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Previously on The Front Page...Jul/Aug/Sep 2006

09-29-06 Galmiche to head KETC ... from the St. Louis Business Journal: The board of trustees of the St. Louis Regional Educational and Public Television Commission said Thursday that John "Jack" Galmiche III will be the new president and CEO of KETC-TV Channel 9, effective in November. Galmiche, a St. Louis native, will return to his hometown from Portland, Ore., where he has been executive vice president and chief operating officer of Oregon Public Broadcasting. During his career, Galmiche also has served as director of marketing for the St. Louis Blues Hockey Club, and executive vice president and general manager of the St. Louis Stars Soccer Club. Thanks to Max for the tip. Comment here.
09-29-06 And the client is actually proud ... that their spot uses explicit profanity. I'm not a blue nose, not by any stretch of the imagination. But this is absurd: "When I first heard the spot I thought it was great, and now that I’ve listened to it some more ... I think it’s stupendous," says Wayne Perry. Although Gach throws a few other explicit words in the mix throughout the 30 second commercial, his best line comes at the end; "The best sh*t that ever was ... Sinus Buster." Of course, it's "only" SatRad... Comment here.
09-29-06 Back in the saddle ... The second (and hopefully final) round of surgery on my legs is done and I'm home. While I wouldn't exactly call the days I've spent under the knife a vacation, the difference in the healing of my feet and in the use of my legs has been truly remarkable. Thanks so much to all you who have expressed concern in emails and phone calls...it is truly appreciated and makes recuperation that much easier. Comment here.
09-29-06 The weirdness rolls on ... on WGNU, via Secret Squirrel: Those "volunteer" announcers still on the air at WGNU have received letters telling them that they're expected to buy their airtime, and if they don't, the station will find someone who will and replace them. Comment here.
09-29-06 Friday night bears:

09-26-06 Day after tomorrow ... I'm back in hospital for the final round of Dr. Niessen's magic, this time on my left leg. I 'spect to be back at the ranch by Friday afternoon, grumpy and druggy (my two favorite Dwarves) but here as needed. Last time I went in, Bonneville tried to sneak a format change past me. Caught 'em, of course. You don't really think a tiny thing like arterial surgery would take me out of the loop, do you?
09-26-06 Finally, HD Radios hit the market ... At least 21 HD Radio SKUs for the home will be available from 14 brands by November, according to suppliers and HD Radio inventor iBiquity Digital. Three more custom-install-oriented suppliers will follow with their own products by the end of the year, iBiquity added without naming names. Will this be sufficient to make HD happen? Will you spend money on this? Thanks to Max for the tip. Comment here.
09-26-06 Arbitron to add non-profits to the published ratings ... Arbitron has announced that effective with the release of the Fall 2006 survey reports, public and non-commercial radio stations will be eligible for reporting in the company’s local market ratings reports. Here's a study of Arbitron commissioned by NPR; Radio Research Consortium is where they've been getting their ratings at vastly reduced prices. Many questions remain unanswered: will this move knock RRC out of the game? Will NPR and other non-profits finally have to pay full price for ratings info? Will the "vanity effect" of writing into a diary an NPR or non-profit station be taken into account? Comment here.
09-25-06 KTRS quits KSDK affiliation ... the AM sports talker is now hooked up with KTVI/Fox2. I wonder who effected the split? It's not a bad decision, IMHO KTVI is the "hottie" among local TV news ops. But did KSDK say "thanks but no thanks" to further affiliation, or did the radio station? Comment here.
09-25-06 They've got the Cards AND they have to give away fourteen grand cash a week? KTRS' Ten Thousand Dollar Thursdays is an odd twist in an old promotion. According to their official rules, it occurs only during the Morning Show. Typically, with a big money giveaway like this, a station would, at a given time in the morning show (to increase listening there), provide a broad time frame later in the day (to increase listening between, for example, 2PM and 4PM) during which you should listen for your "cue to call". That theoretically spreads the increased listenership across at least two dayparts. I understand the need to increase morning drive listenership, but this promotion is being run bass ackwards. And a closed circuit message to KTRS: maybe you ought to present your online rules in a PDF or HTML format rather than as .doc file, huh? Comment here.
09-24-06 Meet the hit dog ... Thought you'd like a photo of the $25 Humane Society rescue mutt who, so far, has caused me a ripped rotator cuff, second-degree burns on my feet and weeks of surgery and vascular treatment, and, recently, caused Mrs. A. to jam her foot into a piece of furniture. I think he's out to get us...but we still love 12-year old BoyDog.
09-23-06 Bonneville filling out the MOViN' airstaff ... with this online help wanted ad: MOViN' 101.1 AIR TALENT 9/21/06 - 12/21/06 (or when filled). Bonneville St. Louis Radio Group is looking to fill all dayparts on the new Movin' 101.1. We are looking for upbeat, entertaining talent that can relate to 25-44 year old women. Qualified candidates should have at least two years experience and a knowledge of pop and rhythmic music from the mid-80's to present. Great. Two years experience needed to work in a Top 20 market. Welcome to 2006-style corporate radio. Comment here.
George Noory of Coast2CoastAM09-22-06 George Noory was a big enough hit on CNN's Glenn Beck Show last week ... that the newsnet's producers have invited him back for another appearance, this coming Wednesday (the 27th) in the 6pmCT hour on CNN Headline News! George, as you may remember, began honed his talk show career skills at KMOX and KTRS, filled in occasionally for Art Bell, eventually taking over the worldwide syndicated all-night show when Bell finally retired. Apparently, Noory's now out to take over cable tv. Hey, Glenn Beck himself said he'd only last six months... Comment here.
09-22-06 Has anybody else ever noticed that ... Dr. Gregory House's address is 221 (whatever street) and that he lives in Apartment B, which would make his address 221-B? Just FYI, Sherlock Holmes' address was 221-B Baker Street. I think that's pretty cool. Good for the show's writers for being literate, which ain't always the case. UPDATE: Within five minutes of posting this, I have been completely and utterly pwned! Comment here.
09-22-06 Friday night bears:
09-22-06 The Arbitron website regularly offers free downloads ... of various research projects in which they've been involved. These are always well worth downloading and reading, even keeping as reference material. Their latest project, performed in conjunction with Coleman Research and Media Monitors answers some questions regarding audience retention during commercial breaks. The study doesn't break a lot of new ground, but it's worth the read to see what a lot of savvy programmers have known for years. Thanks to Jason Mack for the heads up on this. Comment here.
09-22-06 Absurdity, redux ... A majority of the nation's networks have told the Federal Communications Commission that its policy putting TV station owners at risk of huge fines for a slip of the tongue threatens to end live broadcast television. In papers filed late Thursday at the FCC, Fox, CBS, NBC and Telemundo argued that the government policy already has forced TV writers and producers to alter scripts and has caused network affiliates to avoid airing controversial programs or broadcast them on late at night. Presumably the named nets are sufficiently well-enough bankrolled to be able to hire news readers who at least have some inkling that you shouldn't use words and references on the air that you wouldn't use at the dinner table with Mom and Dad. Unless, of course, your Dad is Larry Flynt. So what exactly is it that the nets want to be able to say or show that warrants a long and expensive legal maneuvering before the FCC? Why do they need to do it? Why do they want to do it? Read it all and comment here.
09-22-06 Secret Squirrel spins on KTRS "Family Matters" ... Why is it that KTRS fired former KMOX Cardinal Baseball sellers Tom Dolan and Dan Hope? Word is, Dan and Tom could not put up with the Family Matters, and Dorsey's blood is thicker than water! We hear that Tom and Dan accounted for a hefty chunk of KMOX Cardinal billing and knew how the game is played; KTRS still doesn't get it, and decided to cut them loose instead of learning from their experience. No reason for anyone to apply for the job, all their business has been awarded to the family members! Comment here.
09-22-06 Isn't this curious ... All references to Y-98's Greg Hewitt have been removed from the station's website and he's not on the air. Another casualty of the radio wars? Comment here.
09-22-06 Phase 2, Summer 2006 Trends 25-54 Analysis added today ... Comment here.
09-21-06 STLToday.com ... refuses to credit websites as a source. That's from a conversation I had a while back with Little Miss Gossip, Deb Peterson. Their most recent transgression? Yup, Peterson's column: Radio station WGNU (920 AM) failed to meet its payroll Tuesday and told employees they would be paid sometime next week, an industry source said. Guess who the "industry source" is? And the newspaper wonders why its credibility and circulation are falling like rocks? Do you really believe newspaper readers don't use online resources?
09-21-06 Music radio mixed with BlipVerts equals ... RadioSass. SASS is the world's first patented radio format, and offers participants a unique market position and competitive advantage. The choice of music is yours. A dynamic new way of playing that music is what SASS provides. That's speed. That's SASS. The essence of today's culture. Come on. Any resort-located radio station that's had to make its financial bones in the high season knows about editing the hits in in order to run a 30-minute spot load. I wish this guy lotsa luck and hope his patent is truly enforceable. Comment here.
09-21-06 The source of the 'GNU's misery ... seems to have been a lawyer named Lisa Krempasky. Thanks to SassyRadioGirl for the tip. Creepy historical reference: I actually met Ms. Krempasky years ago, just after she got her law license, when I was peddling mailing lists. Her office then was in one of those 25-cubby-offices per floor and we-share-the-same-receptionist "business incubators" along Watson Road. Best wishes to the former WGNU employees in their lawsuit.
09-20-06 Phase 2, Summer 2006 Trends out today ... here's 12+; The Arch's slump continues, down a full point from the Spring Book. KTRS flat from the Spring...this probably means no gains in other than baseball dayparts, and perhaps continuing losses if the night games went up at all. And look at the position ties! Some inside analysis of other demos will follow. Comment here.
09-20-06 Secret Squirrel spins on Emmis ... Word from a friend in L.A. has one of the Emmis Marketing Directors being courted by two record companies. If this comes to pass it will be quite a (K)hit to Emmis. Comment here.
09-20-06 If you're a woman and you're 35 or younger ... this is not the feminist talk radio your Mom told you was coming. Why Greenstone Media will fizzle and fail their core audience, cost their investors millions of dollars but make one clever radio consultant much, much richer...Read it here
09-19-06 K-HITS Kopied, Kind Of ... From AllAccess: Press Communications AC simulcast WBHX & WWZY (The Breeze)/Monmouth-Ocean, NJ kicked off the "No Repeat Work Week" last Monday. The station, whose library includes music from the late '60s through today, says it won't duplicate any songs between 9a and 5p, Monday-Friday.
09-19-06 The Point seeks Creative Director ... Jeff Frisse, who had served as MD/CSD, leaves the station and PD Tommy Mattern needs a replacement for the CSD position only.
09-19-06 Secret Squirrel spins on 'GNU ... WGNU was unable to make payroll today. Word is that employees will be paid sometime next week. I'm amazed that there are still people left there that are being paid at all! Comment here.
09-19-06 I've always had a pretty good ear ... for US dialects, able to place the speaker pretty close to their geographic point of origin. But over the past twenty or so years, American regional accents have changed quite a bit and a new, non-regional dialect has taken center-stage in much nationally-run advertising and even in acting. The most blatant example is the alteration of the letter "o" (as in "Mom") into a dipthong pronounced as "aw" (as in "paw"); "Mom" thus becomes "Mawm". So far, I've been unable to place a point of origin for this, although I suspect it may be Canadian. Anyone have any ideas of the origin of this mispronounciation or if it's a true dialect that has come into favor for whatever reason? Any ideas why this has occurred? Comment here.
09-19-06 Summer Arbitrends, Phase II ... due to be published tomorrow, the 20th. We'll have 12+ and some other-demo analysis shortly after delivery to stations.
09-19-06 George Noory on CNN ... Tonight, on Glenn Beck, 6PMCT and repeats.
09-18-06 Email from a Message Board delisted Kramer fan ...
   Oh no!!!
   I remember when I was a child too. When someone disagreed with me and I couldn't make an argument, I just kicked them out of my sandbox too.
   (Your links never proved your post. I'm sorry, but you just made s**t up apparantly.)
   Mikey, really, it is sad. It's sad to see how your website ran itself into the ground. But I'm glad to have been a part of it!!
   If I want to read about some fake interview done by someone's personal robot, I'll read my 5th grade sister's Myspace page. It's more original, and quite frankly, more mature than yours.
   So, I am sorry. But I do hope to hear you on the radio sometime soon... Oh wait, ha ha ha. I guess not.
   Devastated, Ed Gnash, Rpt341
   P.S. Seriously, you gave me your phone numbers? What the hell were you thinking?

