment here
UPDATE 12-07-05 Enforced vacation for Scott St. James?? The whirl from The Squirrel is that Scott and Meme have been asked to delay their return to KTRS in favor of a test of potential new boyfriends on The Big 550.
  First it was some guy named Murphy. To be honest, I didn't hear enough of him to form an opinion, but what I did hear makes me want to ask why talk radio pups all want to sound like Mancow (at least in their attitude).
  Next was George Woods formerly mornings at KCMO/KC. Anybody else remember the last time a KCMO personality tried out in STL? It was, umm, maybe 1985 or '86...and, no, it didn't work out. I listened to Woods on both sides of a medical appointment this morning and was initially most unimpressed. But things change. GW was smart, well spoken, exhibited good call handling, and sounded like somebody I'd like to have a conversation with over lunch. So far, of the three candidates, he gets my vote.
  Then we get Kramer through Friday, whose website is titled God Of Radio, which is just a bit overstated (thanks to Merle for the tip). A bit frantic, and, so far, not for the serious talk radio listener. But he's still got two more days to make his case, long hair, bad beard, wise-ass website and all.
  Ya gotta wonder how Scott and Meme are handling all this, knowing that their gig is toast.
  Will there be more tryouts next week? And, if not, why no females? A righty chick with an attitude and a non-screechy (remember Francene?) voice could be the ticket for the FOP lead-in I hear the station is seeking. Just sayin'...
  As I used to tell the kids when they wanted the moon for Christmas, "We'll see."
Comment here

12-05-05 "BT" is gone ... William B. Tanner was a one-of-a-kind salesman who leveraged a series of radio jingles and sound effects into a billion-dollar barter business, sold it to Media-General, went to jail for tax evasion and mail fraud, got into banking and billboard advertising, sold all that off, and began buying Kia automobile dealerships. I worked for Tanner in Memphis in the late 1970's as a producer and, oh, boy, the stories...
Read more and comment here

12-01-05 KMOV-TV's Dan Dillon ... has published So, Where'd You Go To High School? History, traditions, trivia, "favorite teachers" and famous alums from 100 different high schools plus essays on DJ's, radio stations and even the nuns who taught you! Buy it at Borders, Barnes & Noble, and here. A necessity for any self-respecting St. Louisan or any new STL air talent...like Flapjack and Stan at WIL or those two pre-recorded guys from Nashville on The Bull.
12-01-05 How often can it be said you faced off Infinity ... and won?
  Looks like former STL traffic reporter Cary Crawford did it. His arbitration with Metro Networks is just about over and he's reportedly gotten a six-figure settlement and a primo gig as a Metro Airborne Anchor in a top-ten market TBA.
  COMMENT: Frankly, I'd be ashamed to take an advanced market position based on such a decision. For Cary's sake, I hope his "traffic talent" is up to the challenge. But just how tough is it to say "The Ten is backed up" half-a-dozen times a day? Sheesh. Was this whole thing worth the effort?
   The lawyers take half the money, the IRS takes a third of what remains, Cary gets a little vindication and a few bucks and a year's worth of free chopper rides until Metro cuts him for whatever other reason they can come up with. Lawsuits and arbitration resolve nothing; they only make the lawyers rich(er). If ya get canned, for whatever reason, move on to something else and quit yer bitching.
  So sad it happened around the holidays, get on with the job search immediately. Business sucks. STLMedia will help if we can.
Comment here

12-01-05 December 19-25 ... is Thank A Soldier Week. During this week, you're challenged to do these three things: say "Thank You" to at least one member of the Armed Forces as you pass them on the street; send an email to a soldier serving overseas, separated from loved ones during the holiday season; make a donation to one of the many charitable organizations providing comfort to the troops and their families at home. Does your station have a promotional plan for this effort? If not, why not?
11-30-05 And now we are three ... Looks like the Final Three in the bidding for ABC/Disney's radio properties are Cumulus, Entercom and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, a private equity group, none of which currently have a property in STL. Prediction: whichever of these guys gets the Disney group, 1260/WSDZ will be immediately spun off. No group of any size would want to operate a standalone AM in a Top 20 market, even with the signal upgrade WSDZ undertook. Unless, of course, somebody else already here wanted to offload a signal or two and make a snuggly new little cluster... Comment here
11-30-05 As much as I dislike the Stern show ... here's a great interview from Billboard with his producer, Gary Dell'Abate, that your producer should read. This guy really gets it and knows how to get the job done. Your producer should be so motivated! Of course, if you paid your producer what Stern pays his, he/she would be!
11-29-05 Interesting note from a reader ... who points out that P-D's radio listing is almost a year and a half out of date. Just sayin'. Lee? Lee? Lee? Anybody?
11-29-05 Emmis, The Point, Rover and Woody ... Howard Stern is moving his dog and pony show to SatRad over the coming holidays and his TerRad affiliates nationwide are in the process of locking in a new morning show.
  In a P-D article oddly headlined ARTS NEWS, Point PD Tommy Mattern says he "reviewed countless other shows across the country, but decided Rover best fits St. Louis." I find that particularly disingenuous.
  You might remember in November 2003, when Woody Fife was fired because of a complaint and sponsor-boycott threat lodged by the mysterious "former media-buyer turned media-reformer" Linda Cortez, that Emmis regional HBMIC John Beck stated that Woody's website was one of the reasons they were let go.
  Rover's website goes beyond Woody's into the exploration of bad taste.
  Back then, Woody at The Point (and others, at WKQX Chicago) cost Emmis $300k in fines; Stern has, over the years, cost his (mostly Infinity) affilliates millions.
  Rover and Woody and their ilk are the sad washouts of broadcasting schools whose only talent is to shock with scatalogical and salacious "humor". It doesn't take much talent to brashly talk about genitalia and bodily functions.
  Is it possible that Stern, with all his FCC whining, simply wanted to capitalize on new technology to take his carefully-crafted simplistic drivel to the next level? No substantial change in content, just the chance to make a whole new pile of dough on the back of Sirius? Nah! Nobody would be that transparent!
  Mr. Beck must be aware that the FCC has no intention of backing off on their efforts to clean up the airwaves. If he and his corporate managers want to place more of their profit at peril to continued FCC fines for indecency, I guess it's their call. I'm just glad I'm not a shareholder.
  Or maybe Emmis should be glad I'm not. I could make a hell of a fuss at the annual meeting!
  By the way...Woody is replacing Stern on Live 105/SF...yawns ensue.
  Comment here

