Dick Ulett audio...

Dick Ulett has been on the air in St. Louis since the invention of kilocycles, it seems...and he's worked everywhere. These days, he's happy to sit back and run Clayton Studios, the market's premier commercial recording facility. But over the years, he's put together an impressive collection of audio "snippets" and outtakes that encompass the vast history of STLRadio and he has graciously granted STLMedia.net permission to present them online here.

Here are the first fifty-two cuts, in MP3 format, from the Ulett Collection...more coming!

NOTE: Please do not link directly to these tracks; they will always be available through The Front Page. Thanks for respecting this site's integrity.

As of 30 May 2005:
WIL jingle :38
Dick Clayton WIL weather :45
Danny Dark WIL promo :31
WIL Action Central News 1:04
Davey O'Donnell KXOK 1:31
David D. Rogers News close KXOK :44
Steven B. Stevens KXOX 1:06
KXOK jingle :14
WIL jingle :17
Dick Clayton reads the phone book 1:14
KXOK News intro :08
Lou Cooley :05
KSD Warner & Jacober 1:18
Spider Burke :22
KSHE News & ID :1:19
Q-man on KSLQ :53
Harry Caray Cards' closer KMOX :37
Jack Buck & Cassius Clay on KMOX 1:20
Dave Scott KIRL 1969 :33
Gracie KATZ :25
Fatha Thimes :45
Steve Mizerany :05
Bob Hamilton KSD Traffic :47
Chicken Man 3:20
Ray Otis KXOK :19
Rabbitt jingle, Bruno and Delcia 1:04
KXOK ID and News close jingle :34
WIL Jack Carney :28
WIL Dan Ingram 1:11
WIL Ed Wilson :13
Gary Stevens on WIL
Carson Rene on WIL
WIL FM Jingle
KSD Solid Gold Hit Parade
Grant Horton on KSD
55 KSD Jingle
NBC Monitor
KADI Promo
KWK Jingle 1967
KCFM Jingle
WRTH Jingle
KMOX FM Jingle
McMahon Ford
Merollis Jingle
Com Fed
Downtown STL
Van Dyke Beer
AG Jingle
National Food
Busch Bavarian Beer
Com Fed Spot
Schnucks Jingle