   Yup, I sign my work with my real name and info; unlike yuks like you I have nothing to hide. Trouble me once, rpt, and you'll have an official chat that you won't like: online and phone stalking is now a federal crime.
   If the phones ring after midnight... Comment here.
09-17-06 Bad word at the ball game ... Looks like KLOU and KTRS aired a nasty: Did anyone else notice the "oh s**t" comment on the Rams broadcast today on KLOU by one of the announcers? It came right after Marc Bulger was sacked....didn't get bleeped either. Neither one of the announcers reacted to it. Not sure which broadcaster said it. Not much of an issue, I think. Just kind of juvenile. If the station responsible for the radio PxP guys hired pros this wouldn't be a problem. Maybe there just aren't any pros left to hire... Comment here.
09-16-06 Why stations should give free political ads ... Sixty days out from any election, broadcast outlets are required by law to give political advertisers, with certain exceptions, their lowest unit rate for purchased spots. For some stations (primarily talk, news and market leaders) this can be a burden, for others (stations whose projected income for September and October is spotty) the sudden influx of ads is a gift. Read it all and then comment here.
09-16-06 WWPD: What Would Popeye Do? I love greens cooked in the Southern way, with bacon and all like that, but not so much anymore, especially with that delicious and nutritious added e-coli. And to avoid poisoning us, all the packers had to do was wash their freakin' hands. Fifty years after the fact, I can still hear my Mom telling me to eat my spinach. Finally I can say no and not get slapped.
09-15-06 A rumor regarding Air America's imminent bankruptcy ... begun at leftist ThinkProgress.org has been retracted by that website. Brian Maloney's RadioEqualizer was actually the first to cast doubt on the rumor. Unfortunately, the libnet still has no market-covering signals in any of its markets nor does it have sufficient ad income to survive without huge influxes of cash gifts from supporters like Rob Glaser and George Soros. What is it about the simple practice of running a successful business within a capitalist structure that AA does not understand? I mean, it's not like they have to steal underpants to make a profit... Comment here.
09-15-06 Speaking of Chicago ... Friday night bears:
09-15-06 Don't usually talk about Chicago radio, but ... this appears to be an interesting idea from Emmis: What debuts at 5:30 a.m. Monday on WKQX-FM (101.1) will be unlike anything that's ever been heard on morning radio in Chicago -- or probably anywhere else for that matter. An ensemble cast of relatively unknown comedy actors and writers -- few with any radio experience whatsoever -- have been hired to present a news and information show heavy on humor and entertainment. Read the entire article and then comment here.
09-14-06 Secret Squirrel spins on ... WHYYYYYYY98EFFEMM: Major throw down at Harry's deck tonight as Y98 staffers celebreated the "death" of The River. Looks like the River passing was a windfall for the sales department. Seems there's a pool as to how long JK will last at the Palace with most people giving him until the end of the month. And spike the thought of any River jocks coming to Y98. Seems they've earned "dead to me " status with the PD. Gonna be some people moving slow Friday morning on Market Street, if you know what I mean. Comment here.
09-14-06 New television forums ... as of today, STLMedia's Message Board offers individual forums for STL tv stations at the suggestion of user frankbarne. I've begun moving a few previously posted threads to them already; feel free to begin new threads there as you want. I'll move the rest as I have time.
09-14-06 With Air America passing on ... this Friday, when they're expected to declare bankruptcy (read it here or here or here), Greenstone Media, a radio company whose founders include social activist Gloria Steinem and actress Jane Fonda, has launched an all-women, all-talk network across the United States. The network's broadcasts have aired since July in selected stations, such as on WIIN in Jackson, Mississippi, WXCT in Hartford, Connecticut, a station in Flint, Michigan, and is launching a broadcast in Albany, New York. It is trying to partner with some satellite radio outfits. Whew! Deja vu all over again? Comment here.
09-13-06 Today was my birthday ... I watched my favorite football movie and Mrs. A. took off early to take me out to dinner (the first day I've been out of the house since my surgery last week). Strip steak with peppercorn sauce, onion rings and a salad just to assuage the guilt of all the cholesterol. And in other good news, my right leg's surgery is healing nicely and the foot is clearly healing faster as a result of the vascular work. Life is good, especially at 58!
09-13-06 UPDATE: Secret Squirrel spins on ... KTRS Sales: KTRS is firing high-level Cardinals sales reps. After being fed a supposed "insider" denial of this, I was sent a message that cleared up a lot of things about sports radio sales in St. Louis. Read it and then comment here.
09-12-06 UPDATE: McCaskill/KMOV News/Rams game ... What is confirmed, so far: The McCaskill campaign paid $4400 to buy out the remaining tickets to the Sunday game and gave them away to kids through various avenues. The sell-out made is possible for KMOV to air the game, which otherwise would have been blacked out locally. KMOV did air, "several times" over the weekend, a story crediting the McCaskill campaign with the ticket purchase. Unconfirmed, so far, but eminently believable: without a News Director and GM Alan Cohen out of town, the Sales Manager forced the deal through, promising the news coverage in return for the sell-out of tickets so the game could air and thus be sponsored locally. I've also heard (unofficially) that the FEC has been notified, although I believe there's no reason to investigate the McCaskill campaign. Earlier today, McCaskill Communications Director Adrian Marsh had no comment on a possible FEC investigation but told me that all their contact with KMOV had been vetted through lawyers. Comment here.
09-11-06 Neilsen to compete with Arbitron? from Mediaweek: Arbitron may get even more competition for its portable people meter electronic ratings service. In a surprise move, Nielsen Media Research Monday said it is in talks with Clear Channel’s electronic ratings committee about measuring radio listening. If Nielsen gets serious about entering the radio ratings business, the company could pose a serious challenge to Arbitron’s PPM and increase its stronghold on the entire media ratings business. Comment here.
09-11-06 Exclusive interview with Kramer ... conducted and authored by my robot office assistant. KTRS' Keith Kramer on his job, his ratings, his coworkers, the state of talk radio, all in his own words...don't miss it!
09-11-06 Open Message Board thread ... for your personal memories of September 11th, 2001. Please keep it to your own thoughts and memories and avoid lengthy quotes and conspiracy theories, please. Comment here.
09-10-06 Terry Fox passed along this audio ... that he produced on The Day It Happened. It's based on the LeAnnRimes song Please Remember. If used, please credit Fox Productions International; no external linking allowed. The file is WMA 9.1.
09-10-06 9/11/2001 Timeline... so you can set up your 9/11 memorials, moments of silence, etc. All times listed are Eastern, as events occurred.
8:45AM (AA Flight 11 hits the North Tower of WTC)
9:05AM (UA Flight 175 hits the South Tower of WTC)
9:38AM (AA Flight 77 hits the Pentagon)
9:50AM (WTC South Tower collapses)
10:03AM (UA Flight 93 crashes into a field in near Shanksville PA)
10:30AM (WTC North Tower collapses)
Who's responsible?

