Thoughts on the Spring 2005 Arbitron...

Mike's thoughts: News-talk stations across the country continue to decline. A lot of pundits are crediting the Blogosphere for cutting issue-oriented radio's legs off at the knees. KMOX shot up in a traditional "baseball book" that brought all dayparts up. The Arch did REAL well across the board, but it remains to be seen if there is any long-term strength in the format. KLOU probably benefited from The Arch's debut in the "rising tide carries all ships" way; it's pretty clear where The Arch's growth came from. Mornings typically stay pretty much where they are, unless there's the introduction (or deletion) of an especially high-profile show. The Arch's novelty supplanted the need, obviously, for a high-profile show. The next couple of trends will tell the true tale, I think.

Now, on to our anonymous contributor:

25-54 Persons, M-S 6A-12M:
KSHE Down 1.6
KMOX Up 2.7
WARH Up 2.6
KEZK Down 1.0
KIHT Down .9
KYKY Down .2
KLOU Up 1.1
KMJM Up .3
WIL Down 1.3
KSD Down .5
Observations: The Arch reaping the benefits of their debut, plus the commercial-free, jock-free period. Before anyone gets too excited, let's all remember how a dozen or so other stations debuted big, then came crashing back to earth two books later. That having been said, The Arch, as you'll see, literally exploded ALL over, all demos, all dayparts. KIHT and KEZK down a little. Still TBD is which station, or stations, are and will be hurt most until the outdoor is over and the big splash dissipates. Where on earth is The River?? Also, rotten book for country. That means one up, two down for Bonneville.

25-54 Persons, Mornings:
KSHE Down .9
KIHT Up .1
KMOX Up .5
WARH Up 3.1
KYKY Up .2
KEZK Down 1.0
WVRV Up .7
KLOU Up 1.6
WIL Down 1.6
Observations: Dead heat for first place between Bob & Tom and JC and The U-Man. Again, the Arch so up across the board that even their morning show, which was jockless for quite awhile, ends up top five. The schitzy KLOU up nicely.

Other highlights: The Arch #1 mid-days (up from 10th at WSSM last book) knocking Radio Rich down two points from 3rd to 5th and Ulett on KSHE from 1st to 4th. Lots of at-work listening?

97.1, with the exception of Glover in PM drive, down noticeably across the board. Crane, who has NO resume, helps take 25-54 persons from 11th to 16th. Mid-days 6th to 12th in same demo. PM drive down a half point and nights up 14th to 7th.

Red? Dead, except for the first noticeable sign of life in mid-days with Kristi Carson.

KMOX PM drive with Paul Harris up 11th to 4th 25-54 persons. The mid-day combo of Rush, etc. up 13th to 7th. KMOX night with baseball up 15th to 1st.

KEZK nights, 25-54 persons down 1st to 6th.

Women 25-54 Mornings...KEZK, KYKY, KIHT, WARH, KMJM.

Men 25-54 6a-Mid...KSHE, KMOX, WARH, KIHT, KPNT.

Men 25-54 Mornings...KSHE, KPNT, KIHT, KMOX, WARH. KFTK down 6th to 10th (tie).