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»The Ulett Collection... Dick Ulett, owner of Clayton Studios, has gifted us with these "audio snippets" covering the history of STL Radio. Enjoy!

»Good ideas for 9/11... International broadcast consultant Dan O'Day distributed this email to his clients on 8/28. He makes some very good points, especially regarding tribute songs and audio from The Day. Read it here before you finalize your plans.
When we were attacked... so you can set up your 9/11 memorials, moments of silence, etc. All times are Eastern.
8:45AM (AA Flight 11 hits the North Tower of WTC)
9:05AM (UA Flight 175 hits the South Tower of WTC)
9:38AM (AA Flight 77 hits the Pentagon)
9:50AM (WTC South Tower collapses)
10:03AM (UA Flight 93 crashes into a field in near Shanksville PA)
10:30AM (WTC North Tower collapses)
Who's responsible?

»Pro broadcasters newsgroup... hosted here, provides participation in stimulating industry discussion, sent to you comment-by-comment or in a digest. I've been involved here for years. If you're interested in AMBER or EAS, just click on the search functions. Other groups are also available.

»Recent discussions regarding Emergencies... brings this experience to mind. I was doing 6AM-12N on February 20, 1971, playing the hits and expecting just the regular Saturday morning test of the guvmint became a very strange experience. Read about it here.

»I must be the only guy... who's read the DMCA. It clearly says that ANY DIGITAL TRANSMISSION is liable for RIAA payments. This, along with the fact that AM IBOC will kill the AM band by diminishing it to daytime-only service, will destroy local radio. Forget about internet radio...we're talking about AM, the most basic of all commercial radio services. And when FM stations are required to go digital, they'll acquire a new level of payments to...the RIAA! Wait until you see what this does to television once it goes digital, mandated by the guvmint to happen by 2006. Radio & Records reports this: "Whether digital audio and video broadcasts will be required to carry an identifying "broadcast flag" is among the issues that will be on the table at the open meeting to consider a rulemaking on digital-broadcast copy protection. The proposed flag code would be embedded in digital audio and video and would mark the content as 'broadcast only' and either limit or prevent its being copied, uploaded or otherwise shared. The RIAA said last month that it supports the idea of such a flag for streamed audio." This will end systems like TIVO, personal VTR time-shifting and currently legal copying efforts. I spoke to this issue a long time back...
» Recording streaming online audio... Over the past few months I've had some interesting online conversations with a few well-known streaming pioneers and consultants who have claimed that there is no software available to capture and save a stream. For their benefit, and yours (you might just be airchecking one of the few remaining online broadcast stations; you certainly wouldn't want to use these to do something illegal, right?), here's a link to some resources you should know about. And don't forget my favorite, Total Recorder, which allows you to record online, save it as a WAV file (about 10 megs a minute) to your hard drive or storage device and then edit it to taste in your audio software.
» Back to mono... Legendary hit record producer Phil Spector wore a button that said that while he produced some of the greatest hits ever. Buy this radio and spread the joy in one direction. I've had it on for the last few days and I'm knocked out. AM and FM sensitivity is incredible; with an outboard antenna it just gets better. A hundred bucks will make you a believer that stereo is just a fad. It even makes "corporate" stations sound good. This is also my computer's audio source...hey, I've only got one good ear anyway! Mono rules! Oh, yeah...this radio also has a record-out so you can record airchecks if your favorite station doesn't stream!
» RetroCountry... Just a thought on reviving the Urban Cowboy-era tunes. Read my commentary from August of 2000 and then follow the links on that page to get the!
» KXOK 60's Reunion Take a look at the 9/25/2001 KXOK Reunion. Great audio and photos there, too!
» KIX 104's 10th Anniversary Reunion... Tons of pictures! And read Young Sarah's take on running with a pack of Old Dogs.
» A brief fable... Maybe you'll experience an epiphany. Maybe not. Read it anyway.
» The danger from Public Radio...
» Music rotation lessons... Learn something here. Or not.
» A brief, incomplete history of a radio career, from Dan O'Day...
» The Top 40 Radio Absolute Truths
» Old friends, bookends... For reasons known only to himself, Terry Weatherford Jr. has kept this picture on file for all these years!
» "...the computer has turned into the greatest shortwave set there ever was..." Read this article from Atlantic Monthly, written in 2000. How the RIAA has changed things!
» Could you be PD material? Take the test!
» Consolidated Employee Benefits! Do you qualify?