09-10-06 Glad and sad ... Glad he's working, sad it's not in sports broadcasting. Dan Caesar reports in the P-D that KTRS Kastoff Jim Holder is working with the Lakenan Insurance Agency in Ste. Genevieve to develop new business in the St. Louis area. He's also been doing fill-in on KMOX and, of course, remains the booming PA voice of the Rams at their home games. Comment here.
09-09-06 Secret Squirrel spins on ... Claire McCaskill's U.S. Senate campaign. Allegedly, someone purchased the remaining tickets for this Sunday's game in a deal with KMOV (they would air the game if it was sold out) to provide news coverage of Ms. McCaskill handing out free tickets: A deal was struck from the KMOV sales dept. for coverage of Claire handing out tickets if she bought the remaining tickets so channel 4 could show the game this Sunday. This sale of the remaining tickets would generate ad revenue for channel 4 if those tickets were sold. Read more and comment here.
09-09-06 Lowest unit rate is now in effect ... from InsideRadio: The general election is scheduled for November 7 – so that means the 60-day lowest unit charge period begins today. Stations must offer their best rate for each daypart to candidates – including those running for federal, state, and local office. Not included is issue advertising or ads bought by political action groups. The Washington law firm Garvey Schubert Barer is also recommending stations put the LUR data in the political folder of the station’s local public file. Stay tuned for my bi-annual rant on political advertising and why no radio or television or newspaper should charge for it.
09-08-06 Secret Squirrel spins on ... KTRS Sales: KTRS is firing high-level Cardinals sales reps. Why do I think that this is wrong, wrong, wrong? Aren't most of the "high-level Cardinals sales reps" employed by the Cards and not KTRS? Are all potential post-season avails sold out? Or do the Cards and the station both believe that there is no life for the team after the regular season? Comment here.
09-08-06 For what it's worth ... the vascular work on my right leg was a raging success. Haven't heard much of a pulse in my foot for a decade and now, on ultrasound, it thumps like a big bass drum. I haven't been this excited since I learned about...umm, driving! Friend Randy Raley goes in Monday for surgery...prayers, please, for the most knowledgeable rock and roll guy on Earth. One of the nicest, too.
09-08-06 From HadleyOnSports ... Big League Broadcasting looking to deal local stations... Don’t be surprised if St. Louis has one all-sports station by the end of the calendar year. The KFNS ownership group has approached various sources looking to deal it’s three local stations for others in markets outside of St. Louis. Bryan Burwell is no longer with KFNS, Mike Claiborne has departed for KTRS, and one of the afternoon hosts has phoned three different radio groups in the last month looking for a job elsewhere. Simply stated, KFNS is on life support. (edit) Yes, Big League Broadcasting is attempting to get out of the St. Louis market. Never a good thing when people are out of work… hopefully there will be a happy ending. Comment here.
09-08-06 Bonneville blows up The River ... and releases entire staff (they'll be allowed to reapply for their old positions after 90 days of "jocklessness"). Read the press release and comment here.
09-06-06 Here's the deal ... I'm gonna take today off and check into the hospital Thursday morning and have me a little bit of surgical expertise on my right leg. If Phase 1 works, I'll be back in the mix Thursday night, grumpy but just sore; if I have to go to Phase 2, I'll be back Friday or Saturday, grumpy, in pain and on wonderful drugs. All because of the abraded and burned feet I earned from chasing 12-year-old BoyDog during his recent neighborhood walkabout. And all the freakin' mutt wants now is a rub behind his ears. Which I am glad to provide, of course. See ya!
09-05-06 The K-HITS announcement ... ran a little after 12N Tuesday the 5th...listen as an MP3 or WMA file. Followed by "It's The End Of The World As We Know It"...no repeats for a solid week. Yes, I'd say they'll have to expand the ol' playlist a bit...head on against The Arch, I'd say. Comment here.
09-05-06 From inside Emmis ... The K-HITS major announcement today at 12N incorporates the unveiling of what some might call a unique marketing gimmick. But it will be backed up with very, very significant substance. In other words, not just some cute slogan and the usual re-packaging of the same old stuff. There is some question as to whether this has ever been done before, especially at this level. Regardless, should it prove successful, it's possible at least one station in every market in the country might consider a similar move. Hard-line, conservative (and we don't mean that in a political sense) programmers will likely be the first to shoot this down. Also, at K-HITS there will be no personnel changes. Comment here.
09-04-06 WiFi portables are here ... Sirius is duplicating its SatRad streams online, as a separate service and this is also a satellite receiver. Read the Wired article. I got fitty cent on the next few models coming out being able to pick up all online streams. Comment here.
09-04-06 Why what you learn in J-school is apparently very wrong ... from Bakersfield.com via RDN: Radio is becoming less local. "There were 10,000 radio stations in the United States in 1997. Now there's fewer than 7,000," says Jeffrey Dvorkin, a professor of community journalism with the University of Missouri, Columbia. The real numbers (from 100000watts.com)? 9951 FM stations and 5044 AM stations...twice the number the esteemed professor accounts. And don't tell me about simulcasts or diminishing newscasts....this guy is delivering bad information to tuition paying students. Comment here.
09-04-06 We keep hearing different thoughts on K-HITS ... I can't see why the station would change format, they've been near the top of the heap, more or less, for a long time. What I can see is the addition of more music to their playlist, to go head-on against The Arch. I hear there's a staff meeting scheduled for Tuesday morning...guess we'll see soon thereafter. Comment here.
Bonneville HQ: the Palace near Ballas
09-04-06 Here's Bonneville's STL HQ... just east of 270 on Olive. That logo at bottom right is on the FedEx-Kinkos building next door, which is where Mrs. A. was when I took this photo Saturday morning.
09-04-06 Crikey! Australia's Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin is dead, killed by a sting ray during documentary production in Queensland, Australia. Irwin was the father of two; his wife, Terri, was traveling in Tasmania and had been notified of Irwin's death. Irwin's show has been on the US cable Discovery Channel since 1992.
I-270 South Labor Day weekend
09-03-06 I-270 South over Labor Day Weekend ... from the car.
09-02-06 Secret Squirrel spins on K-HITS ... K-HITS 96 SWITCHING TO CLASSIC COUNTRY TUESDAY AT NOON. This might be the answer to all my wishes, and it'd be danged nifty to hear some Earl Thomas Conley or Ed Bruce on the air again, every now and then. But the corporate announcement was made the first week in June: KSHE HD2 will run "Country Variety". K-HITS ain't goin' anywhere (except to run "Classic Hot Spice" on their HD-2). If it happens, though, I'll be the first guy to applaud...and the first guy to predict the station's descendancy to the bottom of the heap. See, there are only four of us who really like this stuff. That's why I'm burning my CD's as we speak... Comment here.
09-02-06 A guy I know and respect is on the beach ... and is having a devil of a time getting meaningful work at a liveable wage. He's a likeable and smart guy, a family man, well respected and with long, deep roots in his community and decades of experience in the radio biz. And, believe it or not, experience in the radio biz can actually translate out to experience that's useable in many other businesses. Read here or read and comment here.
09-01-06 When Mrs. A's hard drive failed ... I picked up an Iomega portable half-a-terabyte HD as a start to her new system. Our tech guy, Mr. Wizard, threw in a portable drive as part of the fix, so I decided to repurpose the Iomega. While I'm hobbled and house-bound, I'm transferring all our music CD's (covering over seven decades of hits) to the HD, using Windows Media format, and then back onto a DVD (entire library) and CD's (formats and collections). It appears that I'll be able to get roughly a gajillion-bazillion songs on one disk that will shuffle-play on almost any DVD player. Beats LP's all to hell, huh? Comment here.
09-01-06 Secret Squirrel spins on ... Bryan Burwell: Burwell axed this a.m. at KFNS. Could be. Burwell has had his share of back-and-forth with the staff and management there. Maybe enough's enough. Comment here.
08-31-06 My very special thanks to ... the nurse who was in charge of my progress thru pre-op and surgery yesterday at St. Luke's. His name is David Lopez, a Marine for six years, and, for many years, a civilian nurse. He's also the father of five. His prep skills are unequalled and he made what was a very nervous time for me bearable. Mr. Lopez is a guy to ask for if you have to go thru the St. Luke's system. I'll be asking for him next Thursday, when I go back in for the First Leg of my fix. Comment here.
08-31-06 This has to be the dumbest move by a radio company ... since I first went on the air in 1966: RDN says it's the world’s first radio station to feature podcasts as its primary broadcast content. I say it's 100% unmitigated crap. Comment here.
08-30-06 Goring the 'GNU ... It's the end of an era with WGNU. It seems all night time shows (8PM on) are being replaced with unknown programming to be announced. The one exception is Don Griffin's Conspiracy Hunter will move to 7PM nightly. Thank you for being there for the industry and perhaps our paths will cross again some day! Comment here.
08-30-06 Secret Squirrel spins on ... The River: The River PD Job will be filled before Labor Day. And the winner of the PD gig is already within driving distance of The Palace. Comment here.
08-30-06 Perry Michael Simon ... edits the AllAccess News-Talk-Sports section and is the only other guy I know of on Earth who remembers Wallace & Ladmo from 60's TV in Phoenix. He also sends out a weekly newsletter to which you really ought to subscribe. I've included the latest issue here, presuming his kind permission. It has some important things to say about show prep. Read it and then subscribe to future issues. Comment here.
08-30-06 Former KLOU and The Bull guy Marc Elliot ... has some part-time openings at the stations he programs in Sedalia: Be heard in Kansas City, MO and Columbia, MO at the same time! Classic Hits - Power 97.7 and Hometown County 1490 KDRO are looking for part-time weekends and weekday fill-in air talent. Great company, state-of-the-art facilities and good pay. Previous on-air experience required and previous Maestro experience helpful. Send CD&R's to: Marc Elliot, Benne Media - Sedalia, 301 South Ohio, Sedalia MO 65301.
08-30-06 FYI, today's medical adventure ... was a bit of a disappointment. I was under the impression that the artery-clearing to help heal the burned feet would happen this morning but the first round of surgery will not happen until next Thursday. I will be grumpy but I have the doctor's hand to God that I will be heavily medicated. This house-bound thing is beginning to get old...extra happy-meds will help!
08-29-06 The KXOK website ... has gone fully multimedia. Links to audio, links to video, in lots of flavors on the Front Page there. The uploads should be done by early morning Tuesday. If you enjoy 50's-60's-70's radio, you'll love what I've done at 630kxok.stlmedia.net! And wait until I get around next week to renewing the airchecks!
08-27-06 Stylish shoes ... gotta wear these prescribed boots to elevate the burned parts of my feet to alleviate the pressure on the damaged areas. I'm scheduled for vascular surgery next Wednesday to clear my femoral arteries to increase the blood flow in my legs; maybe I'll have to have a bypass in each leg. Hope not. The boots make me a whole inch taller when I wear 'em. Walking upstairs in the boots is kinda easy but I have to slide down the stairs on my bumpus. It's just not fair...and my bumpus is a little bit sore.
08-26-06 The KXOK Movie ... produced back in 2003 following the 2001 reunion is now available to view in several flavors at 630kxok.stlmedia.net. Thanks to Frank Absher, Dennis Dailey, Richard True, and Cynthia Freeman for their permission to present it online.
08-25-06 Kevin Wheeler joins KMOX Sports ... He'll join Paul Harris and Carol Daniel during “The Paul Harris Show” weekdays between 2-6PM with sports updates and conversation as well as co-host the Chrysler/Jeep Sports Open Line weeknights from 6:30-8:00PM. Wheeler’s first day will be Monday, August 28. Comment here.
08-25-06 As threatened by the trades all last week ... As part of an effort to build a "flatter, more nimble" management structure, Clear Channel Radio has implemented a second phase of management reorganization. The latest changes follow the August 17 appointment of three new executive VPs of operations.
08-24-06 Clear Channel genetic initiative pays off ... CEO John Hogan announced today that the company's Life Sciences Division (LSD) has bred a species of tiny little dj's that can be used to cut personnel costs even further. Read it all here.
08-24-06 From a Clear Channel memo ... We would like to announce that Julie Buck will be joining the STL-Clear Channel Cluster on Thursday August 31st.
   Julie will be working on the announcing staff with KLOU-FM 9a-12n Monday through Friday. In addition she will be doing some work with Jim Stassi and the Rams. Please welcome Julie to the staff next week.
   I'm happy to also announce that Paul Arca will be doing his show LIVE every day from 12noon to 2PM!
   Here's how the new lineup will look!
   David Craig: 5A-9A
   Julie Buck: 9A-12Noon
   Paul Arca: 12Noon-2P
   Steve Kelly: 2P-6P
   Dodie Rahlmann: 6p-Mid
   In addition to the additions and shuffling, Joe Sonderman will be hosting late nights.