11-28-05 So Randy Michaels calls "Bobby" Lawrence ... he says,
   "I have this idea to consolidate, no, not more of those stupid no-account radio stations, get this, it's for real, and it's doable, Major League freakin' Baseball! First thing we do is find a struggling station with a decent signal and no apparent leadership in an MLB market and get the local team to take a financial position in it, move the games to that station.
   And then we do it again and again and again (of course, we own all the stations and that's the first step at tying all the teams together)...pretty soon we can start getting those baseball salaries down to where they should be, say, $25k a year, dump the managers and coaches because we can get by with Little League and High School guys and really drive the costs down.
   Then we can buy the stadiums, the baseball card companies, and the food vendors. Maybe pick up a brewery, make our own beer. We could have a seperate groundskeeping company, all illegal Mexicans...costs us NOTHING and all of this makes us BILLIONS!
   Say, Bobby, do you know anybody who owns a baseball team? Really? St. Louis and Cincinnati? Kewl!
   Bobby, I swear, this is gonna be like freakin' Rollerball! And then there's the NBA, the NHL, the NFL, NASCAR...even wrestling!
   Synergy and convergence, Bobby baby, it's all about synergy and convergence!
   Just like Jacor and Clear Channel!"

Comment here

11-28-05 Looks like getting booted from KTRS ... can be good for you! Kevin and Sue McCarthy's Travel Show is now being heard on five small (but feisty) radio stations around the country: 101.3 WVIL Jacksonville/Springfield IL (the newest); WGNU STL; KRMS Lake of the Ozarks; KOZQ Waynseville MO and WENG Englewood FL. Successful syndication grows the same way that you cook great barbecue: low and slow! Congrats to the McCarthy's!
11-26-05 Vacation quickies...
-- STLMedia told you about this 10/18 and now, over a month later, the P-D has finally gotten a clue. Dang, that hyphenated Toroian woman is on the ball! No wonder Lee keeps her on!
-- We also verified on 11/18 that "Rover" would be replacing Stern on The Point and still no other local outlet has spoken to it. UPDATE: Thanks to Jason Merrill for pointing out that the P-D published the story in the fourth edition on 11/20. Wonder where they got it? There's much more to this, including Emmis' incredible hypocrisy (remember Woody's dismissal and what his website content had to do with it?) and we'll cover it after the weekend.
-- For no apparent reason, Howard Balzer's issue of the November SJR was delivered to my home instead; never fear, Howard, I'll drop it off this weekend.
-- Speaking of the SJR, the November issue is now available at all regular outlets.
-- Don't bring me no bad news...that's what listeners, viewers and readers are telling us. And it may be why talk radio, tv news and newspaper users are disappearing in droves. See, people are actually reporting good news online!
-- Terry Dailey's email address: tadailey2002@yahoo.com
-- Speaking of Mr. Dailey, all threads on the Message Board pertaining to his leaving TLMSITA have been closed to further comment. Enough is enough, huh?
-- And, oh, yeah, yawn, surprise, Infinity's KEZK went All-Christmas. This stunt is SO last century. Where's the all Hip-Hop Christmas music station we need, with gunshots and jingle bells and fight sounds and all? CC's Lee Clear has NO stones or imagination. But we knew that, right? How can it be that neither Warner nor Sony had anything they wanted Lee to play for-holiday-pay? Clear is such a wuss...it took him how many weeks to fire those two thug DJ's who threatened STL cops last Summer?
-- And now, good ladies and gentlemen, I'm back to leftover-eating, DVD-watching, recliner-sitting, gas-passing, napping and dog-rubbing days off. Trust me: I would never fart on your time!

11-22-05 Checking out for a few days... I've got a turkey to brine, slaw to make, potatoes to mash, naps to take, etcetera. Have a great Thanksgiving, send your rumors here or call me (you know my number), and continue to comment here. Yeah, I know, somebody's gonna go all-Christmas this week. Don't wake me up for it. See ya on the 28th.
11-21-05 Why does this sound like... the typical radio business plan?
The Underpants Gnomes three-phase business plan:
1. Steal the underpants!
2. ???
3. Rule the World!
Comment here

11-20-05 From Secret Squirrel's mailbox: Does anyone know why we can't get Don Imus here in St.Louis? I have tried talking to several station heads to no avail. You're kidding, right? Imus is way too New York to be a hit here, plus his show costs way too much to air in this market. Watch him on MSNBC. CCU's Bull airs prerecorded crap in morning drive, with little or no concern for ratings; Emmis will be replacing Stern with more crap from Cleveland or Chicago or wherever. Big Guns here only care about the return on the dollar, not about local entertainment or market info. And they wonder why the Universe of radio use is shrinking...
11-18-05 Matt Gordon, publisher of DigiCam News ... has been laid off from his "day job": he'd been working with homebuilders installing home theater equipment, distributed audio, and cable, telephone, and data networks. In addition, he's a web and IT guy with excellent creds and a great guy to work with. Contact him.
11-18-05 (UPDATE) Secret Squirrel spins on ... The Point: "Rover", out of Cleveland, moving to Chicago to fill several midwestern slots to be vacated by Howard Stern, including 105.7 The Point in St. Louis. Emmis said no to their own Mancow in favor of "Rover". So we get no Mancow, no Adam Corolla, no David Lee Roth. But we DO get stuck with a second- or third-tier talent from, of all cities, Cleveland. This is going to be a very tough sell here for Emmis, to both listeners and sponsors. And by the way...here's a picture from The Point's new morning show's website. Welcome to what John Beck thinks sells radio ads in STL.
UPDATE: Robert Feder writes in the Chicago Sun-Times: Shane "Rover" French, the dog from Cleveland who's coming in to replace Howard Stern on "Free FM" WCKG-FM (105.9), needs help. So he's looking for "the funniest person alive" to write jokes for him. According to the job description, Rover's writer "will arrive early to write jokes for stories in our news segments, compose one-liners and contributions during the show through studio instant-messaging system, write parodies, and assist in developing show topics and content on a daily basis. ...Must be able to think quickly and instantly make topics from politics to relationships laugh-out-loud FUNNY!" Comment here