08-24-06 The STLMedia MB trolls are out and seething... message flooding, too. And with KTRS' Kramer dropping 15th to 18th 25-54 and 15th to 20th 18-34, where do you think all the junk is coming from? The other mods and I are on troll patrol; sorry for the inconvenience.
08-24-06 Bloodletting throughout Clear Channel coming tomorrow... Oops, sorry...that should be "restructuring". Radio trades are reporting that some high-level management positions will be eliminated, some downgraded, others consolidated. CCU HBMIC John Hogan will release an e-mail Friday morning, Aug. 25, with further details. Comment here.
08-24-06 Secret Squirrel spins on WGNU ... The long-struggling WGNU-AM has reached the end of its financial rope. Having spent all of the operating revenue allotted the 500-watt Granite City station by late owner Chuck Norman, the board of directors announced to key staff members last week that the station will be leased or sold as soon as possible. Staff cut-backs and a switch from hot talk to garden talk weren't enough to save Norman's legacy from financial ruin. Comment here.
08-24-06 Phase 1, Summer 2006 Trends out yesterday ... here they are, along with some inside analysis of other demos. Comment here.
08-22-06 Over the weekend ... Palm Springs based FOP entertainment reporter Mike Evans miraculously survived a 70mph auto crash. In this photo taken just afterward, Mike looks pretty beat up and his hair's a little grayer than it was previously, but on the air he sounds fine. Evans is a lucky, lucky man...he was also wearing a seatbelt.
08-22-06 Thanks to Dick Ulett at Clayton Studios ... for this trip back in STLRadio time: Every now and then Mort Crowley would do impersonations of the legendary Robert F. Hyland doing one of his famous "editorials". Here's one from my files.... Comment here.
08-22-06 Big press release ... medium-sized product. Bob Costas' long-awaited Premiere Radio two-hour weekend show debuts this September, along with two daily minutes. All of this will air locally on KLOU. According to the press release: Costas joins a growing list of top-tier talent choosing Clear Channel Radio, including Whoopi Goldberg, Ty Pennington, Jay Leno, Ryan Seacrest and Donald Trump. All my radio heroes, for sure. Comment here.
08-22-06 May also be where reality tv shows come from ... Via Poynter: "First it was the typewriter, then the teleprinter. Now a US news service has found a way to replace human beings in the newsroom and is instead using computers to write some of its stories. Thomson Financial, the business information group, has been using computers to generate some stories since March and is so pleased with the results that it plans to expand the practice." Comment here.
08-21-06 Rearranging the furniture a bit ... at 630KXOK: I'm converting the existing audio to 96kbs MP3 and comparable WMA to make them download faster with no decrease in sound quality and easier to download to portable audio players. New, faster audio links are on the 630KXOK Front Page. I'll convert the airchecks as soon as I can.
08-20-06 Closed circuit to STLRadio HOF voters ... from Frank Absher: "There's just over a week left for voting for the St. Louis Radio Hall of Fame. Deadline for receipt of votes is August 31, so those people who haven't cast their ballots yet still have time to get them in."
08-20-06 Got this email yesterday from a local radio personality ... at a station targeted to Adults and which carries MLB, NHL and NFL games, all of which, presumably, are family-friendly businesses. I swear to God that this is completely unedited, cut and pasted and presented here exactly as received:
   -- I am back from VACATION starting MONDAY!
   -- Make sure to come over and listen.
   -- COME to the forums. Are you worthy of being a "HOSTILE"?? FIND OUT!
   -- See the video of the declassified RUSSIAN UFO. ITS GOOD! RUST ME!
   -- See Ashley Simpson snorting COKE in a bathroom stall with her father.
   -- Check out Courtney Love homeless video.
   -- Check out the video of the Olsen TWINS nude in St. Tropez!!
   -- There's LOTS on the forums!
I'm sure there is. After all, I "RUST" him!

08-20-06 P-D hypes HDRadio ... with some misleading statements and factual errors. But we've come to expect that from the radio writer we love so dearly, Diane Toroian Keaggy. Read it here. Then 'splain these:
   -- HD option creates a bonanza of music on FM radio. Not exactly on FM, and not at all on AM?
   -- AM stations lack the bandwidth to broadcast HD2 stations. Currently, KMOX-AM (1120) and KFUO-AM (850) broadcast in HD. The first sentence is demonstratably untrue, even though AM HD channels will only air between sunrise and sunset and cause all kinds of fits with directional arrays. The second sentence somewhat belies the first, eh?
   -- Other than the initial investment to go HD - about $300,000 for a new transmitter, software and other upgrades - the cost of running an HD2 station is zilch because there are no jocks and sales reps to pay. I have a problem believing that the unofficial agreement between owners who have adopted HD to not air spots for two years will last that long. And Diane conveniently forgets to mention the annual Ibiquity licensing payments and any associated music rights fees. Other than that, a nice hit for the radio community. Comment here.

08-20-06 Also at STLToday.com ... "Claibs" (that's his game name) jumps to KTRS. Dan Caesar writes: Mike Claiborne, who has worked on all-sports radio stations since the format debuted locally in 1992, is leaving KFNS (590 AM, 100.7 FM) for KTRS (550 AM), where he is tentatively scheduled to begin Sept. 12. Wow. Claiborne has been in STL radio since 1992 and STILL took a gig at The Big Fy-fitty. That's a man with faith aplenty. Good luck, bro. Comment here.
08-19-06 TV Newsteam crashes and burns ... Channel 7 in Boston lost their teleprompter and the anchors lost their sh*t. See it here in QuickTime; read it at Brian Maloney's RadioEqualizer. Which STL anchors would be most affected by this kind of disaster? Comment here.
08-18-06 Do me a favor, would ya ... if you have more than one handle at the STLMedia Message Board, drop all but one. I'm in and out of the membership area and occasionaly I delete dups, sometimes all of them. I try to alert those whose addys I drop, but I'm not always able to make contact. If you'd like to not be suddenly surprised by denied access, take care of your own business. Thanks in advance.
08-18-06 Why don't radio stations deliver custom webstreams ... for retail clients to numb the minds of their shoppers? We did this years ago with taped media; now we have a whole new canvas upon which to paint: client-customized music, with messages and station promos. Or create the entire thing on DVD for local playback. You can get, what, about a bazillion tunes on a DVD? RadioWorld has an article about just this. 'Pears to me there's new money to be made in this venture. Comment here.
08-18-06 Investors want XM and Sirius to merge ... Stock performance for each is down (as we predicted) and this might be the quick fix! Well, probably not. SatRad's losses last year exceeded $1.3billion, but Mel K. and Howard will still get richer. A merger will only exacerbate the end. TerRad has been remarkably resilient, MP3 players aren't going away, HDRadio is a loser, and now there's WANRadio...internet channels in your car, in your home, on your refrigerator, everywhere. WWMD? I'd shoot the satellites down and accept the loss. Time to move on to the next level. It's all about WiFi. Told ya so. Comment here.
08-18-06 "I quit this bi**h" ... A young lady in Mobile AL, clearly upset with her lot in life and in radio, gets it said and then, well, quits the bi**h! NOTE: If you're listening at work, keep the volume down! Thanks to Bill Bens for the link. Comment here.
08-17-06 Couric prediction ... The perky Ms. Katie takes over as anchorette and managing editor of the CBS Evening news in just a few weeks, on September 5. The ratings will not rise and, in fact, may fall even further. This has nothing to do with her being a woman; rather, it has everything to do with her demonstrated social and political attitudes since 1991. The broad's a snot. Middle America simply will not accept her word as bond. CBS will come to regret this move, I think. Comment here.
08-17-06 The RFT's all over it ... and they get "it" right. "It" being the thoroughly misunderstood Civic Strategies annual survey: Each year the urban consulting firm ranks papers by the number of articles that, in the subjective opinion of its staff, say something "enlightening" about urban issues. The survey is underwritten solely by Civic Strategies Inc. as part of its business of advising cities and companies on investing in urban areas. The results of this bogus survey place the STL P-D at the very bottom of the list. Mayor Slay agrees, but this is all crap. I cannot defend the P-D for its alleged lack of local "urban" coverage, but I can say without reservation that self-serving "surveys" such as this do nothing to advance any cause whatsoever. Comment here.
08-16-06 Mrs. A. and I spent last evening at dinner ... with Scott AFB Generals Duncan McNabb (Commander, Air Mobility Command), Winfield "One shot, one kill" Scott (Commander, Tanker Airlift Control Center), Pete Peterson (Director of Operations, HQ AMC), Colonel "Woody" Woodyard (PAO HQ AMC), the Publisher of the Belleville News-Democrat and a syndicated news cartoonist whose name escapes me. It was a great evening of conversation and dinner over a table previously used for a final conference and signed by by old-time SAC and MAC 4-stars, along with music from the Starlifters, interrupted briefly by basewide Taps. Scott's Air Mobility Command is a joining of the old SAC and MAC... Be proud these services are centered here; contact Colonel Woodyard for more info.
08-16-06 Closing in on the killer ap ... The JVC KD-HDR1 plays MP3 and WMA audio from all CD's, AM, FM and HDRadio, and is SatRad ready. KD-G820 and KD-G720 offer approximately the same features (without HD), but include USB connectivity for flash drives. No RDS or DVD playback in any of them, but who cares? $170-200, with a remote. All require an optional adapter for iPods. Now all they have to add is Wi-Fi (see below) and get all the feátures into one box. But they're gettin' there, and a lot faster than I would have thought. Comment here.
08-16-06 Auto players ... from Marketwatch: Within the next few weeks, Torian Wireless will begin showing U.S. retailers what you might call a Wi-Fi "Walkman." The InFusion is a portable, battery-powered device which you can tune to any of thousands of Internet radio stations. It also has an FM radio, an audio recorder, and an MP3 player. It does not have a built-in speaker. The retail price could be as low as $229. And by the time the Japanese get to the backward-engineering thing they do so well, the price will be half that. Comment here.
08-16-06 It's here ... from Marketwatch: Within the next few weeks, Torian Wireless will begin showing U.S. retailers what you might call a Wi-Fi "Walkman." The InFusion is a portable, battery-powered device which you can tune to any of thousands of Internet radio stations. It also has an FM radio, an audio recorder, and an MP3 player. It does not have a built-in speaker. The retail price could be as low as $229. And by the time the Japanese get to the backward-engineering thing they do so well, the price will be half that. I'll bet money that the auto version will be available at Crutchfield by Spring 2007. Comment here.
08-15-06 Free job-wanted webspace here ... We'll park your resume and airchecks (updated as often as four times a year) at no charge for 12 months, and give you a FREE yourname.stlmedia.net web address, thanks to the folks who have contributed to make this bandwidth possible. The offer's good for pro's and wannabe-pro's, in STL or not. Some restrictions apply; contact me for more info.
08-13-06 In the late 1970's I worked in radio syndication in Memphis ... and also had the opportunity to work part-time for RKO's WHBQ. Q's PD back then, John Long (pictured at left), has written a detailed, names-named retrospective of his career and his time at one of the two best places I worked in radio. John was one of the first PD's to implement the use of computers (a TRS-80!) into the programming effort. If you worked in da biz back then, read it for the memories. If you've come into da biz in the last twenty years, read it to see what you've missed. Great photos, too. Comment here.
08-12-06 An unlikely bit of info from KTRS'er FMTalker@aol.com: ...
   Al Brady Law had a meeting with the on-air staff a little more than two weeks ago. It was very somber, and Al was very annoyed. Al told the on-air staff that it was the Cardinals that was pulling the numbers up. Everyone else was either flat, or down, in the target. He said that he was, "Very concerned." I can also tell you that, while Al is being threatening to everyone else about their jobs, he is most concerned about his own.
   Look, unless Law is a complete and utter idiot, there's no way he would present the Spring 2006 Book to his staff this way. Al's an OldDog and, as such, should at least get the basics of motivation. This AIN'T how you play the game. Why is someone who claims to be inside the station working against him like this?
   Comment here.

08-12-06 Podcasting is dying, TerRad Talk is growing ... Brian Maloney's most recent column in InsideRadio reports that, according to the latest study data from Bridge Ratings, radio fans clearly lean toward spoken-word formats over music, with the exception of country. News/talk led the pack, with 11.1 million listeners citing it as their favorite according to the study, while talk-only stations, broken out separately and ranking fifth, were found to have an additional 5.1m. Comment here.
08-11-06 Woo hoo, we're back ... After not being able to update The Front Page for almost two weeks, we're back in business. Finally discovered the problem after almost three hours this afternoon and evening on a (toll-free, gratefully) helpline and here we are. My phone elbow issues will probably recuperate over the weekend.
08-11-06 These KTRS Kastoffs just can't catch a break ... From AllAccess: Scott And Casey For Sale- Easy Financing; Terms Available -- Now that CBS Talk KIFR (106.9 FREE FM)/SAN FRANCISCO has moved WESTWOOD ONE's TOM LEYKIS into afternoons, SCOTT AND CASEY, who have been filling in for several weeks, are once again available for new opportunities and fill-ins nationwide. SCOTT HASICK and CASEY BARTHOLOMEW have hosted at stations like KFI-A/LOS ANGELES, WDBO-A/ORLANDO, WKXW (NEW JERSEY 101.5)/TRENTON, WKRK/DETROIT, and KTRS-A/ST. LOUIS, and CASEY soloed at WSCC (NEWSRADIO 94.3 WSC)/CHARLESTON, SC. Comment here.
08-11-06 As long as there are Arbitron diaries ... listening to your station's online stream may or may not be good for you. From R&R: Effective with the spring 2006 survey, Arbitron began to credit stations with listening to their Internet stream only if the online content duplicates 100% of the on-air programming, including all commercials. Diary entries that specify Internet streams that have different content—whether it’s commercials or programming—are credited to total radio listening, but are not factored into a station’s audience estimates. Comment here.
08-10-06 I hope they didn't pay too much for this ... FMC Study Claims Link Between Ownership Concentration, Layoffs, Lower Wages
     A study by the Future Of Music Coalition claims that the radio industry has experienced layoffs and lower wage growth in most U.S. cities, and blames the situation on ownership concentration. The study attempts to draw a causal relationship between concentration- the combined market share of the top four radio companies- and greater job loss and smaller wage growth, noting that consolidation and centralization of operations since 1996 has led to cutting local jobs and increased use of voice tracking.
     "Consolidation in radio ownership hasn't just homogenized music formats," said Exec. Dir. Jenny Toomey. "It has devastated the broadcast profession and virtually eliminated the ability of radio stations to provide unique coverage of local news, music and community issues. Before the FCC moves forward to further loosen already weak ownership limits, it should understand the impact that deregulation has had on jobs and communities."
Comment here.

08-08-06 The downside of once being a Beatle ... Brit press call them Mucca and Macca. The Paul McCartney divorce is getting really nasty. I'm so ashamed I think I'll trash my LP copy of the White Album. Comment here.
08-07-06 Bloodbath at Billboard/R&R ... The purchase of Radio & Records by Billboard parent VNU was announced a couple weeks back and now the layoffs begin. Twelve so far, most at R&R, and more to come, I'm sure. Comment here.
08-06-06 I don't mind the occasional set of collected crises ... but last week tops the list for at least the last ten years. My burned feet and the ER and subsequent doctor visits start it all off, then something in the utility room starts dripping water, soaking the office carpet. Plumber, who took almost a day and a half to arrive, shakes his head, says it's the AC, we need an HVAC guy. The other Mike lends a hand and we get the AC un-leaky, at least temporarily. Lots of bleach water gets sprayed in the utility room. Call Stanley Steemer to take care of the carpet and, after they miss appointments while we reschedule doctor visits three times, they finally quote $850 and we laugh kindly and show them the door. Find a new guy who we hope is not a scamster to see us Monday AM. Through this all runs webserver transfer issues that prevent this site from being updated for over a week and client sites pointing to the wrong place, and weirdness with some of the kids and their homes and families. I think I'd have traded off a few days without power from the week before's storm for all this. If August 2006 ever comes around again, remind me to be out of the country. Or at least in an induced coma until September. Comment here.
08-04-06 You already pay rights to play music on the air ... and you pay additional rights to play music online. Will you have to pay even more to play music on your HD-2 channel, on top of the annual Ibiquity licensing fee? The RIAA is sniffing around this issue; this is something we warned you about more than a year back. It could be the HDRadio killer. Comment here.
08-04-06 I'm the biggest believer in copyright ... but this is BS: The RIAA sued four St. Louis-area residents, two other Missourians and people in nine other states this week, claiming they illegally downloaded copyrighted music. Yes, music rights should be protected, but federal lawsuits against kids and grandmas whose grandkids use their laptop to get a few new tunes for their MP3 player is absolutely ridiculous. These suits never go to trial and only wind up hurting listeners financially. My thought is that if new music was worthwhile, then there'd be less file trading of one or two songs and more full-CD buying. Comment here.
08-04-06 This is the guy ... who, when asked years ago why he was qualified to critique radio for the P-D, responded, "I listen." As of this 08/02/06 article he's now also an expert on the First Amendment. Sheesh. Minkie, newspapers have protection at their peril. Radio and TV stations are federally licensed facilities and that license can (and should) be yanked or a fine of some magnitude should be levied when they present objectionable material. Eric Mink is a true son of Mel Karmazin, who also had no respect for the common decencies that hold society together. Comment here.
08-04-06 Heil hits headlines, again ... STL audio legendBob Heil is the subject of a cover story in this week's RadioWorld: In the microphone world, we haven't had anything new in 30 years. It's just the same old dynamic crap. Nobody has done anything new lately. Oh, yeah - they moved their plants to China and Mexico (laughs). And in a recent email to me, Bob writes about working with the reincarnation of The James Gang:
   Hello Mike! I am in our Long Beach home this week. Working at Center Stage - -a huge rehearsal and production complex in Burbank putting the James Gang back together. Joe Walsh, Jimmy Fox and Dale Peters are once again preparing for a kick ass rock and roll tour that will open next week at Sturgis....what better place than with 200,000 bikers?
   It has been 36 years since I have seen Dale or Jimmy. Of course Joe and I have remained best of friends throughout the years with Ham radio - and a 'bit' of Eagles keeping us together! Believe me, Mike these guys play better NOW than they did then. I find it truly amazing just how great the JG play list was and once again - is.
Comment here.

08-03-06 Arbitron Mails Fall SIP Forms ... From R&R: The ratings company has sent 2006 Station Information Profile packets to radio stations that appear within the markets that Arbitron will measure in the fall survey. All stations are asked to complete the forms and return them to Arbitron by Aug. 21.
   Frank Absher brought up an interesting point about this in a recent phone conversation. Unless radio stations in the Cardinal's network encourage their listeners to include their call letters along with the fact that they're listening to Card's baseball when they fill out a diary, all the listening will be credited to KTRS, whether the diary holder is listening to KTRS or not. It's called "ascription" and it's been part of the diary review process for many years and it's why mentioning your call letters as often as possible is important, if you depend on Arbitron ratings for sales. Comment here.

08-03-06 No excuse for this ... nor is there any excuse for typos on TV news scrolls. Where do they get the people who do these things? Let's, possessive, is not the same as lets, a verb. I learned that in 3rd Grade. Comment here.
08-02-06 Feets, don't fail me now ... In which your intrepid host commits yet one more atrocity upon himself, all for the sake of the dogs. Read it here.
07-31-06 Great article in the Sunday P-D ... by Cynthia Billhartz about the legendary Ron Stevens & Joy Grdnic, but mostly about Joy. When asked to describe Grdnic in three words, Stevens, her husband of 31 years says: "En. Er. Gy. I get tired just hearing what she does in a day," he says. "And I can't prove that she sleeps. I go to bed, I'm beat-tired and I'll fall asleep and she's not in bed yet. And when I get up in the morning, she's gone. I think we share a bed, but I'm not sure." They're both very special people. Comment here.
07-30-06 Over the weekend, I get this bizarre email...
   Please tell me how I was banned Mike Anderson?
   I'm sure it has nothing to do with how no one on your site knows sh*t about weather, so it obviously is in regards to Frank Opinion. Which proved my point.
   If you can't beat them, then shut them up. That's exactly what America has turned into. Whether its the government, the media, the 'media gods of st. louis' or anyone else you disagree with. Anyone else who states an opinion, backs it up with fact (from your very own website), which you can not retort.
   Easier to ban me from your forum than to come back at me with another angle, another perspective is it Mike? I DID have a lot of respect for you. I saw how you handled the 'KTRmesS'. And although I completely disagreed with you you ALWAYS allowed counter arguments on your site. And that is imperative of a great site. It's not like I was spewing hate, I was articulating a point.
   I honestly, despite how misguided I felt you were, was actually thinking about sending you some money to keep your site going. It would have been less than $100 (im not rich), but I thought it could have helped.
   Thats the type of person I am. I respect my 'enemies'. I respect their position. I respect their views. Although I disagreed with you, I RESPECTED YOU. Which may be something you should do for your board members... Mind you, I was an stlmedia.net member before a TKS member.
   Nothing hateful in those right?
   So please Mike Anderson, tell me why I was banned. Give the post I made, and how it was offensive.
   If you can justify my banning with a decent argument, I will be gone forever, I am a logical person after all and really I probably do have better things to do right now. Just justify it.
   I assume you banned my IP address and email addresses. Fear not, I have multiple computers available to me.
   If you do not justify it here, I will ask for it to be justified somewhere else.
   Sincerely, rpt341

   UPDATE: rpt341 is back at work on the MB. Some ban, huh?
Whoa, please feel free to publish whatever you want, wherever and however you want. You've made your point, to me and all the rest. No ban, bubba. Never was. Just your imagination. And where else would you justify this issue? Let us know so we can read your rant there.
   Sign me: uninterested.