11-17-05 Terry Dailey exits the KTRS Frank O. Pinion show ... Frank explains and you can comment here.
11-15-05 Slate has a great article ... The New Power Generation: How you'll know when the boomers have lost control of the media. But rest assured that the Old Dogs will still be around to critique your snarky young butts! Comment here
Graham Bensinger, Fortunate Son and mediocre sportscaster11-14-05 I don't get the fuss ... about Graham Bensinger. Near as I can tell, he's just like Crane Durham: a Fortunate Son with little or no talent, just an inexhaustible bank account, a bought gig at a station you can barely hear and a website with links that may or may not work. But Sid Dithers is all worked up about him, thinks he's the Second Coming, and the kid'll be on Leno Wednesday night. Obviously I'm missing something. Comment here
11-14-05 Jamie Allman smashes ... the Post-Disgrace: The editorial confirmed the Post's status as a cow-town shopper as the writer (or writers) bent over backwards to make sure that what's left of its subscriber base did not think that the Post was in any way shape or form fair about its coverage of the war. You really need to read all of this and then comment here
11-13-05 I've only lived here for 20 years ... same phone number, same house, but when I'm asked the ultimate question: Where'd ya go to High School? I always answer "I went to Apostasy Prep. It's off Lindbergh." And they always nod their head and smile and ask me if I knew (fill in the blank). It just seems like I've always been here...in my heart, I have.
11-13-05 He was so young and so earnest ... so innocent when he was a kid. Such a nice smile. Kept his hair combed so nicely. Always reading the newspaper. So studious. Who would have thought such a young'n would be quietly plotting to destroy a major publishing company and establish his own print empire as he grew up, one that would involve all of the thinkers and the doers and the weirdos of St. Louis?
11-13-05 If Fox News had been around ... throughout history, maybe their reports would have looked like this... (thanks to Mike Bearman)
11-11-05 This wasn't exactly a surprise ... Wayne Hagin is out as Cardinals' play by play and St. Louis native and long-time White Sox announcer John Rooney is coming home to work Cardinal broadcasts next year when the games move to KTRS. Tom Calhoun blogs it; here's the P-D's take. Comment here
11-11-05 Local guy tries to make good ... and some extra bucks: Rock 'n' roll pioneer Chuck Berry has sued three leading karaoke music distributors, claiming they sold sing-along versions of his most popular hits without paying royalties or obtaining licenses.
11-10-05 Looks like 69RVN.STLMedia.net will be all over the air on Friday ... We'll start with Chris & Colleen at The Bay/Baltimore MD at 6:30AM, then Smash & Jamie at 7:45AM and wrap locally in the afternoon with Frank O. Pinion, with other out-of-the-market radio interviews inbetween. Busy is good! Thanks for remembering military veterans...
11-09-05 Digital radio still hard to hear ... In most major cities in the United States, the future of radio is already on the air. But hardly anyone is listening. The problem is, hardly anyone can. More than 570 stations around the county are now broadcasting in the new digital radio format, but only a relative handful of actual digital radio receivers have been sold, or are even available to consumers who want to buy them. Read it here and comment here
11-09-05 STLMedia Message Board regular clicks away... Baseball fan and digital photo enthusiast Ed Rahe has spent a lot of time at the site of the old and new Busch stadiums and has the images to prove it. Take a look; if you'd like to buy a print, contact Ed. Might be a great Christmas gift for a fan.
11-09-05 Belleville Veterans' Day Event ... Friday morning, 11AM at the Veteran's Memorial Monument in the Belleville Public Square. Featured speaker for the event will be Col. Raymond J. Rottman, Commander of the 375th Airlift Wing at Scott Air Force Base. The MC is Maj. Gen. Jack Griffith, USAF, Ret. Thanks to Tom Calhoun for the tip (and the invitation!).
11-09-05 Brentwood Veterans' Day Event ... Friday night, 6PM at Brentwood City Hall. Two speakers, one fought at Anzio, the other was part of the original Special Forces group. There'll be a reception after the event, the public is welcome and all veterans in attendance will be recognized. Thanks to Kevin McCarthy for the tip (and the invitation!).
11-08-05 KMOX sales department shrinks ... Three of 'em resigned today: one returning to Bonneville, one to KFNS and the last leaves at the end of the year for KOA. Comment here
11-07-05 Big Yawn of the day ... Sources close to The Howard Stern Show report that Stern has been suspended one day for talking too much about his new employer, Sirius Satellite Radio. The suspension will take place tomorrow. Read it in R & R for a good laugh. The sooner this self-serving schmuck is TerRad history the better. Comment here
11-07-05 Secret Squirrel spins on ... Monica Adams: She's going to be doing traffic on Channel 2. They are dumping Metro to go with Traffic Pulse, a HUGE blow for Metro. Comment here
11-05-05 Secret Squirrel spins on ... KEZK: Mark Edwards returns to KEZK Friday 11-11 after a month in the hospital. Chances are he'll be bringing the Christmas music with him just in time for the weekend. Comment here
11-04-05 After Katrina decimated ... the western Mississippi coast, the first contact with the outside world was WQRZ-FM, the low power community station that functioned just as Brice Phillips, the station's founder, anticipated. Brian "Hootie" Adam, the Emergency Management director for Hancock County, calls Phillips "a hero" for good reason. Read it here and comment here
11-04-05 This is huge ... as Lee, right after hitting the delete key on 41 long-time employees, sends troubled Managing Editor Ellen Soeteber to the trash heap. Ellen Soeteber resigned today as editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and will be replaced by managing editor Arnie Robbins, publisher Terrance C.Z. Egger announced. The changes take effect Dec. 1. Comment here
11-04-05 Joe Sonderman back at KLOU ... doing weekends and workng on the Total Traffic side with previous associates at MetroNews, Tori Lyons and Tim Gilbert. Comment here
11-03-05 Radio World has published a patently absurd article ... Should Radio Be 'First Responders'? Read it here
   Radio World, which is Ibiquity's bitch and persists in flogging the useless HD Radio meme, has now fallen under the Corporate Radio spell, suggesting that radio stations in disaster-prone areas be provided with generators and other equipment, paid for by the government... Read the rest and comment here