07-30-06 Matt Gordon's DigiCamNews ... website is now offering proprietary web camera wisdom, but not for just everybody. You have to subscribe! No spam, no BS. Just good digicam info.
07-30-06 Mrs. A. and I've been honored ... by an invitation to a dinner with USAF General Duncan McNabb, Commander, Air Mobility, at Scott AFB in August. I will try not to embarass us. This brings to mind my previous brushes with four-star officers: USArmy Generals Creighton Abrams and William Westmoreland and USNavy Admiral William Fallon, currently Commander, U.S. Pacific Command, with whom I occasionally played basketball when I was in high school. Ya never know who you're gonna run into along the way, huh? Comment here.
07-29-06 HD issues, redux ... Mark Ramsey, to whose website we have long linked at left, spanks a recent Kagan Research study on HD Radio. I'd say that there's nothing new to see here, but these issues are all still mightily relevant and bear repeating. At the same time that questions arise anew about the future of HD, the HDRadioAlliance has launched a new "awareness" campaign, set to debut Monday. Seems to me that some of the money so spent might be better delivered as dividends to shareholders. Comment here.
07-29-06 He hits, he sco-o-o-o-ores! Dan Caesar is reporting at STLToday that Blues PxP man Chris Kerber will be filling in for Mike Shannon during Sunday's baseball game on KTRS. Kerber's most recent baseball calls were heard ten years ago in minor league work; KPLR's Wayne Hagin, dismissed from the Card's radio booth just before the station change, evidently wasn't considered. Comment here.
07-28-06 One of the most successful conservative blogs in America ... is published in STL. Here's an exclusive inside look at the who, what, where, when, and why of Jim Hoft's amazing weblog. Comment here.
07-28-06 Leaving Bonneville recently ... Matt Willenbrink (webwork), Matt Urban (sales) and Nick Spinolias (promotions) in the space of a few weeks. And Joe Parisi leaves nights at The Arch to take a job outside radio. Something going on at the Palace Off Ballas we need to know about? Comment here.
07-28-06 John Hogan: funny, funny guy ... “Over the past year, the Clear Channel team has worked extremely hard to make our stations sound even better for our listeners by running fewer commercials per hour and improving ad copy. This new, more entertaining environment has translated into increased time spent listening to our stations.”
   A cluebat for Mr. Hogan from Mr. Anderson: Read it here and then comment here.

07-27-06 It's the end times ... when a DJ can say this on the air and have charges brought against him dismissed in court: During on-air rants beginning May 3, Torain threatened to sexually abuse the rival DJ’s daughter and urinate on her. He offered $500 for information about where the girl went to school. He also called the rival DJ’s wife, who’s part Asian, a “slant-eyed whore” and his daughter a “little lo mein eater.” Comment here.
07-27-06 New Big League honcho named ... Neal Maziar's responsibilities will include oversight of Big League Broadcasting's St. Louis radio cluster, in addition to continuing to manage day-to-day operations in Atlanta. Comment here.
07-27-06 I smell a stunt ... Frank Absher sends this along: A California radio station has turned its back on the Christian music, sermons and Bible stories it was broadcasting until about a week ago.
   K-F-Y-E - F-M in Fresno now it calls itself "Porn Radio" and suggests that people under 21 not listen.
   Songs with little in common except suggestive titles and lyrics fill the playlist, and tamer songs are heated up by adding recorded moans and groans.
   The change, made after the station was sold this month, was met with groans of another kind.
   Local radio personality Ed Beckman tells the Fresno Bee that it's a format that belongs on satellite radio rather than a broadcast station.
   K-F-Y-E's new owner wouldn't say whether he plans to eventually adopt a more traditional format.

   From R&R: What's going on at KFYE/Fresno? Jerry Clifton's Pro-Active Communications just closed on the purchase ($2.75million) of the station, which was Contemporary Christian, and it's now running sexually suggestive songs and liners as "All-Porn Radio"! Stay tuned ... this could get interesting. Only in California...I hope. Comment here.

07-27-06 Secret Squirrel spins on ... Kevin Robinson: Former Y98 PD and CBS Radio VP Kevin Robinson is weighing his options between a high profile job in Chicago and a local PD opening. He'll probably have an announcement early next week at the latest. comment here.
07-27-06 The more I thought about the intern issue in radio today ... the more I realized what a sham that whole deal really is. And there's another, parallell issue, too, that I bet nobody expected. Read my rant and comment here.
07-26-06 KSLG 1380 ESPN wants you to work for them, for free ... scroll down this page to see their pitch for "interns", a word that means "idiots who work for no money". If the Simmons' station has to beg online for interns, they're in trouble. And by the way, the website is WAY too red. Comment here.
07-26-06 Nothing to do with STLMedia ... but we note the passing yesterday at 75 of USN Master Chief Carl Brashear, whose amazing military career was chronicled in the biopic Men Of Honor. Brashear was the first AA Navy diver and he continued his career against all odds when he lost a leg in a 1966 accident while recovering a hydrogen bomb accidentally dropped in the waters off Spain when two U.S. Air Force planes collided. Brashear retired from the Navy in 1979. A good man is gone.
07-26-06 Rams suddenly not so media-friendly ... Jim Thomas writes in the P-D: Rams plan to put limit on the media: In a dramatic departure from past policy, the Rams announced Tuesday that all but the first 30 minutes of practice will be closed to the media once training camp concludes and the team goes into its regular season practice mode. Comment here.
07-25-06 Scott & Casey update ... The much-vaunted FNG morning show on KTRS that was given walking papers in April apparently landed in May as PM Drive at KIFR / San Francisco. They appear to be the only live local show on this CBS Radio "Free FM" format but, oddly, are not mentioned on the station website. Comment here.
07-25-06 Just another old broad to most of you ... but Sally Starr (shown with Gene Autry) hosted THE afternoon cartoon, 3 Stooges and Western show that ruled for us kids who grew up in Philly in the '50's and the '60's. She's finally retiring at 83. Boomers have never forgotten her, and she's still in demand for personal appearances. "I do three a week. I could do more but I don't want to," says Starr.
07-25-06 Picked this link up at the MB ... my thanks to indigomax for posting it. It will always be in the list at left. Take a look at Shelley's weather station and Stormvue (tracks lightning strikes).
07-25-06 The Spring Book is out ... and everybody's got the 12+. But only STLMedia has The Unknown Analyst and his/her inside look at demos. Check it here and then comment here.
07-24-06 Burwell's radio "outspokenness" hits the trades ... but not in his Post-Dispatch column. Dan Caesar writes it, but you'll have to scroll down a bit to get the story. Seems Bryan tossed out a mouthful of obscenities when he was called an "Uncle Tom" on his KFNS show. Suspension, blah blah blah.
    Topic and response notwithstanding, this is what you get when you put a non-radio guy on the air. It rarely works. Live radio has no editors. $10 an hour producers and board ops are too afraid of the talent to hit the delay.
    Whoopi Goldberg starts a morning radio show soon, and, if her off-stage performance some years ago at the Fox is any indication, the radio stations she's on should be calling their lawyers to set up their case right now. And then recently there's been the David Lee Roth debacle. Singers and actors should stay on their side of the union.
    Burwell's a smart guy, and a good writer, but he has no filter on the air. Whose fault is it? Management brought in from non-radio businesses who just do not get it, who have no idea of what's right or wrong or permissible. Comment here.