11-02-05 Secret Squirrel spins on ... KTRS: The Source Who Must Not Be Named says "There's talk in the halls that new hires will be announced soon." Also heard is that Mr. Dorsey had nothing to do with the hiring. Comment here
11-02-05 Asked for and received ... the 2005 Mid-America Emmy Awards. Quick results: KSDK - 15 total emmys; KTVI - 14 total emmys; KMOV - 3 total emmys. Thanks to Dustin Soper for the info. Comment here
11-02-05 Shopping for a birthday gift ... for the local grandson: my list incuded a pageful of overpriced toy parts from Radio Shack. While there I asked about HD Radio receivers and the guy on duty sent me to their display of Sirius receivers. He knew NOTHING about HD Radio. NO KNOWLEDGE! The store and the chain has none of this technology available for purchase. BestBuy has one car Kenwood HD receiver for sale. Does that make your station feel better that you've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to install it, that you've paid to license it, and that you expect your listeners to buy into it? Comment here
11-01-05 My first radio job ... was a part-time weekend deal at KLEN in Killeen TX in 1970. I was a soldier at nearby Ft. Hood and, with a wife and newborn baby, could use the extra $2.50 an hour. Of course, I had to get permission from my Commanding Officer... Comment here
10-31-05 Looking for a St. Louis Liberal ... who can express Progressive viewpoints without vituperation (if you need to look that up, don't apply) and can offer reasoned, constructive ideas from the Left. UPDATE 11-01-05: Well, that didn't take long...the answer was right in front of me. Well-known Progressive Left Up To Me joins Message Board stalwarts Sid Dithers and LottaTalk as a commentator. LUTM has ordered a prescription keyboard and promises to begin posting as soon as possible.
11-01-05 Radio took a big hit ... over the past couple of weeks. Michael Spears, Julian Breen, Bwana Johnny, Bumper Morgan, Randy Merriman of WCCO, Erich "E.C. LaRock" Coston of WDAS and a handful of other notable air talents and newspeople all passed on to that Great (non-voice-tracked) Studio in the Sky. Most of them were only in their 50's, some even younger. If you're not yet in your 40's, most of these names will mean nothing to you and that's a sad thing. You radio pups need to have a sense of the history of what went before you and the field of available knowledge is closing all too quickly. I'm feeling very, very mortal these days.
11-01-05 From the email ... I cannot find out a thing about this past Saturday Nights St Louis Chapter of the National Television, Arts, and Science Emmy Awards. The local website is not operational and the Post has not one word that I can find. Perhaps you could obtain a list and post it on the mediaboard or your blog. Some of us in the visual media would like to see the rundown of the catagories and winners. Thanks. Got this info? Send it and we'll publish it.
10-31-05 How soon will The River, EZ or Y98 ... start Christmas music? Look, somebody's gonna get all Kris Kringly pretty quick and at the end of it, one of 'em's gonna wake up to be something else. Your guess is as good as mine. But I bet it'll be one of these. Or maybe all three. And the Official Jack plays into one of 'em. Place your bets, spin the wheel. The Arch may or may not survive if Jack shows up...Bonneville has no guts for head-on competition here. Just sayin'.
10-31-05 Apologies to Randy Raley ... Oops! Never meant to imply that Raley was leaving Learfield for The Arch. He's doing weekends for Bonneville and remains as Learfield's stalwart RoadMan. Randy will be in your market next week and you'd better have them damned commercial logs uptight, allright and outasite! Otherwise, he might have to do a show on your station!
10-28-05 I've added a proprietary Message Board ... to my Vietnam journal. Your comments are welcome, moreso if you were there, before, with or after me. But you'll have to register with a working email address to go there. Take a look
10-27-05 Secret Squirrel spins on Bonneville ... The new jock schedule is out for the Arch. It has Randy Raley's name on it. I thought he worked at KLOU. Did the Arch steal another excellent jock? This is getting real interesting... Comment here
10-25-05 Secret Squirrel spins on (perhaps) Infinity ... Will St. Louis soon have two stations playing "Whatever?" Word is that a big stick with poor ratings wants to jab back at Bonneville, and the station's owner has been on a big push for Jack in their stations nationwide. Comment here
10-25-05 As predicted here ... Former Clear Channel country KSD (the Bull) St. Louis morning man Craig Cornett joins ABC's similarly formatted WKHX (Kicks 1015) Atlanta for wakeups. Cornett, who replaces the morning team of Bandy & Bailey, exited KSD a week ago and was replaced by Premiere Radio Networks' syndicated morning team Big D & Bubba. “Craig has had great success in St Louis in a very competitive radio market,” WKHX OM Mark Richards said in a statement. “He will be very entertaining on Kicks, and in the end, raise the bar for morning show talent in Atlanta.” He starts Nov. 1. From Billboard Radio Monitor
10-24-05 Approaching Veteran's Day 2005 ... my Vietnam photo site is pretty much complete. Please
take a look, if you have some time. It's a taste of what I was about in 1969 and our country's history during difficult times. There are a pack of Vietnam vets scattered among the Old Dogs in STL Media...radio, tv and print. Think of 'em on 11/11. Comment here
10-23-05 In Sunday's Post-Dispatch... gossip columnist Deb Petersen perpetuated the use of a hurtful and demeaning reference to developmentally disadvantaged students... Read the rest and comment here
10-22-05 MS Office alternative ... and I'm just wondering if any of you have implemented use of either StarOffice or OpenOffice at home or at work. I've got client MS Office license renewal recommendations coming up and I'd like to hear good or bad news about these replacement aps. UPDATE: Thanks to the thundering herd who have offered ideas and recommendations for use of these aps. Keep em coming!
10-22-05 Just listen ... to all of these shows that you have time for and download the rest to listen to later. Consider this for a second:
     The Seven Second Delay Benediction
     Dear Lord:
     May My Show Succeed
     And May The Shows of My Friends Fail
     And Yet May I Still Be Perceived
     As a Team Player
"Andy Breckman is a bubbling cauldron of tranquilizers, vodka, anxiety and fear. He's no different than any other volatile, deranged individual -- all he wants is to push innocent bystanders onto the tracks and be given a fair shake. Is this too much to ask?" Breckman is the creator and Executive Producer of Monk and a long-time comedy and screenwriter. This is very strange radio.

10-22-05 Cornett to Atlanta? That's the buzz. Trades are reporting that The Bandy & Bailey Morning Show at ABC/Disney's WKHX/WYAY Atlanta, is out. Craig has apparently mentioned to friends that he's off to Atlanta. Good for him, if that's the case. Sidenote: Bandy and Bailey joined WKHX/WYAY in 2002 from...The Bull, in Lexington KY, also a Clear Channel station!
10-21-05 So what does a 57-year-old white guy listen to on the car radio?
-- I refuse to buy into SatRad, simply on principle. Yes, I have a CD player in my car and, no, I don't want to hear music all the time.
-- Current music in all formats is junk and I'm tired of the oldies KLOU plays and I'm tired of the dispirited, voice-tracked dj's on corporately-owned stations. I'm not a sports fan and nobody but the Commies and Hippies on NPR have anything to say after the weather and traffic in AM drive and I just can't listen to all that hate America drivel.
-- There's Smash and Jamie in the morning, but they get too political (they really do need to lighten up). I get enough of that online. There's Davie Lee on Country Legends 1430 and that'll do for morning commutes and there's Frank O. Pinion in PM drive on 550 KTRS (he beats the shrillness of Dave Glover by a handful). But what about middays and evenings, nights and overnights? Syndicated talk shows bore me because they're just preaching to the choir. Where's the local beef?
-- Oh yeah. AM 920 WGNU (with the exception of the racist Lizz Brown). For now. Until Norman's inheritors stuff all the second rate programming they can onto the station and then sell it to someone who'll program Mexican or Bosnian music and ethnic want ads.
-- Know why Bonneville REALLY dumped Smooth Jazz? It attracted too large a BLACK AUDIENCE and was therefore unsellable to the general ad culture. They swapped it out for a format that has about a 12-18 month shelflife in White America. The Arch may be closing in on a 7-share 12+ in the Summer Book, but I bet it'll fade even more rapidly than it grew. And then Bonneville will find another way to go for 106.
-- And Emmis sold 104.1 (the frequency that Red was on) because the format was TOO HIP FOR THE ROOM (the signal also sucked, so they sold it to a Black-owned broadcaster, headed by a white woman whose also-white husband programs their stations...and Radio One will buy anything, it seems). Red attracted about 200 musicians and me and my wife and that was the end of the tune. Literally.
-- Broadcast radio blows. Just for an hour or two a day, make me laugh, entertain me or inform me. Do you managers have any idea how much money we Boomers have to spend on the products you should be advertising?
-- There are just three local shows I can listen to on broadcast radio: Davie Lee, Frank O. Pinion, and John Carney on KMOX. I want more.
-- Correction: WE want more. And we also want real, live people playing and talking about it all. Forget about flashy websites and streaming and HD Radio (where do we buy the receivers?) and all that garbage. Concentrate on broadcast content. Invent something new to listen to, but don't try to hijack our emotions and quit trying to change the technology on us. Hire back a few of the Old Dogs you threw into the trash; they might have an idea!
-- Good grief, they might make you MONEY! Comment here

10-20-05 Seriously, now ... The respected veteran radio PD Al Brady Law has been hired by KTRS; he starts on 10/31. Previous KTRS PD's include Steve Moore (now at KMOX and just named VP News/Talk Programming for Infinity), Kipper McGee (now PD at WLS) and Scott Wallace (running a successful consultancy). All of their best efforts at improving the radio station were blocked by KTRS GM Tim Dorsey, who knows nothing at all about radio programming. Hopefully, new layers of management at KTRS (and new partial ownership by the STL Cardinals MLB team) will shine a brighter light on Law's badly needed programming skills. Comment here
10-19-05 Blog entry of the year ... KMOX' Paul Harris says it more succinctly and honestly than anyone who's written about "it".
10-19-05 KTRS plan for business success ...
1. Hire radio legend Al Brady Law as Program Director.
2. ???
3. Profit!
Apologies to the underwear gnomes