07-23-06 PROFILE: Scott Fybush ... Fybush is the guy whose face you should see when you look up radio junkie in Wikipedia. Or not. Maybe there's a better photo somewhere. I'm sure he'll let me know. Read it here and comment here.
07-23-06 Storm damage ... means money for radio. From the STLBJ: The storm that blew through the St. Louis area and knocked out power to much of the region Wednesday evening brought an unexpected rain of commercials to area radio stations. Read it and comment here.
07-22-06 KTRS ... may benefit from losing those two towers in the storm. Or they may be in serious trouble. Read this and then comment here.
07-21-06 Cornbread & Pat renew for three years ... as the morning show on WIL-FM. The duo began at the Bonneville station in the Summer of 2004, coming here from KFDI/Wichita, where they had become a market phenom in a short time. Comment here.
07-21-06 Never saw this one coming ... the subsite I put together about my on-the-air experience during the "accidental" EBS test of February 1971 has been made a reference link in the online Wikipedia artice on the alert system's history. I'm honored to be included in this massive user-created and -edited work.
07-20-06 So you question my fund-raising effort, huh? Ariana's HuffPo is aiming to raise $5 million in venture capital for 1.3 million visitors a month. While her metrics are suspect, all we ask for is $7500 to carry us thru 2007 (and maybe a bit beyond) and we'll never spam you. Maybe there's a qualitative issue here (so improve yourself!) or maybe she's just taking and shaking her fame-for-fame's sake to get richer. All I want to do is survive. Send money.
07-20-06 I don't believe ... that I have ever before published two three consecutive headlines that began with the pronoun "I". Sorry.
07-20-06 I cannot stand CNN's Nancy Grace ... she is annoying, she is offensive, and she has no idea when to let go (kinda like me). So when 18-year-old Elizabeth Smart shot her down on Grace's own show, I had to applaud and laugh out loud. Watch the video and read the transcript. Comment here.
07-20-06 I actually suggested this at a promo meeting once ... "Put the competition's name on an airsick bag," I said. "Give it to people who listen to them! Offer us as a way to cure 'airsickness'." Everybody laughed. But now USAir is bringing the idea back to the table and they appear to be serious. Comment here.
07-20-06 What the hell was that all about ... a quick look at how radio and tv handled the storm on Wednesday. Comment here.
07-19-06 Garofalo's out, mo' money's in at AirAmerica ... Formerly funny Janeane Garofalo has been released from her commitments to AirAmerica's PM drive MajorityReport show for unexplained reasons; the George Soros-led Democracy Alliance is in talks with failing lib-net AirAmerica to provide much needed funding. Secrecy is the key issue. Comment here.
07-19-06 Noory to accomodate breaking news ... Might this be a way to slowly shift his show to straight talk from weird talk? Consultant John Rook writes: With a number of hot spots in the news, some which deserve immediate coverage as conditions warrant, George Noory announces a “floating format.” His top rated Coast to Coast will move on a moments notice to cover late breaking news, the fuel of talk radio. Immediacy is an advantage radio often forgets it has over other media. “Playing the hits,” can only add to it. Good move George! Comment here.
07-19-06 Mike Grimm leaves KMOX for U of Minnesota ... basketball play by play. He'll be announcing the Gophers for Learfield Communications; he'd been with KMOX for five years, when he joined the station to replace Randy Karraker. Comment here.
UPDATED 07-19-06 Break-in at Emmis over the weekend ... a number of lap-tops and signed guitars were lifted, after a large plate glass window was smashed. A cursory examination of newspaper and TV news sites reveals nothing more. Secret Squirrel reporters add:
   (SSR1) They got an autographed Bob Seger electric guitar and a 3-11 acoustic guitar in addition to the lap tops. They caught the culprit but I don't know if the "stuff" was recovered. I believe that security cameras in the building did catch them in the act.
   (SSR2) The only thing I can add regarding the break-in at EMMIS is that I was told it wasn't the first time it happened plus I also understand that the cops may have already locked up one of the bad guys trying to pawn one of the lap-tops at an area shop. The lap-top may have had some EMMIS marking on it, that raised an "eye brow" with the pawn show owner. And yes--I too didn't see a word about this issue on the local news. It figures! There are security cameras in various spots throughout the building, but not necessarily on the executive side of the offices. That side of the offices, was the side that got hit! Not everyone would know that, unless you worked there. Could that suggest it may have been an inside job? Interesting thought? Comment here.

07-18-06 O2 is good for you ... Big Ox, at $10-15, is a cannister that gives you up to 30 shots of pure oxygen. Energy, stress alleviation and hangover relief. Cheap at twice the price and available at service stations near you. Life is good, huh?
07-18-06 In the spirit of giving ... I'm thinking about "donating" around a hundred current STLMedia MB users who seem unhappy here to one of the other STL Message Boards to help them drive up their numbers. If you'd like to volunteer, let me know; those otherwise chosen to make the "ultimate sacrifice" will be notified by PM, be provided registration info at their new suggested home and then dropped from the STLMedia lists. Sharing the wealth is good, don't you think? And they deserve to be happy in their posting. Comment here.
07-18-06 I'm hearing troubling things ... about a regionally-based syndicated radio show: internal strife, bad local relations, sponsor instability and slipping affilliate numbers. I'll keep ya posted and let you know if this is really a situation. Or not.
07-18-06 Bad egg, evil eye ... CBS announced today that it will place laser imprints of its trademark eye insignia, as well as logos for some of its shows, on eggs — 35 million of them in September and October. CBS’s copywriters are referring to the medium as “egg-vertising,” hinting at the wordplay they have in store. Some of their planned slogans: “CSI” (“Crack the Case on CBS”); “The Amazing Race” (“Scramble to Win on CBS”); and “Shark” (“Hard-Boiled Drama.”). Variations on the ad for its Monday night lineup of comedy shows include “Shelling Out Laughs,” “Funny Side Up” and “Leave the Yolks to Us.” Comment here.
07-17-06 One of the casualties of last week's Bad Day at Black Rock ... turns out to have been VP/AC Programming Kevin Robinson, who exited last week when his position was eliminated. KEZK's PD, Mark "It's my promotion, dammit" Edwards adds Y98's programming to his to-do list. Comment here.
07-17-06 Break-in at Emmis over the weekend ... I'm told that a number of lap-tops and signed guitars were lifted, after a large plate glass window was smashed. A cursory examination of newspaper and TV news sites reveals nothing more. They got an autographed Bob Seger electric guitar and a 3-11 acoustic guitar in addition to the lap tops. They caught the culprit but I don't know if the "stuff" was recovered. I believe that security cameras in the building did catch them in the act. Comment here.
07-16-06 This photo was taken by a NYT photographer ... and published on their website. The caption reads: A sniper loyal to Shiite cleric Moqtada al Sadr fires towards U.S. positions in the cemetery in Najaf, Iraq. Michele McNally: "Right there with the Mahdi army. Incredible courage." Your New York Times at work. Courageously. But on whose side?
Comment here.

07-16-06 In the Fall of 1992 ... I had the opportunity to visit my brother and his family in Israel. One of the road trips we made was to drive entirely around the Sea of Galilee, at the East the Golan Heights, and at the West, Tiberias, currently a missle target from the bad guys in Lebanon. It's the home of a convenience store called "Milk and Honey", ancient hot springs and nearby many Biblical sites. Tiberias is also the "twin city" of St. Paul/MN and Tulsa/OK. I'm pulling the photos of the trip out of files for scanning and will post them soonest so you can see what's being defended. Unless, that is, the IDF gets the job done sooner than I can find the files.
07-16-06 Creation vs. Evolution ... except this time it's about the origins of Top 40 Radio, not mankind. Two radio originals square off and it's not a pretty picture. Read it here and then comment here.
07-16-06 Now THIS is interesting ... Snaptune works with any audio source including web radio stations, USB radio tuners, or a simple line-in connection to your radio receiver. Pick a station from Snaptune's extensive list of local or web radio stations; pick a schedule or let Snaptune record 24/7. Snaptune displays a playlist showing you what-played-when, and after a short 'learning period' it highlights and tags the individual songs that are playing on the radio. Who needs to pay a service to analyze the competition when you have this FREE software running? It even gives you reports! Comment here.
07-15-06 After a long morning and mid-day ... of running errands in 90+ temps and icky humidity, it was nice to get home to two days of mail and find a sheaf of fulfilled pledges. Many thanks to those of you who have already come through to help keep STLMedia alive for the next couple years. And the haters and nay-sayers grind their teeth... Comment here.
07-15-06 Here's what may be your final chance ... to see The Godfather on the big screen. Upcoming movie critic and KTRS air talent Joe Hipperson will host a screening of this classic tomorrow (Sunday the 16th) at 7PM, at the Keller Plaza 8 (by Sam's in South County). $5.50 gets you in, prizes and surprises, blah blah blah.
07-15-06 Is there a pirate on 88.9 around Brentwood/Richmond Heights ... locally running over WSIE? Or is the guy who reported this tiny signal just confused? No format mention, so it's your call. Anyone else hear this? Comment here.
07-15-06 Voluntary weekend reading ... You really should check what Dave Martin has written. I've had a link to his website at left since the redesign earlier this year but I have no way to determine outbound traffic. Here's a reason to go there and see what he's been up to lately: "It has been said that during the final days of the last century a trained seal could have produced the same results as most general managers." Thanks to RDN for reminding me about Martin's prescience. Comment here.
07-15-06 Just in case you wondered how it was going to be possible... to give every person on Earth, all of their pets and most of their appliances an internet IP address, the answer is here. No, I didn't know what they called numbers that big, either.
07-14-06 Schnuck's has some 'splainin' to do... The friendliest stores in town may be heading for a PR disaster. Comment here.
07-14-06 So far my brother's family in Israel is okay... and none of them have yet been mobilized. I finally heard from them Friday morning. His sigfile: Participate in globalization. EXPORT MUSLIMS!
07-14-06 Earlier this week we learned... that Radio & Records was going to bought by VNU, the Dutch parent company of Billboard. Now we learn that Billboard Radio Monitor will cease publication soon and be folded into Radio & Records. Huh. Upside: one less trade mag to subscribe to. Downside: one less trade mag to present a viewpoint. This is not good. Damned foreigners. Comment here.
07-13-06 The Nigerian 419 scam ... in which greedy, stupid people give away their bank account info to unknown emailers has expanded into the GWOT. I'm gonna jump right on this. I'm as greedy and stupid as it gets! Comment here.
07-13-06 In case you didn't know ... many of the remaining Andersons live in Israel. My brother moved his wife and daughter there in the late 1960's and, with a brief intermission back in the US, have been there since, growing their own and descendant families. If it appears that my attention is directed occasionally somewhere other than STLMedia, well, that's why. I hate the Palestinian rocket attacks the most. G-d bless the IDF and the IAF!
07-13-06 When this story first hit yesterday ... the number of layoffs passed along to me was 1500! Glad I waited to see what was going on. CBS Radio has cut a reported 115 employees from its payroll in these markets. More details from R&R and Reuters; CBS still plans to whittle down the number of stations it owns in smaller markets. Comment here.
07-12-06 I'm terribly disappointed ... by Learfield's Steve Mays' comments about handicapped parking permits. Some of us with mobility and other problems need these advantages, Steve. We're not all of us fat and stupid. Crutches and wheelchairs aren't the only "showpieces" of handicap and the idea of paralyzing us randomly annually from the waist down is pretty f***ing stupid. If you need to park closer to the door than me, just say so. I'll move. God knows I don't want to inconvenience you; God forbid any of your clients have handicapped employees. Asshat. Does Mr. Lear know of your attitude? Comment here.
07-12-06 Ballots for the 2006-2007 STLRadio Hall of Fame ... will be arriving in the mailboxes of those who vote for such things any day now. Please pay special attention to them and return them as quickly as possible.
07-12-06 Wrapped it up this afternoon ... when Sassy Radio Girl agreed to join our merry band of moderators for the STL Message Board. She'll be going by her screen name for professional reasons.
07-12-06 Passings ... Milan Williams of The Commodores (he wrote Brick House, Machine Gun and Too Hot Ta Trot); Syd Barrett (founding member of Pink Floyd who left the group before they hit big); and Jack Smith (radio singer and host -- following Art Baker -- of the 1950's TV show You Asked For It).
07-11-06 Much as I hate to suggest it ... and as much as I personally like George Woods, why doesn't KTRS put their midday flamer Kramer on mornings? George is a good guy, but his show is, well, dull, and Kramer would suck in the younger audience that the station seems to be going after. Use Kramer where he might do the best for the station. Swap 'em...Kramer to mornings and Woods on just before FOP. Let the audience grow in age through the day, capped with baseball. Comment here.
07-11-06 Woo-freakin'-hoo! Guys my age CAN kick butt! Coming in wide release just before Christmas 2006.
07-11-06 Emmis trying to go private ... experiencing revenue woes; Jeff Smulyan fights with Board. From the Indianapolis Star: Emmis Communications Corp.'s board of directors has proved highly effective at approving nice pay increases year after year for Jeffrey Smulyan, the company's founder and chief executive officer...it's time for the special committee to play hardball with Smulyan. And Emmis' NYC and LA revenues have suffered and sales of some properties have not brought expected profits: Also, Emmis reported that it made a gross profit of $7 million on its $20.2 million sale of adult standards WRDA St. Louis to Radio One. Once Emmis pays $2.9 million in taxes on that deal, the group said it will have made a $4.1 million gain. Trouble for the PowerHouse? Comment here.
07-11-06 Matt Gordon joins STLMedia's MB ... as a Moderator in many of the Forums there. Matt's been involved in net discussion for nearly a decade, including experience in Admin and Moderation. He considers himself "arguably mentally stable", which may be a shortcoming. I'm still looking for one more person to perform occasional Admin and Moderator functions. Please note that it not necessary that this person agree with anything I have ever said, at any time, regarding any subject. I want someone in place to police transgressions of TOS and help move conversations forward. Contact me if you're interested.
07-11-06 Jason Mack ... (PD, WABX/Evansville and former STL DJ) has passed along a copy of the Arbitron/Edison Adult Hits study, tracking the progress of Bob/Jack/Arch formats. Get your free copy here.
07-10-06 Who's gonna win? Free online classifieds or paid newspaper classifieds? CraigsList has entered just about every market and is chewing away at paper profits. This could kill Thrifty Nickel and all the rest of the free shoppers, too. Classified ads are the base profit of almost every newspaper. Comment here.
07-09-06 Where do you think this crap comes from? Cornbread is out when his contract is up later this month. Dude is impossible to be around. When that happens, Steve and DC move to WIL and 101.1 becomes a full time FM News station. That's why Jules Riley is babysitting the station now, but can't do anything. All the decisions are now being made out of Chicago. All of this will play out by the end of August. You can almost feel the Teflon Twosome aching to move their pitiful work product somewhere beyond Bonneville's River. They send this sort of stuff via Secret Squirrel almost daily. Comment here.
07-09-06 In 1983 I was seduced by the "mo' money" demon ... when I was approached by the GM of the International League Richmond Braves to carry their games on the radio station where I was PD and OM, WRNL/Richmond VA. Read it here and then comment here.
07-08-06 At the weekend ...
   -- R&R is purchased by Billboard owner VNU. R&R Publisher/CEO Erica Farber stays onboard (from trades).
   -- Cards' TV announcers accused of being too "homerish" (from the P-D).
   -- The 40 most powerful people in radio have been named...don't worry, none of them are in your email address book (from PRWeb and Radio Ink).
   -- Salem re-launches conservative multi-media website TownHall.com, "where your opinion counts" (via trades).
   -- Jon Carter & Buffy O'Neil are the two whose voices you hear now on KTRS imaging. Best recommendation so far: Jon and Buffy are not just good imaging voices...they work fast. (Howard Hoffman, KABC/LA). Yes, fast is good. Better, even, than credibility.
   -- R&R and Radio World each published what you need to know about the indecency debate and how to stay out of trouble in a world where a slip of the tongue could cost your company hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. My question is why R&R published it in the Urban section only and why Radio World will wait a week to put it online for non-subscribers (we'll have a link for you as soon as it's online)...but, well, you should know by instinct what you can and cannot talk about on the air, right? Know what frottage is? Me neither.