10-19-05 Live blogging Big D and Bubba's first show on The Bull ...
NOTE: This was completed late in the evening of the 19th and edits were made in the content...
   5AM-6AM: -- No legal ID. No content worth remembering. A few nervous, tentative talk sets, minor league local content and some predictable "Go Cards" breaks and production pieces. Lots of music and an impressive suckup to CCU and Premiere management. I've never listened to the first few days of any air talent I hired...this is a good reason why. Clearly, Geoffries is sleeping in. But a show already on the road should be able to add a market without a stumble. BD&B sound VERY nervous. "Candid Phone" bit was stupid and obviously prerecorded; there should be a transparency. Transitions to music and service elements were clumsy; hopefully these will improve.
   6AM-7AM: -- No legal ID. Who the hell is Erin Austin and why do her spots override news and traffic programming? And when did country music get this hard to listen to? Bejus, this is real crap. BD&B still sounding very nervous in their talk sets. Do these guys have any content? They play mostly music.
   WAIT!! The takeoffs on Craig Cornette...absolutely unforgivable. Fire a guy, forget about the guy. Making fun of the last guy is reprehensible. BD&B need to remember that, 'cause they'll be the next morning show to go. Gas inhaling stunt: stupid and life threatening. Badly produced. In fact, the whole show is badly produced. Whoever's engineering this thing is pitifully skilled.
   7AM-8AM: -- No legal ID. Who cares about a Kenny Chesney interview if the focus is going to be on music? BD&B's chat about the Cards (:25) was weak, followed by a minimal piece of production. Cornette could have put together a much better presentation. It was ill-advised to plug these two into the system during the NLCS. Management should have waited until the Series was done to make the change; unfair to them. They started to finally sound a little more comfortable at the :37 break, with a phone call. Timing and production values still are off. The phone bit with one of them imitating an old, infirm and apparently black woman was off-track. Did they get permission to air the AT&T rep's conversation? Houston calls were weak, not one paid off, and, again, presumably no permission to air.
   8AM-9AM: -- No legal ID. What is the problem? Your name is KSD-FM St. Louis and you're supposed to say those magic words once an hour. "What up, girl?" Hey, THAT'S country! The call with the gal from Carlisle was executed pretty well. The Chesney promo was clearly being executed somewhere else...we heard a snip of a spot before cutting to what was, I guess, "local" music. And then Beau's traffic report was joined in progress...sheesh. The Chesney interview was just okay, and the call to the "regular guy" was passable. These guys need to get their nerves settled quickly.
-- BD&B need to stop yelling and start talking to, not at, the listener. Gratuitous background laughter is annoying.
-- These guys have been on the air together for a long time, in Nashville and syndicated to other markets. They should have been able to slip on the air here effortlessly and with no hiccups. But CCU no longer has any Radio Grownups to guide them.
-- Whoever is engineering the show needs to brush up on their skills.
-- The formatting needs considerable work. Music directly into and/or out of a spot with no station ID or service elements? Bush league. And the occasional song ID wouldn't hurt, either.
-- BD&B need to work on their English language skills. Grammar counts: noun and verb agreement and that kind of thing. And it's a morning show. Timechecks and quick weather shots are important ammo for big guns.
-- I have no problem with new talent in the market; shoot, with rare exception, all of us came here from someplace else and many of us decided to stay after our time on the air was done (just to annoy you, of course). What is objectionable is that seemingly mediocre talent like this is brought into the market through the miracles of technology simply for the corporate need for economy of scale.
-- IMHO, Billy Greenwood should have been pressed into service for The Bull's Morning Show. Yeah, I know he doesn't want to wake up, blah, blah, blah. But if CC and Cornette had to agree to disagree, Greenwood was the natural successor. Let these two Nashville monkeys VT the PM drive show. Note to CCU: Offer Billy whatever it takes to get him to mornings. He will OWN STL in a year. Yes, he's that good.
-- Hopefully BD&B are reading STLToday.com and the STL TV websites and will improve their STL presentation. I know they're already reading STLMedia.net: Mike- Enjoyed your take on the first show this morning. Always good to get another set of ears on stuff. Take care- D.
Can you say "sarcasm"?
   Sorry for not getting the aircheck online. Too much audio to edit, too little time. Plus I just flat got tired of listening to crap.
Comment here

10-19-05 I'm finally a two monitor kinda guy ... A few years ago, back in the Windows 95/98 days, I was searching online to find out whatever happened to Drew Kaplan and his DAK outfit and found this page. The idea intrigued me but at the time I had only CRT monitors in the office and I didn't want to work at a desk with two of those huge video boxes...not to mention the stress it placed on the table! So I filed the page. Besides, every laptop I've ever owned has had this capability built in... Read the rest and comment here
10-18-05 Phase I of KMOX' rebuilding ... begins next January, as they, along with three other Infinity talkers, add Jay Severin to their lineup. The time of the show's broadcast is to be determined. Severin, if you'll remember, is the fellow who told the world he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for online journalism. Pulitzer has no such award category. Thanks to George Noory for the tip. Comment here
10-18-05 The Bull's new morning show ... Big D & Bubba. The show is not local, but at least it's not Steve & DC (thank you Bejus!!)... A show from Montana huh? Good luck, boys. Comment here
10-15-05 One more reason ... why SatRad will never make the grade. From AllAccess (10-13-05):
   Analyst: XM, Sirius Won't Hit Positive Cash Flow Until 2008
   It's not necessarily what XM SATELLITE RADIO and SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO want to hear, but KAGAN MEDIA RESEARCH is projecting that the satellite radio providers will not reach positive cash flow until 2008 with a combined $454.1 million in EBITDA. KAGAN's Satellite Radio Outlook 2005 report projects an over $1.5 billion cash flow deficit for 2005-2007. XM's MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL contract and SIRIUS' HOWARD STERN deal are mentioned by KAGAN as among the elements pushing up marketing and programming expenses.
   Couple that with SatRad's sneaky way of presenting subscriber numbers and you get a pretty complete picture of a VERY struggling industry.
   FOLLOW THE MONEY! Oops! There ain't none!
Comment here

10-15-05 Secret Squirrel hears from his out-of-town cousins ... that at least two CC/STL management-level types are under the ongoing corporate microscope for allegedly accepting cash and valuable prizes to add songs to station playlists. Comment here
10-14-05 Secret Squirrel spins backwards: Sent to all CC Radio STL employees: The Craig Cornett Morning Show is no longer a part of Clear Channel/St. Louis. Be sure to check out the new show Wednesday morning. Steve Geofferies, Program Director, 93.7 The Bull - St. Louis, 1001 Highlands Plaza Dr. West Suite 100, St. Louis, MO 63103. 314-333-8106. Cornette's info is no longer on the station website, if that means anything. UPDATE 10/15: One insider says that the replacement is a syndicated show out of Nashville. A second claims that the new AM driver will come from current CC/STL air talent. And a third says that a show previously in the market may return. We'll know Wednesday which of these speculations holds water. Comment here
10-14-05 This came in recently via the Secret Squirrel page ... quoting a story in AllAccess: KSD 93.7 the Bull goes live with Rocky .... 7-mid LIVE (previously v/t) against Derrick Keith at WIL. Kent Hall moves to overnight (from v/t 7-12) to take over previous aftermidnite.com show 12-5a. Is this a bold move or what? How sad is it that a radio station that adds LIVE dayparts is considered NEWS? Comment here
10-12-05 I guess this is a milestone ... Late yesterday afternoon, we topped 1,000 registered members of the most recent incarnation of the STLMedia Message Board. Hooray for us!
10-12-05 For those of you paying hundreds of thousands of dollars ... for Arbitron ratings each year, have you ever read their disclaimer? And ad agencies, how can you present these reports as factual? Do your clients know they're mathematically challenged?
   The estimates provided by Arbitrends are derived from the diaries that provide the data in the Radio Market Report and are subject to the limitations stated in that report. Due to these limitations, inherent in Arbitron's methodology, the accuracy of Arbitron audience estimates cannot be determined to any precise mathematical value or definition. Arbitrends is not part of Arbitron's regular syndicated service and is not accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC).
   So there.
   Comment here.

10-12-05 If you're into digital photography ... you need to take a look at what former KTRS-er Matt Gordon has going on through his XLU Publishing website: DigitalCameraEbook provides an Interactive Learning Suite covering over 130 digital photography topics spanning the entire digital imaging process. Also, visitors can sign up for a free multi-part "Guided Tour of The Best Digital Photography Internet Sites." The minicourse reveals the best places to find digital camera reviews, forums, places to buy, and more. Matt guided me to the best digital camera I've owned (and I've gone through about a dozen). This guy really knows his stuff.
UPDATE 10-11-05 Wonderin' why KMOX' website ... (1) could never get the link to Jon Grayson's excellent parade pictures from a week ago right and (2) has no link to them now at all? AAH! Working link now available at KMOX.com!
10-10-05 In the early 1980's ... I was running an enormously successful country station in Richmond-by-God-Virginia and was approached by a salesguy from the Motor Racing Network, which syndicated NASCAR races, to become their newest affiliate. The track at Richmond hosted two of the then-fifty annual races; one race was all it took to know that those tens-of-thousands fans were my station's people...
Read the rest and comment here.

10-07-05 WHOA! Secret Squirrel spins loose rumors:
Good to hear: Cornett will probably be staying at THE BULL.
Not unexpected: Looks like Matt at KMOX Radio has lost his seat on the Cardinals team Charter to San Diego to Tim Dorsey at KTRS
Stern replacement: Looks like Eric "Mancow" Muller will be replacing Stern on The Point, once he makes his move to Sirius. Mancow's show originates from Emmis' Alternative WKQX Chicago...
More changes at KTVI: Fox 2 New's Len Turner leaving the nest as well? Rumor is he's Philly-bound.
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10-05-05 Blonde DJ joke...
A blonde DJ was sitting on the train reading the newspaper. The headline blared, "12 Brazilian Soldiers Killed." She shook her head at the sad news, then turned to the stranger sitting next to her and asked, "How many is a Brazilian?"

Bill Murray or Steve Moore?  You be the judge!10-04-05 Hey, look! Bill Murray was in the KMOX Parade Sunday!
Okay, it's really KMOX PD Steve Moore, as he appeared in Caddyshack.
Here are photos of what appears to have been an enormously successful event, taken by Jon Grayson.
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10-03-05 A thread on broadcast education, voicetracking and more ...
   The whole point of consolidation was to reduce costs by using fewer resources. Resources=DJ's; DJ's=personnel. Personnel costs are the highest costs for any company. Get rid of the DJ's and you get rid of the biggest cost. That's Management 101.
   The next step is to consolidate management by having fewer Big Monkeys, or more less-experienced Monkeys, operate more stations-per-Monkey. That means dumping the oldest, most experienced managers...because they'd want more money! That's Management 102.
   BillyG, face it, you didn't just stick it to The Man...you stuck it to THREE MEN! Or women. Or whatever. You took three jobs away from fellow broadcasters. And hundreds more of your compatriots did the same thing, throwing thousands out of work...

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