07-08-06 Note to Message Board users, 5PM ... Over the past week or so issues have developed with registrations there. I have placed the MB into a maintenance mode while I work on that. At the same time, I'm going to try and resolve the problem of multiple registrations from the same email address and remove some threads that have been pointed out to me as irrelevant or comments which do not further the thread of discussion into which they were posted. Hopefully, the MB will be back in order by Sunday evening.
   UPDATE, 11PM:
   -- New registrations should now work if you follow the dots exactly as instructed in the email you receive.
   -- The multiple registration issue has been a bit more complex than I originally thought and it will be handled in short bursts of my time as I can deal with it.
   -- Some threads and some strings of discussion have been edited and some access has been ended. The MB is now fully functional and back online. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.
   -- I am in the process of actively recruiting additional moderators for all STLMedia MB forums (excepting those listed under Columns/Commentary). Contact me if you're interested and let me know why you should be considered.

UPDATED 07-08-06 Secret Squirrel spins on ... Marty Linck: Looks like Linck's luck has run out...the deed was done at 5PM Thursday and was announced Friday morning. A late Thursday-night phone call brings the news that Marty's tenure at the River has ended and that significant music changes may be in line for the station. The numbers are languishing and a big board show for the morning show hasn't seemed to help. Other casualties include River Promo guy Dave Jones and Aileen Grubbs in Sales.Comment here
07-07-06 I have some GMail invitations to pass along ... If you've been good and would like to try this Google-based email, IM and RSS-reader system, send your current email address to me here and I'll make the cut. You'll receive signup info in the next day or so and all you have to do is follow the dots; I offer no technical assistance. GMail is pretty impressive in its versatility, including its spam resistance. Plus it's a cool domain addy.
07-07-06 Barry Mayo joins Radio One as "consultant" ... Mayo left Emmis/NYC earlier this year as Market Manager after a series of embarassing and expensive PR disasters at the company's troubled Hot97. Dollars to donuts he eventually winds up replacing Mary Catherine Sneed. Mayo's history in radio dates back to the 1980's when he became the first African-American GM for RKO General; some say his management style is of the "my way or the highway" school. (Radio One locally - WFUN-FM, WHHL-FM, Market Manager Linda O'Connor) Comment here
07-07-06 But will they buy a radio station ... The P-D is reporting that, in an effort to increase profitability and reduce the load on its hockey brain trust, the St. Louis Blues have created a division to "improve the team's visibility among fans through sponsors willing to make long-term commitments." Selling the naming rights to the Blues home arena is one way the new division's CEO Peter McLoughlin hopes to get that done.
Comment here

Happy 60th Birthday,
Mr. President ...

...we all get there, sooner or later; we just don't all get the chance to be the Leader of the Free World. God Bless You!
07-06-06 AFN dumps radio sports play by play ... The decision to discontinue live play-by-play sports on radio was based upon a series of Department of Defense worldwide audience surveys of military members and civilian employees stationed overseas, which showed the preference of viewers to watch sports, rather than just listen to them. Huh. Looks like the John Lund research project had some effect after all. (Hat tip to Jim Bafaro) Comment here
07-06-06 Changes at CBSRadio/STL ... From R&ROnline: Sharie Levingston rises to the role of LSM at AC KEZK, while Matt Urban ascends to a similar position at Hot AC clustermate KYKY (Y98). Levingston is a nine-year KEZK veteran AE who has also worked with WIL-FM/St. Louis. Urban is a 10-year market veteran who also rises from AE and previously worked with Bonneville's St. Louis station group. Comment here
07-05-06 MLB broadcast continues to downsize ... Minnesota Twins games have been on WCCO since 1961; now they're headed for another station (sound familiar?). "I don't think people understand that they are still going to get the games," he said. Comparisons have been made to the St. Louis Cardinals' decision to leave another 50,000-watt CBS station, KMOX, for KTRS this season. That move has proven very unpopular because many people in St. Louis have trouble picking up KTRS. The difference is that station is only 5,000 watts. KSTP is 50,000 watts -- although it's not a booming clear channel signal like WCCO's -- and KTLK is 98,000 watts on the FM side. Comment here
07-03-06 Is this good news or bad news? The headline reads: Large asteroid will miss Earth tomorrow. An asteroid with the power to wipe out a small country will miss the Earth tomorrow, the Sunday Telegraph reported. When the asteroid passes Earth, it will be some 268,624 miles away, just slightly further away than the average distance of the Moon from Earth, the report said. A telescope will be required to view the asteroid, which will pass at 5:25 a.m. UK time. Just seemed like the Belfast paper was sorry the rock missed hitting us...
07-03-06 RadioOne leaderless ... Mary Catherine Sneed exits Radio One (locally - WFUN-FM, WHHL-FM, Market Manager Linda O'Connor); Sneed's been the Atlanta-based COO for Radio One since January 1998 - but she's leaving "to pursue other interests." CEO Alfred Liggins takes on her duties until a permanent replacement is named. Sneed has already been written out of the company's website; there's something happenin' here... Comment here
07-03-06 Be good or it'll cost ya ... The FCC can immediately slap a one-time indecency fine of $325,000 on an offender. Bush signed the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act 06-15 and fines go up ten-fold. There's a $3 million cap for a continuing violation. NAB's Dennis Wharton says the industry prefers "responsible self-regulation" - but failing that, thinks the standards should apply "equally to cable and satellite TV and satellite radio." Ain't gonna happen. Broadcast is way different than SatTV and SatRad...there's this PICON license thing, see? Comment here
07-03-06 Completely missed this one ... Dan Caesar reports that: A major shake-up is coming this month at KSLG (1380 AM), the local ESPN Radio affiliate, and the fallout could affect other stations. Bernie Miklasz is expected to be moved from the morning to afternoon drive-time slot and be paired with Randy Karraker, who has been following Miklasz. They would replace Howard Balzer and Malcolm Briggs, who have been in that 3-6 p.m. time slot for the past two years. Those moves could come July 10. This presumes importance if you could hear the station out of the 170 loop. Comment here
07-03-06 Joe Hipperson joins STLMedia's MB ... the syndicated movie/DVD reviewer will join us in the next few weeks as a contributor and moderator on the DVD and movie sections of the Message Board. If you have questions feel free to ask Joe; if you agree or disagree with his reviews and comments, feel froggy enough to jump right in! Check out his blog.
07-02-06 Sunday breakfast at Denny's ... and it was our greatest honor to secretly pick up the tab for Martin and Mae Duggan and their guests. I don't have many heroes and STLMedia certainly doesn't have all that many treasures...but Duggan qualifies in each category. Mrs. A., who's known me for a quarter of a century, was amazed at how flustered I acted in the presence of The Man, for whom I have the greatest respect and admiration, both for his military service (USMC) in WW2 and his professional service at The Globe.
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